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 Life of a detective, hello hell on earth, the false world

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PostSubject: Life of a detective, hello hell on earth, the false world   06.07.11 6:54

okay here we go again, please comment and ask questions like always, this is the first thing I have done upon awakening, with the need to do this burning up inside me.

Life of a detective:
The background I simply know though I did not experience so I shall explain it. There was a man born to a mother, she died before he was even beyond infancy and he was left with his father, an awful man. The child soon grew up himself to be an awful man. That's about it. I believe they both were currupt detectives.

Something was going on involving a small family of 3 people, a mother father and 'little girl' I remember there was an alternate senerio later on that involved actually investigating the people in their house (which never happened). I shall get into that later.

We pretty much were just gonna kill the parents and be done with it for whatever reason. We were outside a large building, I think a police station. The father got arrested for something involving a motorcycle that made sense at the time. So I killed them. But the little girl turned out to be some kinda monster and then a ton of monster-like humans started showing up. Like a bald guy with what looked like green veins running through his entire body, and stuff just started getting worse. I stared to kill these apparitions but more kept coming and the place was surrounded and swamped. Constantly they grew both in number and the extremity of their form. A large group approached that seemed overwhelming in size, unfitting with the rest of them a vampire Steve Smith (from American Dad) came up and bit me (not a joke, and no he didn't fit with the rest) and then a giant red cyclops burst out of the group and attacked. Not sure what happened from there. Though I do remember other parts.

The 'investigation' in the house. So when someone went to the house, we shot out both a guy's kneecaps through a door, and proceeded on... we found the girl, she was just sitting in an eerily empty room and painting something with the color blue. It was made more ery because she looked like a normal girl. She was like, 'you shouldn't have messed with our happy little family' and then scary stuff I don't remember happened, I think she killed me.

False world:
I awoke and walked out of my room. I saw eric (kid I babysit) sitting at my computer and playing plants VS zombies. I talked to him asking if he had been up all night (appearently I had assumed he slept here for some reason), he claimed to have just gotten up a short time ago.

I must explain my room a bit for this part to make sence.

once you leave through my room's door into the room this took place in, the TV is directly in front of you at the back, behind that is a window, to the left of that is the computer, and to the left of that is the bathroom wich has a toilet immediately there and a window above that. Also I am on the second floor.

I saw my cat Sydney walking OUTSIDE through the window so I went immediately to the bathroom and opened the window taking out the screen, I looked out for her for a moment and then I looked down seeing that she was in. So I put the screen back in while keeping her away from the window, figuring I had made a mistake. The cat was rather cuddily at the time. I believe I had a conversation with eric at the time on how they are nice and they do like to hang arround new people but they will eventually leave you alone if you just ignore them. I believe I then washed my hands and dried them on a beach towel oddly missplaced on a file cabinet next to the computer. Then the dream ended.

Okay, please ask me for more details as you please! I'm delighted to be having such vivid dreams and I just hope I get more! Thank you for reading everyone!

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Life of a detective, hello hell on earth, the false world
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