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 Random real life events occur! and it was awesome

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PostSubject: Random real life events occur! and it was awesome   22.09.12 7:15

So, today, I had planned out how I was going to spend my day to expend all my homework today so I could be done and over with for the weekend. So of course, this involved waking up showering, and goofing off for a bit before heading to lunch at 2 pm. From there I had planned on returning home and basically doing all of my work then eating dinner. What occurred was far different.

When sitting down to eat I am invited to a table by a guy who sits down alone at the table next to me, a guy I kinda know from a few minor encounters, Chris. So, I was finishing what I just had then for then, go back to grab some more food and sit down with Chris and talk and stuff... Right when I sit down another guy sit's down, Tom Cox (pronounced cocks, yes.). Shortly followed by more people and we all talk, just talk about stuff, and they all seem like cool, nerd cool people. at the end a girl Marie I believe I'm terrible with names so Sorry if I fucked it up, anyway she sits down with some others, eventually we all finish eating and quite a few of us go over to austin's dorm floor where we hang out in his lounge ant talk and shit. Austin's pretty cool, he DMs a 3.5 group, marie is in it. So we just talk and talk and talk, eventually he has to go get to his studies another guy has to go work the play tonight and shit. Me, Tom Cox, and Marie end up being like the 3 left together with a vague possible invite to a jurassic park movie showing that night.

I should note at this point, that when I left to go to lunch I only took with my my room key and keycard because I thought I was just going out to eat. And I never returned to my room until just now as I am typing this... so not till 5:50ish did I come back into contact with this stuff.

While we were in the lounge at austin's we decided we shouldn't lose contact so we swapped numbers and shit and they just sent texts to my phone and I believe anthers in one case because we didn't have them on us at the time. Meaning I still have contact with everyone.

So before it was just me Tom Cox and marrie, we are talking. Marie totally makes a MLP reference my eyes widen and I'm like, "I know that." we are both excited we find out Tom has never watched the show at all and we tell him he should.

End up when everyone else leaves the 3 of us go to marrie's place grab her computer and pull up dragonshy to have him watch, he actually enjoys it. then we watch the marching band episode of spongebob, and then the we watch the cutie mark cronicles because Cox had asked about the cutie marks so it was a good way to explain stuff.... it was funny he asked why they all had tramp stamps.

so we are done with this stuff, realize we should go get dinner, eat and enjoy conversation. We then go back to Cox's room where he apparently has a huge TV, no DVD player, and no adapter cord to hook it up to a computer. We talk a lot, eventually get the go ahead to go to that Jurassic park movie party, so we head off campus by foot to this apartment complex where we watch and talk through the entire movie about crazy random shit. We have to go around a bit after midnightish.

It ends up being me Tom Marrie and Paul for a while, Paul leaves shortly after we get back to the dorms to sleep and shit, so them me Tom and Marrie head over to this place where it's appearently a good spot to smoke weed for the sake of sharing knowledge and what not, also we 3 have to get together sometime for fun. We talk for ages, go back in, rent a movie at like 2 am.

We end up over at Tom's dorm lounge watching The Meaning of Life by Monty python. meeting up with a group of traveling ravers in the night for a short diversion. Then we go to take the movie back to the wing lounge, place is closed, we talk for a bit then marrie has to go for sleep and shit.... So me and Tom just stand around and talk for a fuckin' hour and during that time have moved over to the wing lounge and sat down realizing it took us an hour to get there.... then we talked for more time, and then we parted to sleep and shit...

And here I am feeling like I hung out with people in real life all day that are like people I met here... I think I have a social life now..... and I like it..... I really like it..... I had the best day ever.... I also fully expect to die in my sleep now... or wake up and hear that it's friday and I dreamed this wonderful day... We talked about so much and there is so much more to go... it really was great.

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PostSubject: Re: Random real life events occur! and it was awesome   22.09.12 9:02

It's Saturday.

I'm not one to believe in magic
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Random real life events occur! and it was awesome
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