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 Darkworld Fillout

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PostSubject: Darkworld Fillout   13.06.10 8:09

alright here is the charachter forms. i hope this rp can get more in depth and length then my last major one.

you all are crew members aboard the UHFTC-Freelancer going to a huge planet with thousands of moons named darkworld. the government you once knew was communist and freedom was little. and a chance to have some freedom exicted many while the chance of exploration and adventure drew in others. the freelancer is a ship ment to last, although lightly armed. you all will be either a soldier, a scientist of some sort, or a average crew mate. and will be starting out just 2 hours away from darkworlds orbit.

Apearance:{eyes,hair.height etc.}

if soldier then pick either: sniper,infantryman,guard.
if scientist then pick either: biology,technolgy, astronomy.
if shipmate then pick either: enginere,grunt,Technician.

Bio{why the charachter chose to come to darkworld and board the UHFTC-Freelancer and what they have dome before then}
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PostSubject: Re: Darkworld Fillout   13.06.10 13:02

Name: Derek Manstin
Gender: Male
Apearance: Some guy who never leaves the labcoat with blue eyes and black hair. Wears sunglasses in the dark...
Age: 29
Role: Tech Scientist
Bio: Born and raised in poverty, Derek originally supported the communist regime on Earth as the revolution took place, breaking into his local armory's cyber defenses and putting the armory into lockdown. As the years progressed, he became privately contracted by the premiers to create the means to track rebels, but after an incident where stuff didn't really go right, he was forced to run away or be tracked down and shot.

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Darkworld Fillout
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