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 Darkworld important shipmates and technologies

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PostSubject: Darkworld important shipmates and technologies   13.06.10 8:00

a compleat list of important shipmates and some of the technologies you need to know about.

Special Crewmen Aboard the UHFTC-Freelancer

Admiral Jacob Long

Age: 63

Apearence: tall, white skin, brown hair, Admiral Unfirom, and 1 eye missiing.

Bio: a vetran of the 5th dark age of humanity he arived in war as a low class ship mate and with his cunning and rebel like nature would rise to help forge the UHF{United Human Federation} though he played a small role like most war heroes that small role was a lot larger then most since the average ship mate usualy died on thier 1st mission, he wasnt even harmed till his 8th deployment although in it he lost his eye from sharpnel. his personality is very rebelious, if he knows that thiers a beter way then he against all higher orders does it his way. this trate has given him mixed reviews from people, those below him think of him as a prime example of the greatness of humanity and a true leader, those above often view him as a ticking time bomb. but all must admire his bravery and guts. for he was 1 of the few willing to stay
behind during the invation of earth to defend rather then give up on the homeland. and in doing so along with a few other hundred brave souls saved humanities birthplace from total destruction from the nanoid threat.

Doctor Bonez

age: 35

Apearence: tall, skinny, pale skin, black hair, doctor uniform.

Bio: a doctor with a degree in bones. hence his nickname. his real name is jake henry but the term doctor bones is used, even to officers and soldiers. he is a master at bone narrow transfusion, amputation, and fixing broken and fractured bones, though most when first glancing him think he is a insane maniac{which is somehwat true, he often talks to his bone collection and views bones as people} he isnt realy a harm to anyone. in fact most are gratefull he is so skilled, because daily labor on the UHFTC-Freelancer can often cause broken and fractured bones because of equipment accidents.

Corporal jerry Brown

Age: 46

Appearence: tall, bulky, black skin, black hair, Soldier Uniform.

Bio: 1 of the admirals finest soldiers he only has been kept a Corporal so long because he use to be a open fighter against the united human federations communist Government system. but that never stoped him, he is a close friend of Admiral Jacob Long since they fought togather on 2 occations during the 5th dark age. he is a brave warrior and a fine guardsmen. he is given special powers over those of higher rank both by the Admirals orders and by thier respect for this hardended battle veteran.

Profesor Zackery Haze

Age: 52

Apearence: average height, blonde hair, glasses, lab coat.

Bio: the leading scientist on the ship he is a very inteligent man. he often spends his time in the labs messing around with left overs to see what he can do with them. he is responisble for keeping much of the bio tech and nano tech up and running. and does so with a iron passion that even the most zealous soldiers can never hope to match. his sister the historian lora haze often work togather since thier fields often come togather when it comes to finding lost human technology.

Historian Lora Haze:

Age: 37

appearence: average height, blonde hair, lab coat.

Bio: like her older brother Zackery haze, she is a inteligent individual who spends a lot of free time on her subject. she is suppose to read records of history to try and recreate lost human technology. a task that while she finds out what it could be, often in the end gets left to her older brother and his ability to handle technology in a almost creepy way.

Enginere Garry Quazar

Age: 28

Appearence: small, bulky, brown hair, work uniform.

bio: like many under payed people with no talent in the United Human Federation he jumped on the opportunity to leave and go somewhere a bit more free and unknown. his talent at fixing things later proved handy in making him have that guarantee. he works along side many of the nano techs including both the Hazes. he also works with the Admiral and the Corporal in handling the military equipment. he fixes the ship along with his fellow men although he is about 2 times beter at doing it.


UHFTC{United Human Federation Transport cruiser}

this huge ship is a prime example of human technology, can support about 1000 passagers for 3 years and has the best recycling money can buy. though rather cheap to produce thier effectiveness in pioneering is unmatched. this is the ship that you will start out on as it begins to dock on 1 of dark worlds moons. your certain model comes equiped with 2 laser cannons and a Plasma Bomber incase of hostile life.

Basic Combat Riffle: this is the basic riffle that the military use. while the bullet is only that of a 45 caliber it goes at very fast speeds. and has incredible accuracy. this in the hands of a good soldier makes it lethal to even the most advanced armor. also loaded with AP{armor piercing rounds} incase of decent armor. also can use the added UHF riffled Grenades.

Basic Armor: this is the basic armor the military use. it has the ability to stop all modern day weapons in its tracks. it can keep the wearer safe from the threats that await in the darkworld fictional universe. although big powerful rounds can rip threw it, it gives good protection against melee weapons and low powered weaponry.

Nano Medical Kit-these are the medical kits of the future, they use nano technology to seal wounds and to stop bleeding.

lasser Cannon-the lasser cannon on the UHFTC is a 100 power lasser cannon that can deliver a good hit to something as strong as medium armoured vehicles. its whieght is about 120 pounds. and it requires a lot of power to use. the power cell in it can last about 45 shots before going compleatly dead and being in need of a huge recharge. so often in times of power crysis the 2 Lasser cannons are turned off to give the ship extra power.

so what you think of the guide so far, it will be updated as the RP continues, i should have a application form up anytime soon now.
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Darkworld important shipmates and technologies
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