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PostSubject: MUFUCKER STOLE MAH SHIT   17.11.11 7:13

So I dreamt that my mom and I came home from something, probably the store, and we see that the front door is wide open. We go inside to see if anything was stolen.

Time skip.

We're inside and there are several family friends with us (not ones from real-life, mind you, ones that my dream fabricated and said "YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE."). Turns out we were robbed. Can't tell what is really missing though because of idk what.

From that point, I get PISSED.

So I go upstairs to check my videogame collection, because that would quite obviously be one of the number 1 targets for a thief. I look at my shelf, which is now 3 times as big, and completely full of games, books, and dvds, even though my shelf irl isn't like that. I see videogames still on the shelf, and at first, I think that the robber didn't hit my room. But then I see an empty space. I look at the space, and notice that it's where my Xbox 360 games would be. The thief took my Xbox 360 games, but left the gamecube games and books or whatever. I'd also like to take the time to point out that I had some Marvel comics and whatnot as well on the shelf, which is odd, since I don't like Marvel, lol.

Either way, about the games,

INSTANTLY pissed to the point of homocidal tendancies.

I go downstairs and *timeskip* then I'm outside, looking around the neighborhood for any signs of my shit, when I see, a couple hundred feet away, a black guy and a little kid carrying a huge armload of stuff. Mostly, it seems to be a big trash bag, but I also see what appears to be an Xbox 360 box in his hand, and it looks like mine (I kept the box so I could store extra cords in it, I believe. Yes, in real life.)

I then see them take off running, going left down the street. My dream then makes me think that they're going to the pawn sho, and that this has to be my stuff. I call my mom, who is about a half-block away to get her car and pick me up in case I can't catch them on foot. I hang up and take off in a sprint after them.

BUT, since it's a dream, I get too tired to continue within seconds. What bs.

That's pretty much it.


Sasha Blause:
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