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 Shop owner and lol spider

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PostSubject: Shop owner and lol spider   22.08.11 15:19

So I was out in the mall, in this weird little store. It was comparable to Hot Topic without being emo or retarded. Basically it was just a general merchandise clothing and accessory store for people. I was a new employee for some reason. One of my side-duties was providing live entertainment to people via a karaoke style whatever. I was standing around when suddenly a group of teens came up and started trying to get me to do a certain song. I kept saying no, since I've never heard it before. I finally gave in, and my boss rigged up the ceiling-hanging TVs to play the song and lyrics. About 20 seconds into the song, I got pissed off because I couldn't sing it right and just left to the back room. The audience was depressed now.

Time skip,

I'm still working in this store, but now I'm dealing with shirts and stuff. I feel like I'm a co-owner or the owner of the store by now for some reason. I'm helping someone with something, and that's all I can remember.

This next one was either something that happened in real life, or was half hallucination:

So I have that problem where I occasionally wake up, paralyzed. This time, I woke up like that, and was able to move my eyes a little better than usual. I saw a spider crawling toward me on my pillow...and I couldn't move. So I muster up my willpower and strength to try and move, my limbs not wanting to cooperate. I finally get some sort of boost and my arm sweeps the spider away violently as I bolt up.

I'm about 80% sure that the spider was a hallucination, lol.

Sasha Blause:
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Shop owner and lol spider
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