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  魔界 Demon World: Ancient Japan: Blade Database

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PostSubject: 魔界 Demon World: Ancient Japan: Blade Database   19.07.10 17:49

朧 Demonic Swords朧
One: Kuzeryu
Aura Color: Red
Power Damage: 25
The first mysterious blade obtained in the Journey of Nihon. Originally in the possession of a Godly figure, this blade now belongs to the one named Izogoth. The past of this blade is clearly unknown, but it has the power to cut and slash down demonic spirits with ease, but breaking down fairly easily.

Two: Ni Kazoku
Aura Color: Blue
Power Damage: 30
"父と息子は、別の古代日本の古典的な伝説をされているに沿って戦うために運命のテイルズの父は、アビジェリーは短気男ですが、息子の愛をそのまま維持することができます。息子は、津田と幼稚さ恥ずかしがり屋。しかし、父親と一緒に、彼は、ケアフリー満足している。 '79と蘇我イルカによって制御される、彼らは強制的に村正の2つの細工刃に、曽我のためのイルカとの戦いに送信されている。彼らは悲しいと落ち込んで、その時にされた。蘇我イルカの死の後、彼らは最終的に、新しいルールに始まり、彼の治世の終わりを喜ぶ。"
"Tales of a Father and Son, destined to fight along another has been a classic legend of Ancient Nihon. The father, Abi-Geri is a tempered man, but can keep the love of his son intact. The son, Tsuda is childish and shy. But alongside his father, he is happy and care-free. Killed and controlled by Soga no Iruka, they have been sent forcefully into two crafted blades of Muramasa, fighting for Soga no Iruka. They were sad and depressed, during that time. After Soga no Iruka's death, they finally rejoice the end of his reign, and the beginning to the new rule of Weishaolang." The power of mutual care is deeply important while wielding these blades. If one of the blades are seperated, both are practically useless. Take care of the two blades, and make them command your bidding together.

Three: Jade Dragon
Aura Color: Green
Power Damage: 35
"The essence and strength of the heavenly dragon Ryu, was magically encased in a godly blade. The essence of Ryu formed jade gems encased in the blade, giving the sword itself a green tint and tone. The blade itself is a gift and reminder from the Gods to never sin, and never disobey their power."

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PostSubject: Re: 魔界 Demon World: Ancient Japan: Blade Database   19.07.10 17:59


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魔界 Demon World: Ancient Japan: Blade Database
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