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 Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   13.07.10 17:04

Chapter 4

It was nothing like the two of them could ever have imagined. The ground was a tan color, with many pebbles upon the ground, and it felt completely different from the ground in that... Place... But the ground isn't what caught their attention, it was what they saw in the distance. Far off they saw a mountain range, each one tipped with ice as the sunlight glistens off them. But the sun itself was also a wonder as they carefully gazed at the sun as well, looking away as they realized they couldn't gaze long. There was some green in the area around them, but there were more stonework and dirt then anything. The only thing that stood out of place was the elevator that they stepped out of, but now it was going back down...

"No! I can't allow them to come up and bring us back!" Four thought as he panicked, quickly grabbing a large boulder and wedging it in the elevator, stopping it in place.

Four sighed as he looked over at Two and smiled at her, getting a weak smile back from her. She looked absolutely frightened, and looked as if she'd burst into tears at any time. Four, noticing this walked over to her and gave her a light hug, with Two giving him a hug back. Once again, he felt pain as the metal clashed with his spine...

Four stood up, unsuccessfully hiding his pain from Two. She started tearing up again as she looked at the casing on her hands. Four looked down at them too in anger, as they only caused Two pain... Four shook his head as he led Two over to a rock that was up to her waist, placing one of her hands on it as he looked around for another rock.

"Two, I'm going to get those things off of you... Then we'll get away from here and try and find help... If there is any..." Four shook his head at his own negativity as he found another rock. The rock had two points and looked sizable enough to pry or break the casings off,"Alright... Are you ready Two?"

Two was shaking lightly as she closed her eyes and nodded her head. Four looked down at the casings for only a moment, afraid of all the things that could go wrong. But it seems this day was all about taking chances... Four closed his eyes for a moment before opening them wide and thrusting the rock point down on the metal. Sparks flew as Four yelled out in pain. The rock was sharp, and had cut his hand slightly. Four ignored the pain though as he saw that the casing wasn't broken, and brought the rock down on the it once more, the rock cutting him deeper. Once again it didn't break. Four repeated this several times, with each strike denting the metal and cutting him deeper, his blood dripping on the metal. But Four did not care, he just kept on going.

Finally there was a hole, and Four struck the hole as hard as he could, splitting the capsule in two halves, Two's hand perfectly preserved. Four was gasping for breath as he opened his hand, the rock embedded in his hand as it bled onto the ground. Four carefully pulled the rock out of his hand, wincing in pain as he dropped it to the ground, gasping in pain. As expected, the hole began to heal itself rapidly, causing Four more pain as he sat down, sweating.

Two looked at him in sorrow, but then looked at her hand and flexed it a few times, smiling at its freedom,"Thank you Four..." Two replied quietly, looking at Four's hand, then at Four's twisted face,"It hurts... Doesn't it... I'm so sorry you got hurt to help me..." Two then started crying, her tears lightly rolling down her cheeks.

Four's face instantly changed as he walked on his knees toward Two and replied,"No Two, don't cry... I did it because I wanted to see you happy. This pain is normal for me, and I'd take all the pain in the world just so you don't have to. But for now we're just going to leave the left one on, as we need to get away from here as soon as possible, and may find better tools elsewhere."

"OK Four." Two replied, putting on a fake smile for him. She honestly didn't want him to get hurt because of her... But she also wanted to get away from this place, as it held too many bad memories now...

Four walked over to Two casually as she reached for her hand that was still encased, holding onto it as they both made their way down the mountainside, following the pathway down. The pathway was rather steep, but easy to walk down, and there was a cool breeze blowing on them as they worked their way down. The whole mountain was just full of beauty, and as they worked their way down they saw more and more trees and other forms of life.

They had only been walking for roughly an hour, and had already made it quite a ways down, but Two was starting to move slower as her eyes drooped in exhaustion.

"Four, I'm getting tired, and hungry... Can we rest for awhile?" Two asked, already sitting on the ground, looking up at him.

Four just smiled as he told her,"Yes, we can rest here, and I'll try and find something for us to eat." Four sat Two down by one of the trees as he looked around, trying to find anything they could eat. He could see no fruits or berries anywhere... Though why he thought of those he didn't know, as he never remembered thinking about fruits or berries before... But just the thought brought his mouth to watering as he wondered why he ever ate those meal bars... After awhile though Four was able to spot a squirrel lazily eating an acorn as it sat on a relatively low branch. Four bent down as he picked up a rock about the size of his fist, clenching it tightly as he looked at the squirrel. Four wasn't sure if he could hit it or not... But it was worth a shot.

Four hurled the rock at the creature as it struck him in the head, falling to the ground dead. Four felt a stroke of pity and sadness, as the squirrel never even saw it coming... Four shook his head though as he cautiously walked over and lifted the dead animal, bringing it back to where Two was sitting.

"Alright... Now if we can start a fire I can probably get this cooked so you can eat. I'll find something else later for myself." Four replied, placing the squirrel on the ground as he looked around for loose sticks. Two just looked at the squirrel in sadness as she reached out for it with her hand. As she touched the squirrel it slowly disintegrated as the squirrel was absorbed into her hand. Four was astounded as he saw this and just looked at her hand in amazement.

Two looked at Four again as she started to tear up again,"I'm sorry Four... I didn't mean to... I was just hungry and-"

Four quickly interrupted her by saying,"No no, I'm not mad at all! I'm actually glad you did, as we have nothing to light a fire with! But I will say that you probably shouldn't do that around others. I don't think we are normal anymore, so we should just try and keep our... Abilities... Hidden. So you'd be better off eating normally elsewhere."

"OK Four..." Two replied, but then smiled widely as she stood and replied,"Then you can't get hurt anymore or they'll see your power!"

Four smiled and laughed as he said,"I suppose you're right... But come on, we better continue on."

Two smiled as she extended her encased hand to him and they continued walking down, the sun sinking further down as they walk. After walking for another 2 hours, with Two now asleep on Four's back as he carries her down. It was night by this point, and rather chilly as Four began to feel the weight of exhaustion on him, and feel the pain in his bare feet. Finally Four noticed something... It was a road! Four's heart leapt as he ran to the road now, waking Two from her slumber as she lazily opened her eyes.

"Four? What's going on?" Two asked, rubbing her eyes with her open hand.

"A road Two! We can finally find some help!" Four exclaimed, looking up and down the road for any sign of a... Car? Four is remembering things so quickly... He had no idea where any of it was coming from... Finally in the distance Two and Four could see lights in the distance, working their way closer. Four carefully put Two down as he stepped into the street, waving his arms in front of the car as it quickly slowed to a stop. Four couldn't see who stepped out due to the blinding light, but whoever it was didn't sound nice.

"What are you tryin' to do boy! Get yourself killed!" The man yelled, walking to Four. The man looked rather old, and looked like he hasn't shaved in awhile as he stood there staring at Four,"And what's with those clothes boy, it looks like you broke out of an insane asylum!"

Four stopped and looked at everyone rather quickly. The man was right, Two and Four both had matching white clothes that were now dirtied with blood and their trip down the mountain... But the man on the other hand had overalls and a red shirt... Two and Four definitely stuck out...

"Please, we just escaped some facility in the mountains, and are just trying to get away from here. Could you please give us a lift into town?" Four asked, looking at the man.

The man looked as if he were about to tell Four off, telling him that there was no way he'd help him, but then he saw Two. The look on his face quickly changed from anger to annoyance as he looked back at Four and nodded toward his truck, hopping into the driver's seat. Four smiled widely as he picked up Two and stepped into the passenger side, placing Two on his lap as he put the seat belt on around them both as he nodded at the man. He just groaned as he started driving down the street.

"So, what can I call you two?" The man asked after about a minute in the car.

"Well, my name is Four, and this is Two." Four replied, with Two smiling at the man before leaning up against Four's chest and falling asleep.

"Two and Four eh? Well my name is Roger, and I think we'll get along juuust fine. Now you go ahead and rest, you seem pretty tired." Roger replied nicely as Four laid his head against the window. Roger just smiled as his eyes were locked forward, gripping his steering wheel in excitement as his thoughts raced.

Word Count: 1884

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4   14.07.10 23:35

Awww they are rescued!
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Chapter 4
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