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 Sentient aliens: Aresians

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PostSubject: Sentient aliens: Aresians   04.07.10 23:48

Living on the planet Ares, orbitting around the red dwarf star Gemini 40, The Aresians are very smart creatures, yet very different from human beings.


They evolved from a very unique class of worm-like creature, wich use very powerful electromagnetic waves to disrupt another's brain activity temporarly. Those creatures also have long hair-like features that detect any electrical activity in their close environement. They use a form of echolocation and althought they have no eyes, their skin acts as a photoreceptor, and even if it is far from being as accurate as an human eye, it allows him to see nearby objects. Like all the beings that live on Ares, their brain is located on their back. Headshots won't work guys.

An average Aresian is 8 feet tall and wieghts about 850 lbs.

They've been nicknamed "Wormies" by the few ULH members that are aware of their existence. In fact, Gemini 40 system is farther than humans ever been, but lots of information have been collected since the reception of their radio emissions. The Arm of Freedom's secret agents are aware that the ULH is gathering information on them, they even managed to steal some top secret documents on that case.

Their population is estimated to 5 bilion on Ares, and some more millions live on their colonized world,s including their closest world such as the planet Etz and the moons of the gas giant Ford: Khor and Tal. But they also have colonized a planet on theclosest star to them, Gemini 23, wich is 2 bilion light years from them.

The Aresians don't live much outside, their buildings are huge shaft that goes deep underground, the houseings, shops, etc. are on the walls of the shaft. Those structures are more advantageous than skyscrapper-like buildings, considering that Ares has a strong gravitational attraction ,that the air pressure is around 205 Kpa (Earth's average is about 110Kpa) and that the atmospheric activities are pretty strong.

They use a black in color light and resistant bio-matter that is created from the sludge of decomposing creatures of Ares. this material is used in construction and are part of lots of vehicles.

They have relatively advanced space travel and colonization technology, but aren't as advanced as the ULH.
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Sentient aliens: Aresians
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