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Name: "Dimaryp"
Age: Currently not valid to this day, assumed: 32.
Race: Human. Considered to be altered because of his abilities.
Gender: Male.
Height: Unknown. Assumed: 5'2'.
Weight: Unknown. Assumed: 125.
Skin Color: Assumed: Tan.
Eye Color: Unknown. Assumed: Brown.
Status: Dead.(Modern) Alive(Past)
Weapon: Unknown, variety.
Kusarigama, Poison Darts, Naginata, Katana, Poison Eggs, Throwing Kunai,etc.
Magical Abilities: Substitution.
Wears: Dark and moderate armor covered by a long black cloak. A samurai helmet with a golden Y.
Difficulty: Unpredictable.
Description: Is the only one surviving of the Four Oeg Warriors, the most powerful and the most human-like of the others. He is always on the move, daylight to midnight Dimaryp wanders the world aimlessly for challengers and authorities to confront him and try to take them down. Dimaryp will fight until his last breath, The rest of his past is a mystery to this day. Dimaryp is considered to be the most intelligent shinobi warrior of his time.

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