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 Robotkind - Vehicles

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PostSubject: Robotkind - Vehicles   28.06.10 1:37

These are the vehicles made by the ULH and AoF. The number beside the letter designates the year that they were first designed and made.

All vehicle models are old, but they are enhanced every couple of years. This helps economically since they can simply keep their old design rather than making a completely new vehicle.

ULH-produced Vehicles:

SW-2020 "Runner"
Type: Light Battle Walker
Roles: Scouting, Heavy Infantry Support
Legs: 3
Crew: 2 crew
Armament: M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Minigun Turret or M-4025 "Land Seeker" Missile Launcher Turret
Height: 12 feet

The Runner was humanity's first successful attempt at a functional assault walker. Designed and created in China, the creation of such a vehicle instilled fear in NATO, and led to them rushing to make their own design. Even though they never got around to making their own design, after China was nuked by the United States, they took large amounts of Runners and began reproducing them. Originally, they lacked any weapons, and a person with a rifle or other weapon would fire out of a hole at the top. Though it is an old design, it is still fairly reliable, and they are often attached to infantry battalions for support.


BW-2643 "Bird Buster"
Type: Anti-Air Walker
Roles: Anti-Air, Infantry Suppression, Transport Vehicle
Legs: 4
Crew: 12 crew with 4 passenger areas.
Armament: 2 M-3026 "Heavy Buster" Heavy Anti-Aircraft Laser Beam Cannons, 1 M-3056 "Air Seeker" Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher,
6 M-3044 "Mini Buster" Light Anti-Aircraft Laser Beam Cannons, 2 Side-mounted M-3572 "Cover Breaker" HMGs
Height: 20 feet

The Bird Buster was the first large Walker created by Humans, and demolishes most aircraft with ease. Though they aren't effective ones, like all large walkers that aren't the Camel, it can be used as a transport, with a hatch on the back that can carry a fireteam of soldiers. Even though it's use against the AoF is limited due to their low air power, it is still useful for infantry suppression with it's side mounted Cover Breakers. The Bird Buster is able to deploy a radar system by moving all of it's weapons to the side and opening a hatch which deploys the radar antenna.


BW-2751 "Ground Pounder"
Type: Self-Propelled Artillery Walker
Role: Indirect Fire Support
Legs: 6, 4 regular legs and 2 stabilizer legs.
Crew: 5 crew, and 6 passengers
Armament: 1 M-3578 "Heavy Megacannon" Long-range Assault Cannon
Height: 25 feet, 35 feet when deployed

The Ground Pounder is the terror of any ground force, as it's Heavy Megacannon is capable of obliterating
most fortified positions and is able to decimate armies before they even engage forces that are accompanied by it. It's Heavy Megacannon has 20 small cannons in a circle around one huge cannon, with all 20 smaller cannons firing 1 at a time as the main cannon is readied. It is also able to carry 6 passengers to defend it while it is deployed.


SW-2870 "Frog"
Type: Light Battle Walker
Role: Scouting, Raiding, Heavy Infantry Support
Legs: 4
Crew: 3 crew
Armament: 2 M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Minigun Turrets, 1 M-3522 "Jackhammer" Cannon
Height: 15 Feet

The Frog uses powerful hydraulics to launch itself into the air, making it effective in movement. However, it has little armor due to the need for light weight. They are often used to raid enemy positions and then get out quickly, but are also very effective at scouting. They didn't replace the Runner despite being newer however, as the runner is more suited to infantry support than the Frog is.


SBT-2991 "Megafortress"
Type: Ultra Heavy Tank
Role: Heavy Suppression, Transport
Crew: 130 Crew, 20 passengers
Armament: M-3572 "Megacannon" Triple-Barrel Gun Turret,
20 M-3522 "Heavy Jackhammer" Double Barrel Gun Turrets,
40 M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Minigun Turrets
Height: 40 feet

The Megafortress is a anti-gravity-lifted combat tank that is a battleship on the ground. It is able to tear apart armies single-handedly, but because of their cost and ridiculous size, there are not many of them.


BT-3021 "Rover"
Type: Assault Tank
Role: First Assault Unit, Infantry Suppression
Crew: 5 crew, no passengers
Armament: M-3522 "Heavy Jackhammer" Double-Barrel Gun Turret,
2 back and top mounted M-3572 "Cover Breaker" HMGs
Height: 17 feet

The Rover is the first ULH unit to see combat in an attack, and usually make way for the slower Whale Heavy Battle Walkers. The Rover can put it's two barrels together to create a more powerful one for when fighting bigger, better armored walkers, and it carries a stockpile of larger caliber shells when it does this.


T-3045 "Cart"
Type: Wheeled Transport Vehicle
Role: Transport, Light Infantry Support
Crew: 1 pilot, 30 passengers on original design, 4 on Camel-mounted design.
Armament: A single mounted M-3572 "Cover Breaker" HMG
Height: 15 feet for the original, 10 feet for the new, Camel-mounted design.

The Cart is a fairly reliable ULH-built transport that was very capable at getting a platoon of soldiers from one place to another. Due to their fairly simple design and low cost, the vehicle was mass produced and used heavily by both the AoF and the ULH.


TW-3455 "Camel"
Type: Transport Walker/Wheeled Vehicle
Role: Transport, Infantry Suppression and Support
Crew:6 crew, 100 passengers on the Camel, 40 on the 10 Carts that are under the Camel
Armament: Two side-mounted M-3402 "Wrecker" Autocannons
Legs: 6
Height: 20 feet high and 35 feet long

The Camel is the most effective Transport design the ULH has made, and also has 10 smaller "Cart" transports on it's underbelly. With a carrying capacity of 100 soldiers, or 1 Whale Assault Walker, it's capable of carrying almost anything. It also has the ability to retract it's legs and move it's Cart's on to the side, deploying wheels for faster movement.


MBW-3820 "Whale"
Type: Main Battle Walker
Role: Primary Assault Vehicle, Heavy Suppression, Infantry Suppression
Crew: 8 crew, 5 passengers
Armament: 1 M-3823 "Hammer and Nail" Heavy Cannon, 6 M-3522 "Jackhammer" Cannons,
6 M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Minigun Turrets, 4 M-4054 "Tracker" Auto-Turrets
Legs: 4
Height: 35 feet

The Whale replaced most previous Battle Tank designs as the primary assault vehicle of the ULH, and has done it's job well. It's main feature is that it's legs can retract, the Whale deploying an anti-gravity propulsion system to make it amphibious. Even with the creation of the Spider and Omniwalker, the Whale is expected to continue service for quite some time.


BW-4055 "Spider"
Type: Light-Armor Heavy Armament Walker
Role: Raiding, Heavy Infantry Support, Scouting
Crew: 1 crew
Armament: 6 M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Co-axial Miniguns, or
2 M-4055 "Cluster Cannon" Cluster Missile Launchers
Legs: 6
Height: 15 feet

The Spider won't replace anything, and is used for a role all it's own. It will be used to commence fast, destructive raids on enemy forces, with the Spider's quick speed theoretically keeping it out of danger, but any failure on the part of the driver would easily get it destroyed. It can also deploy wheels and a propulsion device to get it to and away from fights when needed.


MBW-4055 "Omniwalker"
Type: Ultra-Heavy Battle Platform
Role: Indirect Fire Support, Heavy Support and Suppression, Infantry Suppression, and almost any other job that could be given to it.
Crew: 200 crew, 50 passengers
Armament: 2 M-3578 "Heavy Megacannon" Long-range Assault Cannons,
10 M-3823 "Hammer and Nail" Heavy Cannons, 20 M-3026 "Heavy Buster" Heavy Anti-Aircraft Laser Beam Cannons,
60 M-4024 "Heavy Crackler" Minigun Turrets, 50 M-4054 "Tracker" Auto-Turrets
Legs: 10
Height: 70 feet tall, and 70 feet in length and width
The Omniwalker surpasses the Megafortress in terms of being an extreme vehicle, and many ULH officials have protested the creation of such a ridiculously large and powerful vehicle. The ULH has requested that 5 of these be made, and that they are not only to show the extent of walker technology, but also to instill fear into the AoF and any of the ULH's other enemies. The Omniwalker is able to combine it's 10 legs into 5 legs for faster speed, and then the 5 legs detach from each other when they need more stability.

AoF-produced Vehicles:

V-4034 "Battle Wagon"
Type: Wheeled Combat Vehicle
Role: Multi-purpose Assault Platform
Crew: 2-8 depending on how many weapons are mounted.
Armament: Any assortment of vehicle weapons that aren't too huge to equip on-to it.
Height: 11 feet

The Battle Wagon is the AoF's own combat vehicle, and though they can just buy walkers from the black market, it is still considered to be effective by them to have their own vehicles.


PE-4052 "Supersoldier"
Type: Powered Exoskeleton
Role: Enhancement of a Soldier's capability
Crew: 1
Armament: Whatever infantry weapon the user is using.
Size: Can be modified to the user's specifications.

The Supersoldier, along with the genetic engineering that the AoF does, is the AoF's answer to the ULH's physically better robot soldiers.

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Robotkind - Vehicles
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