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 Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   19.06.10 14:26

The sound of breaking glass, a woman screaming. That is all that Four heard. Over and over, stressing itself the more it happened. It frightened Four, as he did not know the woman, and never heard breaking glass... Never felt... Fear...

Four woke up with a start to his normal alarm, the gentle buzz going off as he gasped for air. His heart race as he thought of his dream, which was still fresh in his mind. He saw nothing, and only heard... Breaking glass and a woman's scream... What could it mean? Four merely shook his head as he stood, walking over to the sink as he grabbed his meal bar, which was still there as normal. Four sat as he ate, still thinking about where he heard those two things. Could his mind have made it up? Four shook his head again as he finished his food. He'd just ask the voice is all... They would have an answer...

Four stood as he walked to the white room, sitting down in his chair once more. Thankfully, no pill awaited him this time, and the voice called to him once more.

"Number Four, could you tell us how you are feeling today?"

"Little shaky, didn't sleep too well..." Four answered honestly.

The voice didn't speak for a moment before it replied,"What is your name, weight, height, and race please."

"Ugh... Four, 225 pounds, 6 foot, and Caucasian..." Four answered sadly. The voice just ignored what he said.

Four prepared to stand up and leave before the voice spoke up and told him,"Please stay seated, a man will be there shortly to provide a few tests."

"Tests?" Four inquired, not understanding what was going on now.

"Yes, they involve the pill you took yesterday. Just sit still and allow him to work, you'll be able to go to the Rec Room afterwords." The voice told him in the same manner it had before with the questions. Four felt he could trust the voice, after all, no harm had come to him since listening to her. Right?

A moment later a man in a white coat walked into the room through a door he's never seen before, directly to the right of him. The man seemed rather old, with gray hair and a partially shaved stubble, as well as crooked fingers from... Some disease, Four doesn't remember... Four knew already that he has never seen this man before. But the voice told him to sit still, so he did. The man was simply circling him at first, looking Four up and down, humming to himself as he did so. He seemed pretty happy with what he saw, and Four was glad. After all, this is the first person he's met besides his friends in a long time, might as well make a good first impression.

After he was done looking the man started feeling Four's arms and legs, which actually made him feel really uncomfortable. But as the voice said, he didn't move. The man seemed to put pressure on several spots, humming again like normal. He seemed to touch every vital spot Four hand, though he was nice enough to stay away from his genitalia.

Finally the man had finished and stood in front of him, looking Four in the eye as he stated in a sandpaper like voice,"Alright boy, give me your hand..." Four quickly put out his right hand, keeping still as the man flipped his hand palm down and grabbed it firmly by the wrist. The older man then pulled a scalpel from his back pocket as he put it towards Four's hand carefully, placing the blade upon the middle part of his hand lightly as he quickly made a small cut down Four's middle finger.

Four yelled out as he fell from his chair, experiencing something new for the first time.


Four just laid there, yelling in pain as his finger seemed to pulsate and throb with pain. He watched for the first time as his blood spilled lightly on the bright white floors. Then suddenly, the pain increased as he noticed the cut starting to close itself. The skin was quickly repairing itself, and Four had no idea how. But at the moment he did not care as the pain was the worst he's ever felt...

Finally his finger closed up, completely healed up and new. But nothing would make him forget that pain... But what the doctor did was worse then the pain... He smiled, and walked away without a word, going back through that door... Moments later the voice gave him permission to go.

Four stood up slowly, examining his finger as he wondered how his finger healed itself. Could it have been that pill? Could one pill really do all that? It made no sense to Four, but at least now there was something to talk about in the group. The group! What if they had to deal with this too! Four could not stand to see Two in pain, much less any of his other friends. He'd be mortified!

By this point Four was speed walking as he rushed through his room and quickly opened the door into the Rec room, quickly looking around. There was an air of pain around, Four could feel and see it as he looked around. For one everyone was not here yet, but of who was they looked horrid... Ten and Seven were already at the table, neither of them seemed to be talking at all, but Ten appeared to be one of the unlucky ones... Much like some of the other people here, he looked in pain, and it was obvious too, as he no longer had his right arm... Four carefully walked over to the group as he sat silently at first, just looking at Ten's arm stub... It looked like its been there for years...

Four finally spoke up as he carefully said,"Ten... What did this to you?"

Ten was silent as he looked at the table in pain, and finally sighed as he said,"I woke up... And- It wasn't there..."

"Wasn't there? What do you mean?" Four questioned, starting to worry a little bit as another person walked in, limp in his foot and blood at his lips.

"I woke up and it was gone Four! Don't you understand! Whatever they gave me, did this to me... All I feel is pain... Pain in an arm I no longer have!" Ten was yelling by this point as he took his loss to heart,"I saw, another person... He just stood there, and looked at me... Just LOOKED at me! I don't know what he was looking for, but he apparently didn't find it..." Ten stopped now, putting his other arm across the table, breathing heavily.

Four was unsure of what to say. He at least healed from the pain inflicted to him, but Ten lost his arm... Four probably couldn't handle losing one of his limbs either... Four had looked away from Ten now, allowing him to have his moment, and that's when his eyes landed on Seven. That's when Four noticed what was really wrong. Seven had a rough stitch across his throat, and his eyes were red all around his irises, seeming completely irritated as his eyes darted everywhere. Four decided to look at everyone, as right now he felt as if he was the lucky one.

He looked at the other group, and they were missing two people, their bodies also damaged by whatever happened to them yesterday... From everyone it seemed that One got it the worst... Usually he walked on the treadmill, but now he just sat beside it, looking at the wall... He didn't have his legs...

But the one thing Four was the most anxious about was the fact that Two and Five still weren't here yet... No one at the table were talking, or playing cards...

Finally Four turned his head in pure bliss, happy to see that Two's door opened, only to have his smile drop instantly. Her face was red and full of tears, and though she didn't look hurt, she had large steel cuffs completely covering each of her hands. She quickly ran over to Four as she hugged him, popping his back in the process as she cried into his leg.

"Four... They... They had Five in my room... H- He was sleeping, an- and they told me to touch his head..." Two started crying harder as she said,"He disappeared Four! All of his just went away! An- And then..." She paused as she swallowed a mouthful of tears,"I felt good! And the man there was happy! He was happy that I made Five disappear!" Two started crying again as she then quietly said,"Then they locked my hands up... I can't touch anyone without hurting them now..."

Four just hugged Two as she cried... And from all this Four realized something that he felt he should have realized a long time ago...

Something was seriously wrong with this place... And Four did not like it at all...

Everyone went back into their rooms later that day after talking for a little bit... It appears that in a span of 1 day, 3 people were lost... Four also learned that no one else had the type of dream Four did, they actually had no dreams at all... Four found this really strange as he sat on his bed naked, unable to sleep... Many things were on his mind at this point, but one the one thing that was in his mind the most... What was going to happen tomorrow? Were more people going to die? Were more people going to get hurt? Four had no idea... But he wasn't going to find out until he went to sleep... After all, he tried the white room door, it was locked; and the Rec room only led to other people's doors, which he did not want to disturb... So Four just laid down as he forced his eyes shut.

He was both anxious, and dreaded what lie tomorrow...

Word Count: 1692

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2   19.06.10 20:54

Daaaaaang.....poor kids, and I wonder if Two has the grim reaper touch or something...
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Chapter 2
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