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PostSubject: Sirius   16.06.10 4:50

The Capital is Thor City

Thor doesn't have any other major cities because of the giant anthropoids that plague the world. Thor, does, however have spaceyards that produce ships.

Thor has many training bases, and anthropoid hives are often used as a test of a divison's ability as a fighting force.

Thor has one important station, T-2, which used to do research on finding cures for the vast amount of diseases that can be given by the planet's insectoids.

Thor is littered by hive towers and other insectoid structures, and even though some of these have been eliminated, it's quite an endeavor to actually
clear one out. Thor has 2 oceans and 5 continents, the continents being: Rho, Omega, Sigma, Delta, and Beta. Swarmers are primarily situated on Beta,
and as such, so are Suckers. All other anthropoids are elsewhere.

Thor doesn't have a lot of notable vegetationoids.

Thor has countless viruses that can be transmitted by the anthropoids there, with some notable ones: "Neomalaria", which causes immediate coma, and is used
by many of the larger insectoids to easily capture prey without a fight. This virus is unlikely to cause death, but unless you get away from the fighting soon,
an anthropoids will kill you and then eat you. There are too many to list, but this is the most immediate killer of generic humans since they usually don't
know that they have it until they go into the coma, which by then is obviously too late.

Thor is plagued by insectoids, as the ULH says it, and most of these are ridiculous in size. "Swarmers" are probably the least dangerous looking of all of the
insectoids, as they are so small, but when you see one, there are likely thousands of them near-by. They have been known to tear people to shreds and usually
eat everything on a human or robot in only a few seconds. They scurry around on 20 tiny legs. Luckily, they are only in a few areas of Thor,
and are usually eaten by Suckers. The main predator of Swarmers, "Suckers" use vacuum-cleaner like suction to eat massive amounts of swarmers at a time.They
have 2 pincers for defense, are 5 feet tall, and have 7 legs for movement. The "Cloaked One", has 1 stinger mounted on top of it's head, and it walks on 4
legs and then has 2 normal arms, are 6 feet tall, and are almost completely black, and often use the environment to kill Human/Robot soldiers silently. Their level of
actual intelligence is deemed as being low, and Cloaked Ones are believed to use stealth on instinct rather than intelligence. They are also one of few insecoids
on Thor that don't live in a hive, and are loners. "Buzzers" are moderately large flying insectoids that have 2 stingers rather than one. One is on the mouth
which eats melted inner material, and the second is on the bottom that inserts acid to melt the insides. These insectoids are 10 feet long if laid out
straight. The "Bug Mine" is one of the few huge anthropoids that actively kills ULH soldiers. It is 10 feet long, and it's jaws, when opened, are 4 feet wide,
but are also the only fast moving part of it's body. Only when the spot it is in is not ideal, or if it starts raining. The "Megapede" is a huge centipede
like creature with 100s of small legs, and are fairly strong, with plates on their back being tough enough to resist plasma rifle fire. They have 2 huge
pincers right next to their mouth to kill prey with. They also have 2 "arms" on the top of their head with sharp blade-like protrusions used to fight other
anthropoids and humans. The arms can also be used as feelers. "Hive Matriarchs" are the ones that produce whatever hive they control. This is a general term
for the breeding female of any of the anthropoids. "Heavy Buzzers" are the largest Buzzers in a hive besides the matriarch, and are 3 times the size of the
normal Buzzers. They often tip over battle walkers when given the chance, and this is often problematic for the driver, since the Heavy Buzzer usually then
cracks open the cock pit and takes the driver out by "hand". "MutaBeetles" are large, but docile beetle-like creatures that are 20 feet tall and have
incredibly thick legs. Their post prominent feature is a very large feeler on top of their head, that acts almost like a radar for danger, as they often "run"
away from predatory anthropoids minutes before they show up. "Bug Tanks" are, through research by scientists, a distant cousin of the MutaBeetle, but is
more violent, and rather than having a radar feeler, they have a large "horn" on top of their head. Like the MutaBeetle, they are very sturdy, and
attacks by these are often difficult to ward off.

Thor has a few reptiloids, but they are all ridiculously small since they've been suppressed by the insecoids. The "Sickle" is the most notable and large of
these, at 1 foot tall, it has sickle-shaped claws and can move at a fairly quick speed. However, they aren't much of a threat since the sickles are used
to kill individual swarmers, and then run.

Thor's oceans are small, but they do have aquatic insectoids. The "Jump Diver" jumps from a high place to catch it's prey with, and when it surfaces, it
skims across the top of the water to get back to it's jumping point. These are 1 and a half feet tall.


The Capital is UnderCentral

It has 5 other major cities.

Thor-1 is a population center, but it does have a few soldiers just in-case of crime.

Thor-1's gravity isn't strong enough to have a station in orbit.


The Capital is also UnderCentral

It has 2 other major cities.

Thor-2 has a single military base, where it trains soldiers basic survival in hazardous worlds. (Thor-2 is perfect for this)

Thor-2 also doesn't have a strong enough gravitational field to have stations.

-will add other celestial bodies later-

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