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The Wanderer

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PostSubject: Surgery   15.06.10 4:13

That's right, I plan on getting surgery next year. 3, or 2, 2 being hopefully I can shed these 300lbs. First is for my eyesight which doctors are most worried about. My eyesight is rapidly deteriorating and I need to go into eye surgery quickly or I'm at risk for going blind. And then how is that going to help me with my plans for the future? The second is stomach staple surgery, hopefully I can gain enough courage and support to shed this 300lb body of mine so I don't have to have this surgery, but if it doesn't work that's another surgery I'm going to do. The 3rd and last surgery is sex change surgery. If you haven't already heard I feel like I'm a girl trapped in a man's body Neutral this one I'm still shaky with. Because i know that once i do it there's no going back Neutral

The reason I'm posting this is because, I don't have much support from anyone, my mother crushes my hopes, my dreams, my father wish's to be not a part of me Neutral my grandpa is on his deathbed and Grandma is falling apart as well. My brother hates the living shit out of me, and my other grandpa is a person who just wants to send me to military school. To top it all off I'm 300lbs overweight which is overweight for an adult and is scaring my doctors, I'm mentally ill, I think I'm a fucking 10 year old. I want to get surgery but I'm afraid of losing my own blood, even knowing my blood going to be taken from me, and I'm also afraid of needle's. I am typing this here and now because, I need friends, I need friends to stand by my side, spiritually and if possible physically, I want to get out of this depression so I don't have to be on medication anymore, and tonight I finally am going to tell someone, if not, everyone on that I know, that the only cure is my spark being re-lit, my passion, my inspiration, my life, has been blown out. Now I'm desperate for someone, if not everyone to help me get past this sadness help pull me out of the hole I have fallen into. I need someone, if not everyone, to stand by my side and help me relight my spark, which has been blown out so long ago.

The internet is no longer just a land of videos and forums.
I have observed the great idiots of America from all over the internet.
I have lived among the Bronies, Redditers, Furry Clan, Tumblers, and Whovians.
I have watched virtual cities rise and fall, both because of strife, or because of trends.
I have wandered to many great forums across the internet and observed many different places.
I am the Wanderer and I have traveled through the many planes of existence that is the Internet.
I have learned a lot about this world and realize I know nothing about it at all. Thus I will continue to wander.
I am no longer a commander, I am no longer a Queen, I am The Wanderer
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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 4:20

I support you.
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Public Affairs Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 4:22

I support you man^^ You know I do^^

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 4:25

I already said I did.

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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 4:34

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Day of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 7:39

Mm... Good luck. ^^

I'm not one to believe in magic
But I sometimes have a second sight
I'm not one with a sense of proportion
When my heart still changes overnight
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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   15.06.10 9:37

I support you Sam <3
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PostSubject: Re: Surgery   

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