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 Small survey of the robotkind.

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PostSubject: Small survey of the robotkind.   14.06.10 23:12

The year is 4055

The United League of Humanity (ULH) has colonized dozens of planets in outter solar systems.
Population: 13 billions.
The identity of our race has somehow changed. Humans began to be cybernitize, they learned to transfer their brain into more useful mechanical vessels. There are 2 official class of cybernetic vessels: The AC class or "civlian", and AS class or "soldier", but there's lots of variant existing.

Reproduction wouldn't be possible without the help of the breeding group. The ULH decided to keep lots of humans in their original form to reproduce, to prevent the population decline and even prevent overpopulation. Those humans are selected to have the best gene as possible to give the best performance as possible and avoid any health problem to their progeniture.

There's one principal group of opposition to the ULH, called the Arms of Freedom (AoF or just AF), they're against the cybernetization of human beings, they instead promote genetical improvement and keep believing that the best machines of all are the living beings. They are very few compared to the ULH, regrouping only about 547 million official members. They're not very well financed since the principal corporations are on ULH's side. But somehow, they seem to triumph in their act of dissociating ULH.
Over years, they acted like terrorists and destroyed many important buildings and blocked many trade routes. Even if some members are very appearant, and chased by the ULH, lots of them are in the underground and strike when their ennemies are less expecting it. It's ironic how lot's of cybernitized humans have taken part of the AoF organisation.

The ULH possess 5 solar systems: Their principal system is Sol, with planet Earth as capital, the Moon and Mars colonized. Next is system Alpha Centauri, with 1 colonized planet, named Horizon. system Sirius with a big rocky world named Thor and it's 2 moons, Thor-1 and Thor-2. Then comes system Denebole, with 3 planets colonized: Altar, Alis and Dinopsis. system Cygni 61 with planet Kraton and finally system Procyon with a cold world named Jameth

The AoF members live mostly on the South hemisfer of the planet Katon, a medium-small rocky world (about 9500km in diameter) on the Cygni 61 system, located at only 10 light years of Sol, the system of the capital of the ULH, Earth.

Lifeform has been found on other worlds, mostly microscopic, except on Katon, where complicate lifeform exist, some are even smart enough to learn words. But nothing exceptionnal in matter of intelligence is known... To the public. the ULH's government has communicated with intelligent life form in a solar system some 180 light years away from Sol, Gemina 80. They appear to be cooperative in knowledge exchange, but their purpose is yet unknown. AoF is aware of that, some of its spies are introduced deep enough in the ULH to get secret information from them.

-new information may be added eventually.
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Small survey of the robotkind.
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