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 Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   14.06.10 15:38

Chapter 1

"Number Four, could you tell us how you are feeling today?"

The same he felt every day... Happy, healthy, and alive. It's been this way for awhile now, how long he could not remember. For as long as Four could remember he's been living. Though, he never felt he ever lived elsewhere, as he never knew there was anywhere else but here. But no matter, it never changes.

"I feel fine." Four obediently replied as he sat upon his chair, his white clothes matching the chair. Four was in a completely white room, with fluorescent lights covering the entire ceiling. There was only one door, and that led back to Four's room. He came in here every day, with the voice always asking the same questions.

"What is your name, weight, height, and race please." the voice asked monotonously.

"Four, 225 pounds, 6 foot, and Caucasian." Four never really understood the importance of the questions, but every time he was given a thank you, and was sent to the Rec room.

The Rec Room was a great place, and made Four happy every day he went there. In there he was able to spend time and play cards with his friends; Two, Five, Seven, and Ten.

Two was only a little girl, at 3 foot 9 inches and 60 pounds. But she was the cutest girl he's ever seen, granted she's the only one he's ever seen. She had long chestnut hair and optimistic features that could make anyone happy. She was also incredibly smart, so it was easy to talk and play with her. Five on the other hand, not so much...

Five was a good card player and all, but he was really rude most of the time... He mostly fought with Seven and ranted about our playing. Four didn't mind though, as he's just happy to play cards with people. But unlike Two, Five actually had no hair and was about Four's size, though he was a little taller.

Seven on the other hand was quite the interesting individual. He seemed as if he could talk forever, even though there was not much to talk about... His face always gave away what he was thinking though, which made him really bad at some card games, and it always seemed like his curly hair was in the way. He should ask the voice for a haircut.

The last person with them was Ten, and he was massive! His height was almost 1 foot over my own, as well as width. He was a bit quite as well, and usually just piped in to stop a fight between Five and Seven. He had dark skin and even darker hair, and loved spending time near the weight benches in the room.

Everyone also wore the same clothes. White long sleeved shirt and white jeans. As for those not in their group, they had their own little group where they conversed and played. All except for One, who was always on the treadmill walking at a sluggish pace, never taking his eyes from the wall. Four tried talking to him once, but he just wouldn't respond... So Four just left him to his treadmill.

Currently the group was playing a simple game of poker as they talked.

"So, how'd your guys meeting go with the voice?" Seven asked, his eyebrow twitching as he looked at his cards.

"Same old same old." Four replied as he just got a look at his cards. The hand was garbage...

"How 'bout you Ten? Anything interesting?" Seven asked, turning his head to him as he put his hand down.

"Seven, you ask us every time we sit down to play, nothin' is gonna happen!" Five replied in an annoyed tone as he looked at his cards. His face was solid and he revealed nothing...

"That's not true though! You see, I was talking with the guys over there, and one of them says that there is actually a place called an 'Outside'!" Seven said, excited now.

"Oh really? And tell me Seven, what does this outside have that we don't?" Five asked mockingly, putting down his cards as he looked at Seven.

"He couldn't say, but think about it. There is actually somewhere else besides here! I'd definitely like to go there sometime." Seven was leaning back in his chair now, feet on the table.

"That's just stupid Seven, do you see any other doors? Do you? All I see is the doors to our rooms, and some white walls. Tell me, if there was a place called outside, where would it be?" Five was getting irritated by this point.

"Alright you two settle down... We don't need to start another fight..." Ten sighed as he put down his cards and folded. Five just looked angerly in Ten's direction as he picked his cards back up, glaring at Seven. Seven just stuck his tongue out at him as he folded as well. Four sighed at this point as he threw down his cards as well.

By this point Two and Five were looking at each other for a few moments before Five laid down his cards and replied,"Four of a kind." Before smiling. Everyone in the group groaned slightly except for Two, who rearranged her cards slightly before giggling.

She then put down her hand as well as she said,"Royal Flush." And gave the cutest little smile ever. That was about the time where Five would accuse Two of cheating again, but the voice interrupted him, telling everyone it was time to sleep. Four was actually glad, as he was getting pretty tired. So like always, Four went into his room and hopped into his small shower where he quickly got cleaned up before hopping into bed without his clothes. The rest of his room never changed either, which was nice. A single bed, sink with mirror, shower, and dresser that always had clean clothes on it. Every morning there would be a meal bar by his sink which he would eat every morning. Four then fell asleep in his bed once more, awaiting for everything to happen again tomorrow.

Four woke up like he always does to that gentle ring in his room, getting dressed before grabbing his tasteless meal bar and eating it all. Four stretched a little this time before heading off into the white room, popping his back a bit in the process. But when he got into the White room he knew something was wrong... Aside with the normal chair and white walls, beside the chair was a small table and tray, a tan pill placed directly in the middle of it. It actually unnerved Four a little as he sat in silence for that first few seconds before the voice asked as normal,

"Number Four, could you tell us how you are feeling today?"

"Fine." Four said nervously, eying the pill again.

"What is your name, weight, height, and race please." the voice asked the same way it always has.

"Four, 225 pounds, 6 foot, and Caucasian." Four had hoped things would stay the same and he'd just get a thank you and walk out, but of course that wasn't the case...

The voice then changed slightly as it told Four to take the pill on the table. Four did so without question, not wanting to create any issues between him and the voice. The pill dissolved slowly on the way down and it tasted horrible.

"You may get water from your room if you need to. Have a nice day Four."

Four took the voices advice as he stepped into his room, getting two glasses of water and chugging them both down. The taste was still there... It didn't spoil Four's mood too much though, as now he gets to see his friends. Four opened his door and walked into the Rec room, Seven and Ten already there talking about something. The cards hadn't been pulled out...

As Four reaches the group he asks them,"Hey guys, did you have to take a pill too?"

"Apparently so, though from what I hear we didn't all get the same pill, and I even heard of someone in the other group getting a shot..." Ten replied slowly and quietly, a note of unease lurking in his voice.

"Yeah... It's all real weird you know? I mean, we've been doing our own thing for awhile now, and now this? I think it's very fishy..." Seven replied, though he sounded a little excited by it all.

Five had exited his room now, looking back at his door nervously as he joined the group,"OK... That was really weird... I had to take a-"

"Pill? Yeah welcome to the club. Everyone here had to Five." Seven interrupted, bringing out a look of anger from Five.

"Well how was I supposed to know that?! But honestly I'm not sure if I trust that voice now... I mean, we've been in here how long now? And this thing thinks it can force drugs on us? No dice." At this Five spit out a blue pill with a jell cover and stomped it into the ground,"I ain't taking that shit."

The group was rather surprised at this, as 5 was the first one to defy what the voice actually said. Maybe he doesn't like the change either... Everyone was in the room now except for Two, which worried Four a bit, though he wasn't sure why. After all, they wouldn't do anything to hurt Two right? Well that wasn't so when the group saw her walk out of her room. Two was teary eyed and was rubbing her arm as she hugged Four and said,"Fooour! They gave me a shot and it hurt!" She was crying softly now, though Four felt that it wasn't the shot that was making her cry. None the less, he hugged her back. After that the group played as normal, though there seemed to be an air of unease floating around the room now... Four went to bed that day with his eyes open for a moment, wondering what tomorrow had in store for them. Cause as much as Four would like otherwise.

Things were changing.

Word Count: 1706

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1   14.06.10 20:55

I really like this insight on these NPC's. I was a little curious about Two and Four's life and I'm anxious to read more!!! *clears throat* Its a very well written chapter and I'm STILL curious about those pills. (Elaborated details I mean.) I suppose I will have to wait and see but overall yeah, niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Very Happy
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Chapter 1
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