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Encyclopedia Retribution


"Details learned about the world or RC in general"

- Credits
Credits are the currency of RC. You are automatically given 1 Credit when you initially access your CIGFED. You are told that 1 Credit can be used to buy the gum off someone's shoe, or some dirt. Aside from that, there is nothing to base the value of a Credit off of. It can be assumed, however, that 1 Credit could be compared to $1 USD.

- Credit Transfer Cards
Aka, CTC
Credit Transfer Cards appear to be similar to credit cards, however they are not linked to a bank or other electronic system. Each Transfer Card is white, with a little black and white photo of the original owner in the lower right hand corner, and a black strip on the back like a credit card. Credit Transfer Cards are used with CIGFEDs in order to transfer credits from CIGFEDs to other CIGFEDs or to other electronic systems. The CTC itself may hold presumably any number of Credits on it that are transferred onto it.

"Locations within RC"

District 1

- The Bulkhead
The Bulkhead appears to be a large metal door that leads to an unknown location. Inside The Bulkhead however, seems to be a sort of bunker. This is where you were brought initially.

"Established groups within RC"

- Officers
Officers seem to be the 'guards' of RC. It is unknown what purpose they truly serve, but they appear and act more like a military force than simple guards.

"Specific or influential people within RC"

"Tech and gear within RC"

- City Issued General Function Electronic Device
A device given to you by Shokov when you entered Retribution City. The device clasps firmly onto one of your arms and cannot be removed (or at least, it doesn't possess an unlock feature, and cannot be slid off the arm). It fits firmly and is sleek in its design. Features a matte grey color with slightly curved 6 inch screen, two USB 2.0 ports, and a card reader for transferring Credits. The reader and USB ports have sturdy covers that seem to be waterproof when closed. The entire device itself is relatively heavy, but reasonably so without being cumbersome. Simultaneously, it doesn't take up that much space. Initially putting it on your arm, you feel a static shock, followed by the screen powering on. If the device is removed, it will turn off and never turn on again regardless of what is done to it, so you're told. The screen can be put into rest mode by double tapping the lower right hand corner, and likewise can be woken up in the same way. The CIGFED possesses programs pre-loaded onto it. Whether or not new programs can be added, is unknown.

CIGFED Programs:

- Notepad
A Notepad where notes can be typed in and saved under any file name or file type, as specified. Notes can be saved to the home screen freely, and rearranged or otherwise organized at will.

- Broadcast
It is unknown what Broadcast is for specifically, but you're told that the device is capable of receiving video feeds. The application, when accessed, reads "Offline" with dark static behind it.

- Transfer
Transfer lists your stored Credits and allows you to transfer your Credits onto a transfer card by selecting an amount and swiping the card. Once swiped on another device, or swiped back on your device, the Credits will immediately be transferred onto it. That device need not have the Transfer application open to receive the Credits however, they will simply be added regardless of what application is open, even if the device is in sleep mode.

Additional entries will appear as discovered, including new sections when appropriate.

Sasha Blause:
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Encyclopedia Retribution
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