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 Your Favourite Roleplay Characters

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Capricorn Hunter

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PostSubject: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   17.01.16 18:42

Exactly what the title says. Over the years, many of us have participated in various roleplays. While some were more well-received than others (and lasted longer), I'm sure every one of us has created at least one character that, for whatever reason or another, stands out in our minds as a favourite.

The fun thing is, it doesn't even have to be the best "quality" character. Quality, of course, is a subjective term, but there really isn't any criteria. 

My favourite character is actually a tie between Ariel/Leana Danark (would they be considered two?) of the Alphas Series fame, and a recent character I created that I posted in the Outline Workshop

Ariel and Leana are, in essence, my deepest and most well-developed and thought out characters that I have ever created. While they are two separate characters, technically, they have always been together, since the beginning, and I honestly can't imagine separating them for any reason. The journey from conception to, well, now was a long one, but I'm truly amazed at the development. It's like watching a child grow up, honestly. Special shout-out to Tim as well, for his role in helping to make them who they are today. And to my other Alphas Series roleplayers, of course.

My second character is very special to me as well, simply because I have never created a character like him. He was also inspired by a character from the Marvel universe, specifically linked to Spiderman, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

So, yeah. Who is your favourite original character, and why? Or if it's an absolute tie, you can pick two or even three.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   17.01.16 19:10

I've had a lot of characters I've taken great enjoyment in playing over the years. And while I suspect most people would expect me to list Alevon as my favorite, given how much time and effort I spent on developing him, I actually wouldn't call him my favorite.

In actuality, my favorite would almost hands down be a character I created for a couple of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Oddly enough, out of every character I've ever made, I've spent the least amount of effort developing this character's history. I would actually go as far as to say that he basically has no history. There are bits and pieces that define him generally speaking, but nothing in regards to strong personal development. No, instead I designed him with his motive in mind more than anything.

I speak of course, of Vlad. He has no last name or alias, he is known simply by his first name. Vlad is many things, an expert in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship, as well as being proficient with a bow and with magic. The actual character is a level 15-20 Fighter/Barbarian/Sorcerer blend. I designed him to be very physical, giving him a faster foot speed, powerful spells (with most being simple utility as opposed to destructive force). Other than that, he is a human with medium length curly black hair, and somewhat tan skin. While he isn't "Lawful Good" in terms of D&D alignments, his personality causes him to act closer to that spectrum.

While he's fierce in combat, he is laid back and professional otherwise. He's a freelancer/mercenary who travels the world. One of his most outstanding characteristics, is that he has a profound interest in cooking. Indeed, while almost all of his character is dedicated to fighting prowess, just as much of it is dedicated to his skill in cooking. Now, in D&D terms, his cooking skill was insanely high. Even pre-epic level, his cooking skills were on par with godhood (speaking solely of the actual numbers involved).

So yeah, Vlad. Lol. He had a family curse that made him susceptible to corruption and turning to the 'evil' side of things, but his entire character was focused on doing 'good' instead. It was interesting, and I just really loved playing as him. He felt the most fleshed out out of all of my characters. There was just something unique about him compared to the others. Granted, I really liked Dominus, Alevon, and the others. But Vlad was special.

Oh right, I suppose I should note that unlike my other characters, he had less of the 'leader' quality. That is to say, he never really attempted to guide the group in any way. Unlike Dominus who was a literal pirate captain, or Alevon who pulled strings behind the scenes to get things done.

Vlad just kind of went along with things. Cooking and fighting, that was his entire character. And it was great

Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   18.01.16 16:50

Oooh god why??!!?!??!
it's like trying to choose between my children

(just as a note: i never actually want kids, so my rp characters are about as close as you will get)

If I had to choose, I would probably say Quinn Sullivan, the first character I created when I joined this forum to play in tim's Post-UnHonorable War campaign
I have made a lot of characters, and unfortunately not many of them actually go anywhere. I feel bad for each and every one of them, because if I make a character I want to go somewhere with it, but Quinn was kind of a first, because she was one of the first characters I ever really got into, one of the most complete characters I had ever created, so when that version of PUHW died, it fucking hurt.

I actually went on and made a lot of future plans for Quinn, from how she was going to progress through the game, her going to college and grad school, her working at a hospital with Alphas alongside Kenneth and Zeke, and her eventual death.
Hell, I actually had it set up so that she used her powers to stop bad situations (Zeke drags her to a concert, there is a big fire outside the venue; she uses her powers to help people get victims out of the fire and treat the wounds), and she kind of disappeared for days or weeks at a time because she dedicated her life to trying to help people whose powers made their lives difficult

Quinn was fantastic and a well-made character, and I really wish I could go back and kick everyone into continuing that game, but at least I there are the memories

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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   18.01.16 18:14

Similar to what Jade said it's hard to pick, but after thinking about it I figured it out. Now, this may come as left field choice to everyone, but the character I am most fond of is Tiem.

Now Tiem of course has a bit of a story behind him, as I never really intended on him turning out the way he did. You  see at about the age 13 I was involved in an old Rp forum and they were running a semi-joke Rp called the Pork and Bacon Inn. In it anyone could play anything and it was free game really. These regularly failed because people could play entirely op characters and had absolutely no depth or character to them. So, I made Tiem to prove a point. Aesthetically he was very similar in looks to Joseph, however he was stereotypically darker and more 'evil' looking. As described in the roleplay later on he was revealed to have "the power to warp reality by the whim of extra dimensional powers through the use of pure darkness". What this meant? Is that he could literally do anything. The only catch was that his powers could ' read and understand the fourth wall' and reacted in kind.

So what point was to be made if I joined this as something so incredibly op? Well, Tiem was a chill guy who literally went wherever the flow of the story took him and only interfered when necessary or when to move the story along. Otherwise his powers were typically comic relief and had a number of gags that people found amusing.

As an example, short ranged teleportation was common in terms of his movement, but anything longer than 'a room away' or including passengers always teleported to this one specific closet in which sexy times previously occurred. In another there was a small war happening in which the people were growing bored of the fight and starting to lose interest, and so Tiem ended the war.

Ordinarily you'd think a character like this would be boring but... Over the three years that game took he had grown a lot as a character and made so many friends. In addition people loved him because regardless of what other character joined that would try to do as he did would simply be rejected because of their power abuse. It was also because of this character that a lot of my Dm experience grew, because Tiem not only solved problems, but made additional situations that people would happily jump on.

The day I finally quit was a sad one indeed however, as I stayed just long enough to have Tiem host his own funeral. Tears were had, gifts were given, until finally he gave up his energy for one last transportation... And was buried under the location of the original closet ( which by this point was destroyed ).

I heard the game continued on for about a year afterwards, but even as people came and went the artifacts he left behind were still present. Roleplayers who had never experienced Tiem heard stories about him in legend and thanked him for his service.

All in all it was a very emotion time that I will never forget Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   18.01.16 20:38

“I do not sleep. I simply close my eyes and reawaken somewhere else.”

   Her name has changed since she’s come into my life, but Lamira Cochran was her birth name. She was born into a decently noble family known for their magical prowess and knowledge. Blind since day one, others would always push her to be as capable as possible. She never takes the easy way out and is hesitant when she feels things are moving too fast. She believes that for people to truly understand how to do/use something, they must take their time. Lamira has never been loud and moves with a slow grace. She loves to ask questions and never takes information as factual without extensive research.

   Her blindness has caused her a lot of issues. She’s always felt alone no matter the amount of people around her. Not being able to see the individuals closest to her left Lymira with a crushing isolation that she could not shake. She found solace in her dreams, where she felt that she could be anyone she wanted. She would see everything with crisp, precise detail. Every night, when she closed her eyes, she would wake as a different person in another world. This was how she saw it but it wasn’t exactly the case.

   Lamira’s main power was that she could see through another’s eyes, but only when she was asleep. Because her dreams happened every single night, she learned how to lucid dream. After the encounter with her mother, she understood that her lucid dreaming was body possession.

   She is part of a universe that is based off of a series of dreams/nightmares that I had when I was nine years old. Dreams of this world occurred off and on for a few years. I got super attached to her. She’s lived an incredibly adventurous, difficult, and undeniably tragic life. I got to be there while she grew into a strong, capable woman. I have been there to watch all that she was fall into dust and get blown away. I have other characters that I love, but she’s the one I love most.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   23.01.16 11:23

That's a tough one. I don't have any actual RP characters to draw from since I've hardly ever RPed, but I do have a few characters that I liked the idea of.

My probable favorite character would be one named Ozoi, a Nijiura Maids character (which is some meme or something from 2ch I think, but that's besides the point) that I basically adopted and came up with ideas for what she'd be like. Though I haven't come up with her origins yet, she's basically an anomaly in space-time that draws people in to her domain, mostly weak-minded people, and then experiments/plays/inspects/interrogates/etc. them (depending on the personality that's currently taken control at the time).

She can warp reality inside her own domain, and due to her intense insanity as a result of absorbing thousands of victims, navigating her realm is nigh-impossible before dying. On the outside, her world appears to be a decrepit mansion and its courtyard, but of course on the inside it's very well-kept, almost impossibly clean. Most people often don't even realize that they've walked in until it's far too late.

Appearance-wise, I do tend to imagine her being not unlike the first photo I saw of her:

Granted, I do imagine her being more conservative, except for a few instances of herself...

One idea I had (with Hoku's help) would be that she'd appear more desirable from far away, but become more monstrous/disgusting as you came closer, eventually looking twisted and horrifying to anyone that laid eyes on her. Alternatively, in some cases, she'd just be monstrous to begin with and be chasing you from the beginning, although it's not much of a contest considering how she could easily just rip you inside out with a thought in her own realm.

I'm torn on whether or not I'd want to make a roleplay for it, or if I'd rather write short stories about her. She's been an important character to me for a couple of years, though, so it's certainly still something I'd consider if people were interested at all.

Also, sure, it's not totally original, but I don't really care.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   29.02.16 17:59

Oh wow this is a tough one, actually not because I have to choose. I know exactly who my favorite character is, he's my primary character. The Storyteller, to some extent I don't want to spoil him too much as at this very moment I'm running the rp game that is technically the 'prologue to the origin story of the storyteller' so .... since he isn't even really born yet.... I mean he will be totally awesome and to some extent has already existed. He started as a inspiration from my favorite series doctor who and a bunch of original stuff I had been working on and holding onto since I was 12. Out came the Storyteller he's an ori-kai which is way better than a timelord their trans-dimensional! There was a whole story with him growing up in a place called Mistygleam Friar, an RP I was really proud of and will be proud of again. His constant companion is his guardian angel/weeping angel/dragon (long story, started as a guardian angel got more complicated as we went along.) lover Ethan White. The Storyteller and Ethan traveled their world solving problems and eventually got a hold of a car that Storyteller was able to make travel time, space, and dimension. With the car in hand they left their world behind and went traveling. (Literally left the RP and successfully wandered from RP to RP changing lives and making awesome really this was an amazing era of RP for me. A lot happened on tumblr and somehow I created my own 'Storyteller and Ethan' fandom. That's when the conversation of the 'Storyteller' canon started which lead to the 'reset' and me creating my latest and current running forum/rp.) SO much happened during this time. We learn eventually storyteller will die and take a new face just like 'the doctor' he inherits 'The Clockworks' a magical traveling clock shop from his father and Blackwood Manor a traveling house from his mother. He builds the S.T.A.R.D.I.S. based on stolen schematics of the Doctor's Tardis. (Shifting Time and Relative Dimension in Space) They crossed into so many fandoms and original worlds that I honestly couldn't remember them all...

Basically it was epic, the Storyteller is epic and will be again. Of course it might be a while, but he certainly is my favorite and likely always will be.

I also adore Ethan White he was pretty awesome too... you think the power of true love is awesome, try the power the power of unconditional true love between a traveler and angel with a shotgun. Wink
(That was his theme song... angel with a shotgun.... he liked cars, guns, and bows...)

and yes if you haven't guessed yet they were both boys, and they were gay for each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favourite Roleplay Characters   

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Your Favourite Roleplay Characters
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