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 A Potential "Alphas Series" Character

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A Potential "Alphas Series" Character Empty
PostSubject: A Potential "Alphas Series" Character   A Potential "Alphas Series" Character Empty10.01.16 17:11

I've had this idea in my head for a while, and I thought I'd finally write it down. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with the end result, but that's why I'm posting it here. This is the first time I've made a character like this, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Note: This character sheet follows the format for the Book 4 Reboot Tim started a few years ago.

Character Sheet

Name: Valeriun Anghelescu

Alias: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Class: High school senior, enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. He has an affinity for science and math classes, with a particular interest in biology and chemistry.

Appearance: Valeriun would consider himself to be a fine specimen if prodded enough about it, and he is. Standing at 5’9”, Valeriun has a lean build, with long limbs and a pallor contrasted by his hair. He has jet black hair swept to the side, vibrant blue eyes, thin lips, a strong jaw, and he is clean-shaven. He typically wears black clothing, ranging from fitted shirts to turtlenecks, dark-wash jeans to slacks, and complete with black loafers.

It is worth noting that while he does not wear anything like a watch or jewelry, he does constantly wear a simple golden chain that his mother gave to him when he was a boy. No one seems to have noticed it as he keeps it well-hidden underneath his clothing, but it is there.

Personality: To seemingly contrast the beauty of his outward appearance, Valeriun can exhibit some ugly personality traits. He is incredibly selfish and arrogant, and believes himself superior to most. While he does not outwardly express these opinions, he does indeed have them. It makes socializing with others rather difficult (assuming he liked socializing at all), and he often secludes himself from the rest of the world.

On some level, he does wish to find others who match his supposed genius so he can communicate with them, but on the other hand he (falsely) believes that he is perfectly fine on his own. This attitude he has carried throughout his life has resulted in the poor development of social skills. Couple this with the fact that he does not care for feelings and is for the large part insensitive to others, and he has absolutely no friends and is downright hated by some.

In spite of all this, Valeriun has an unrivaled passion for science and discovery and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This is what drives him, and in reality is also a major part of why he is the way he is. He has become so entrenched in his studies and research that he makes time for little else, including himself. In truth, Valeriun just has a scientific approach to many things. Unfortunately, not everything in life has an equation to balance that grants one total knowledge. Valeriun has yet to learn and understand this.

He isn’t all bad, though. He is hardworking and organized individual, and he does care about a couple of people in his life. All he really needs is some perspective and to be put in his place.

The subject of the Alphas is of great interest to Valeriun. While the slaughter of thousands of people is not a subject he feels comfortable discussing (or even thinking about), he would rather approach the issue from a scientific standpoint. He would love to research these Alphas and find out how humans can have such abilities and if it is possible to replicate them in other subjects. He would only work with willing subjects of course, and treat them humanely; they are no longer living in an archaic society and his mother always taught him the importance of ethics and upholding them in scientific research. They are still people, after all.

History: Valeriun was born in Romania on December 21st to two loving parents. He was an only child growing up, but he had a good upbringing. His passion for science was apparent when he was still quite young, and his mother, who herself was a well-respected researcher, encouraged Valeriun to pursue his interests and dreams, whatever they were.

She often called him her “little Vali”, and while he only pretended to be embarrassed by it, he really didn’t mind. His father wasn’t quite as warm towards him as his mother was, but he always made sure Valeriun felt safe and knew that he was loved. He himself was not a scientist, or had any particular interest in the sciences, but the brilliant mind that had first attracted him to his wife seemed to be passed down to their son. This was a source of pride for him, and he made sure Valeriun knew that.

When Valeriun was 11 years old, his mother was killed in a lab explosion that claimed the lives of the entire research team. It turned out that what she and her team were researching was completely unknown to the company at large, and they were accused of money laundering in order to fund their mystery projects. This ended up severely hurting her reputation, and their entire family as a whole was shamed. It was just another difficult thing for Valeriun to deal with as he tried to process the devastating loss.

Valeriun never truly came to terms with her death, but his father did not fare much better. While not a religious family, Valeriun’s father had nowhere to turn for comfort, but eventually found the Orthodox Church. There he was taken advantage of by the priest and ended up becoming a religious fanatic who blamed the very thing his wife and child loved for her death. This took a serious toll on Valeriun after the incident, as his father became harsh and angry at him for still wanting to study his favourite subjects. At this point, the only family he had left had effectively turned on him, and he believed that he was completely on his own. No one called him Vali anymore.

Four years later, it was decided that Valeriun would receive a better education in the United States of America, and he moved there by himself while his father stayed behind. However, it wasn’t the dream that Valeriun believed it would be. His father could only send so much money every month on his meager salary, but not wanting to worry him, Valeriun told his father it would be enough. Instead of settling in a big city close to well-known academic institutions, Valeriun was stuck in a small town in the mid-west: Andale, Kansas.

He attended high school and excelled at his studies, quickly applying to the IB Program and immersing himself in work. He didn’t make any friends, and he was quickly seen as the outsider with the steady glare. While it did bother him at first, Valeriun learned to shrug it off and focus on what he wanted to do. Eventually he wants to go back to Romania and figure out what happened to his mother and find out who was really responsible. He’d acquire his own money and continue her work, whatever it was, and ensure that the people knew just how brilliant she was and earn back the respect he believes they deserve.

Powers: Foxtrot Program – in addition to being granted powers, Valeriun will quickly develop attributes akin to a bat’s; this includes ears, nose, and teeth. His behaviour will also change over time, and he will become more feral. Eventually, Valeriun will completely mutate into a half-man/half-bat creature.

Animal Attributes -*-

Razor-sharp incisors and canines
Enhanced hearing (bat ears)
Enhanced sense of smell (bat nose)
Night vision (glowing red eyes)

*Will develop after final mutation

Nocturnal -*-

Rank 2
Increased agility
Can run at higher speeds
Skin peels in direct sunlight
Slow, weak, and tired during the day

Sonic Scream -5-

Rank 2
Causes tearing of the throat and vocal chords with overuse

Super Strength -5-

Rank 1
Only effective within 12 hours of a feeding

Vampirism -5-

Rank 1
Drinking blood grants regeneration of wounds and energy
Must be fresh blood from a human
Can only survive on human blood

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A Potential "Alphas Series" Character
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