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General Problems with the world we live in:
i can explain these further if you ask, but right now i am kiiind of short on time, so

In ancient hunter-gatherer societies, your village, the people you associated with, numbered maybe 50 people.
There were maybe 25 people of your same gender. Given different age groups, you had perhaps 5 same-sex peers.

Think about you and your 4 closest friends. Of your friend group, are you the best at something? Almost statistically, you have to be

Because of this, ancient hunter-gatherers never really had to worry about their own sense of uniqueness

whereas in today’s society we see in the media brad pitt, and supermodels, and movie stars, and Olympic athletes, and they all seem very close to us, physically and mentally, and it makes us believe that all top spots, all niches, are already filled

exercise is medicine, but we were never designed for it
dopamine and serotonin-enhancing effects, which are essentially like taking anti-depressant medications
it benefits memory and cognitive functions, it reduces brain inflammation
it has anti-aging effects, for Christ’s sake. There have been tests that show that, even by middle age, identical twins who are physically active are physically a Decade younger than those who are more sedentary

the thing is, the brain’s normal programming is to conserve energy; you only expend energy if you absolutely necessary, or things that you see as meaningful. So, we have to make ourselves override that programming
think about walk Disney world: most visitors are not incredibly physically active. The average visitor to Disney world also walks 9 miles during a daily visit. Why? Because they are doing something they see as meaningful

In terms of social support, about half of all americans have zero close friends

In hunter-gatherer societies, living in such a way was almost impossible, without the support of that entire group

That should tell us something

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Psych Notes
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