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 The UnHonorable War Cast

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PostSubject: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 1:09

Time and advancement are not as easy to chart as the world once believed. For a solid 10 years during what's been known as the War of Silence, nothing seemed to happen. Word never traveled further than a friend or louder than a whisper as neighboring countries kept their eyes on the strongest; the USA and Russia. For those 10 long years they stared at one another threatening through clenched teeth that nuclear warfare was on the horizon. But through all the threats and theories, nothing happened. Some theorized years later that even after what happened that it wouldn't have mattered, the outcome would be the same. But at least more would have survived had it been anything else.

Around 1pm on American soil a video feed broadcasted live to all channels. While at first many didn't understand what was going on, it soon became clear that through the darkness stood the Prime Minister of Russia. There he held his hands high facing towards another unseen man. While there was no audio, it was unneeded to know what happened. The man leapt forward knife in hand, and in a moment's notice the Prime Minister was slain. The man who stood staring into the camera had most of his face concealed but one thing was certain by the marks on his suit. The man was a ranked American soldier.

The feed quickly cut as within seconds reports that Moscow was consumed by a nuclear explosion rang across the world. All that happened within the next few days was more than anything that had happened in the last 10 years. War was declared by Russia as, as promised, they retaliated with their own nuclear arsenal. In turn America did the same as all the other countries could do was watch in horror. Of what was fired however, only three touched down. One in Belgorod, One in Topeka, and a misfire that somehow landed somewhere in southern Africa. The effects however were far beyond what was expected. Everyone knew there would be fallout, but it spread to the other countries to incredible lengths. It now became a priority to clean the resulting radiation and come up with a more readily accessible fix for radiation poisoning that the War effort ended almost immediately. While at first many suffered, an American research group known as the ‘Patriot Forces’ came forward. With their talents they had already planned for this outcome and, complete with a plan to distribute it, released their fix for radiation poisoning. In a week's time cleaning efforts increased and casualties decreased significantly. Everything looked like it was finally going to get better with this disaster being quickly overcome… Only to dive head first into another.

All across the world people started to present with various side effects, illnesses, or as some call them, powers. These abilities were incredibly dangerous not only to themselves but to others as well, sending most of the world into panic. Most theorized that it was the radiation, some conspiracy theorists said it was the cure itself, while a much smaller percentage feel it is divine punishment for the War waged and the pain caused. Regardless, it was chaos. It was only by help of the Patriot Forces that normal soldiers could be fitted with an expensive, experimental technology that could be used to defend the wearer, and even replicate certain powers seen. The select group created were aptly named the Honour Guard, and they were tasked with one duty. To wipe out the newly named “Alpha” threat.

While at first they had incredible successes, the Alphas have started to learn, and started fighting back with little success. Only recently had a single Honour Guard been destroyed by a group of Alphas who have already been nicknamed on the media as ‘The Elements’. While only a single person was caught on camera the sight was as spectacular as it was terrifying. What was seen was an Alpha armored in a yellow gold suit with a longsword and a pair of angelic wings. While it certainly looked like the Honour Guard had her outmatched, it was the angel that struck the final blow. Since then her image struck fear into the average citizen, but hope to those with abilities.

It's been two weeks now, and you are one of these Alphas. You will need learn how to survive in this bloody war. Do you hide? Or do you fight? The choice is yours.


It's been a long time coming but here it is, the re-release of UnHonorable War. While it goes without saying I'll go ahead and list the rules and expectations I have, as well as what you should expect from me.

Don’t be a Dick - I shouldn't have to list this but you’d be surprised. This goes both ways however so anyone is free to call me out if I’m being one. What this is namely pointed towards is the fact that my Power system is by no means balanced, it’s just a means to allow the most comfortable way to control powers and give people what they envision. That being said, those who go out of their way to Min/Max or break the system for the sake of power fall under the lines of ‘Dick’. We’re roleplaying here, not playing a videogame.

Start Shit Get Hit - This falls in line particularly with Drama. I know that people get attached to characters, but at the same time if it gets to the point where you get ulcers? You’re gonna have a bad time.

If I Don’t Know? Didn’t Happen - More specific to the possessions or past know how of a character, if you didn’t let me know prior, then you don’t have it. Same goes for conversations that happen in PM or Skype. Once you send it to me it’s canon, otherwise it didn’t happen.

Action / Reaction - Should be simple enough, but I always explain. When you post in combat, or anything really, leave the post open for a reaction. you can say what you intend to happen, but you can’t just say that it automatically happens. On the flip side however, realize you can’t dodge everything, and take a few hits. Hell, brownie points go to anyone who make a mistake like a normal human and takes a mortal wound. That’s real dedication my friends.

Rule of Cool - If you ask me to do something that is utterly badass, even if it hurts your character, I'll probably let you do it. Nuff Said.

I Get Depressed - As a result, there may come a time for a 1-2 week hiatus from time to time. This is set as a heads up so that when that shit happens the RP doesnt just die. 


Character Sheet
Name: (Full name as well as preferred name.)
Alias: (Any nicknames that don’t fall under your normal name. While these can be self given, the best nicknames are formed by your peers.)
Gender: (Male, female, or anything in between, all are accepted.)
Age: (Minimum 16. Reason is because you’re supposed to be adults fighting in a literal war. But some kids fit through the cracks.)
Looks: (Provide any description that you’d like with how they look along with what they would normally wear. Picture references can be used as well, but I’d still like a light description as well as to how they hold themselves or anything that would be different about the picture. This can be ignored if you drew it yourself.)
Personality: (Not only do you describe how your character acts, but include hobbies, dreams, aspirations, and even thoughts on particular subjects such as Alphas or the Honour Guard.)
Possessions: (So long as you're reasonable I will accept most things. Keep in mind this is AFTER you learn you're being hunted and what your character would reasonably bring with them.)
History: ( In here you describe as much as you want to about your life to this point. The good, the bad, your parents, bad accidents, anything you’d like. However much you describe is up to you, but the more there is the better.)
Powers: (List which ones you have and their ranks. You don’t need to list evolutions or the like however, as that will be explained below. How you choose powers are listed below.)
Negatives: (Whether these existed before or after your powers they help to round out you as a person. This can be mental, physical, emotional, or the like. Depending on the negative I will also grant additional Power Points that may be spent.)

This is what the war is all about right? Well thankfully the way I have it set is fairly simple and allows for a near infinite amount of powers. If you think of something that isn’t on the list or something unique that you need help with, just ask! I’d love to help^^


First off that is the link to the powers. On it is also a Google Doc link for easier reading (YMMV). The numbers not only represent its relative strength to other powers, but it also serves as a price for what each ‘Rank’ of that given power costs. Now, for most powers the highest possible rank one can reach is Rank 10, which is incredibly powerful, but others can be as low as 5 if they are particularly limited powers. In any case, each character will start with 20 points to buy their ranks with. Keep in mind however that while no one will start particularly strong, less is more. Having 5 powers with 1 rank in each is more versatile, but much weaker than 1 power with multiple ranks.

In addition to the 20 points, you can also choose to ‘Randomize’ your powers. Using my system it will randomly generate anywhere from 1-3 different powers, with priority set towards 1-2 as opposed to 3. The benefit of this, is it nets you an additional 10 points for a total of 30 points. Afterwards you may select negatives as normal in order to get more points to spend.

Once you have your powers and negatives set I will open a Google Doc specific to each character. On there we will detail what each rank grants, and overall how your powers works. This way while everyone will know the raw power everyone starts with, they will not know the nitty gritty details.

So that about does it! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me over PM or contact me on skype at thebestdragon3. Posts here however are reserved for character sheets, so I will delete anything that's not a reservation.

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 1:10

Name: Frank Sorge

Alias: Die Sorge

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Frank has medium length blonde hair and blue eyes, having a somewhat pointed nose and bony cheeks. Overall his body is somewhat slender, being relatively skinny without a notable amount of muscle despite having been in the military. He is of a relatively average height for a man at 5' 9" tall, weighing about 140 lbs.

Frank is an ESFJ, being almost entirely open about his feelings and thoughts, all the while being a relatively light-hearted individual. Frank seems quite naive and almost childlike in his apparent innocence in any given matter. Though in actuality, it's not that he's immature, he is just simply good spirited, and rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone. Frank loves to play games and do fun things any time he can, and can make almost anything fun. However it is because of this that he is generally regarded as a nuisance, especially in that he is a sniper in the military. Frank does take his job seriously, and never downplays a serious situation. He's just overall very optimistic and cheery. In contrast, is his curious surname. Being German, Frank naturally has a German name. However, what English speakers may not necessarily pick up on, is that his last name actually means 'Sorrow' or 'Worry/Concern' in English. Those who are aware of the meaning have previously nicknamed him 'Die Sorge', which has a double meaning. Frank used to be one of the best snipers that his allies had ever seen, able to strike down targets from great distances, or even using trick shots to kill his targets. In this case, 'Die Sorge' could be used to imply that he was 'The Sorrow', or 'Widowmaker' after the inherent truth of killing the husbands of wives and families while on the battlefield, bringing sorrow to their families. But more recently, after unknown events, Frank has become unable to hit virtually any of his targets, either missing entirely or accidentally hitting an ally. Simultaneously, Frank became somewhat of a klutz, and it was also around this time that he began showing his more naive and laid-back side. So, his nickname remained the same, but the meaning changed to reflect his inabilities. 'Die Sorge' could now be seen as 'The Concern' or 'Die Sorge', implying that Frank was a concern for his team because of his ineptitude, or that his team silently wished for his death so that he would no longer be a burden after losing his skill. Despite this, Frank became a better person overall, and didn't let such things faze him.

Guy stuff.

Formerly Frank had been in the military for many years of his life as a sniper. He was a very keen shot with the sniper rifle, and was able to almost always his his mark no matter the circumstances. He was always quite serious, and overall a notably quiet individual. Fact of the matter was, he was just very good at what he did. It was after an unknown event that Frank seemed to undergo a sudden rapid change of character. Frank was no longer as serious, he began to take a lighter view of life, and for some reason he seemed to become more and more inept. He virtually lost his ability to snipe, and his overall skills in general seemed to rapidly worsen. On the outside, there seemed to be nothing that would cause these changes. He wasn't sick, he didn't have any brain damage or anything of the sort. He was just suddenly bad at what he did. After years of being the best of the best, he suddenly became the worst of the worst. And so, very soon after this became the case, Frank received an honorable discharge, and is no longer associated with the military.

(Rank 1) Accuracy 4
(Rank 1) Omnicompetence 12
(Rank 1) Resurrection 10
(Rank 3) Epic 10
(Rank 1) Regeneration 4 (Cannot Regenerate from Antimatter)

(60 points total)

- Epic activates only upon death, and powers are only active so long as Epic is active, or for an equivalent amount of time - 20

- No memories of events that occur while powers are active - 5

- Becomes mad and blood thirsty while powers are active - Epic reduced to 10

- Bad luck and clumsy while powers are inactive, similar to the Jinx power, and sometimes powers activate at inconvenient times (IE hitting an ally instead of enemy in combat) while powers would normally be inactive - 10

- Wounds have a hard time healing while power is off - 5

Former Character 'John Vicar':

Former Character 'Grayson VanHunter':

Sasha Blause:

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 1:11

Name: Jeanne Bashevis
Alias: Bonnie James
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Jeanne has wispy, curly black hair, wild eyebrows and dark eyes. She carries a uniformly mid-toned complexion. She does not blush. Fairly feral, naturalistic-looking, she catches the eye as she stands at a good 5'8". She has a very thin stomach with boyish hips, but comparably noticeable chest dimensions. Her legs distill down to a graceful taper, with small feet and a tendency to walk on tiptoes when she is barefoot. She has slender fingers, with undernails that she keeps meticulously clean out of a compulsive desire for propriety.

Before discovering the alpha gene in herself, Jeanne had an alarmist conception of the world: Alphas are demons sent by the devil that require extermination, regardless of their likeness to humans and their feelings of pain. Jeanne justified the death of Alphas from the bullets and vivisection of humans as therefore a necessary evil, the only way of truly saving mankind. After discovering her true nature, Jeanne simply could not bring herself to live in the righteous honorable ways that she lived as a part of the honor guard. Her feelings became a warped combination of guilt, confusion, and anger.

As a younger child, she loved to paint and was incredibly clever, having an aptitude for wordplay and political philosophy.

Even as a pre-schooler, Jeanne had a troubling aptitude for understanding patterns and solving mathematical problems. She was ahead of her class for algebra and was doing calculus by the time she was fifteen. She had high grades in class, enough to be ahead and never struggle, but not enough to be a child genius or skip ahead any years. This did not bother her. While trapped in the timesink of modern education, she listened carefully and developed a certain respect for authority that only really came to a halt once she had outgrown their mental and analytical aptitudes. Her intellect led her to anger whenever she received contradictory responses, often sparking interest and studying those contradictions more. If others appeared to get answers, but not her, she would ultimately turn the anger inwards into herself.

Because of this trait, Jeanne also had an interest in religion from an early adolescent age; her parents went with her often to a cathedral in Manhattan, which she appreciated for its beautiful design and acoustics at first, and then for the religious doctrines. She made friends. She mentally swept away any strange contradictions in the Bible which she ascertained to petty human error and focused her attention only on those she could neither prove or disprove: the angels, the devil, the heaven, the holy trinity, the law.

A piece of equipment of the Honor Guard: A gauntlet which fits to her skin like a glove and can be concealed under her sleeves. It functions as a powerful flashlight that can see through alpha-induced Darkness and may temporarily blind enemies.

Jeanne grew up in a small nuclear family in a franco-british household in Queens, New York. She is an only child. After the declaration of war, Jeanne stopped her normal education to join the Honor Guard, citing this as an "obligatory calling in the face of mankind's self-destruction." She did this by falsifying her identity and claiming that she is of the age of majority, leaving New York with a one-way ticket and abandoning her family. Slipping through the cracks of the law, she joined the forces of order and began her training as a member of the Honor Guard, as a scout. A few days into her integration, however, she discovered alpha alleles in her DNA after accidentally testing it through her first Honor Guard gauntlet. Having caught the mutation before it showed itself, but suddenly stricken by fear and an instinct of self-preservation, she fled the facilities and now lives alone, functionally orphaned, under her original name.

Light Matter Manipulation + Photokinesis (12 points merged)
Clairvoyance (3 points)--only works on things bathed in moonlight or fluorescent light + 2 RANK-UPS: clearer sight + extended range

Because of the binary nature of her clairvoyance, and other fears related to her identity, and knowing that other alphas might be able to see her for what she is, Jeanne is incredibly paranoid. She also has sociopathic tendencies, virtue of having a conception of reality that is too black and white.

I'm not one to believe in magic
But I sometimes have a second sight
I'm not one with a sense of proportion
When my heart still changes overnight

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 1:11

Name: Leo Parchem
Alias: Koya Shimosura, Koya
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Looks: Koya is a German pale, scrawny, but tall figure. Think of a snowflake type of white but with just enough dirt and grime to give it some sort of pigment that doesn't make it blend. He weighs around 130 pounds and has a height of 5'9". He isn't the athletic type. He has blue eyes, leaning toward cobalt or azure. Koya hasn't treated himself to a haircut in months, and as a result has a ridiculous volume of blonde hair resting while donning an old, worn-out, paint-peeling red Japanese tengu mask on his face. Other than that, Koya also wears a general suit and tie: black suit, pants and tie with a white collar shirt. It's not as freshly pressed, and there's probably some dirt or ketchup stains present.

Personality: Koya is oblivious to the world around him. He only seeks what’s important to him, whether that be food, money or the finding of his self-identity. A natural-born trickster, Koya is quirky in his humor and may act irrationally to get what he wants. He is a slob, hoarder and naturally adapted to living in metaphorical pig sties. He exceptionally dwells in Japanese culture and isolates himself from his natural German heritage. He likes to read and talk in haiku poems and eats sushi. However, he dislikes when people wonder about his paradigm shifts in culture, and it makes him somewhat self-conscious to the point that he also wonders what he truly identifies as. Koya is friendly to people who are friendly to him, although he is quite shy and soft-spoken beneath his mask to any everyday stranger.

Possessions: Koya doesn’t have anything in his pockets except a few candy wrappers, pennies, and the occasional lottery ticket. He has a small wallet that barely has any money and a few well-maintained childhood photos of himself, his parents and older brother. He has a cellphone decked in Japanese photo stickers which he barely uses other than saying the same messages to his overprotective parents.


Part One/Childhood
Leo Parchem, grew up in the small village of Heimat in Germany along with his twin brother Hund. During his childhood, Leo absolutely hated the German lifestyle while Hund embraced it. As a result, Hund was the receiver of most prized possessions from his parents and the overall Heimat community. Leo’s parents, Gerhardt and Amalia, were strict toward their sons and would discipline them with belts, brooms, and whatever they could find when order needed to be restored. Eventually, Gerhardt and Amalia proposed a final punishment of estrangement when Leo or Hund did something compromising.

The trickster he was, Leo purposely attempted to get himself out of Heimat by getting himself estranged from his family. He would have done the unimaginable: lying, stealing, and killing. So Leo set up his plan until he executed it as a teenager. He simply walked out of his small house at night and went to his neighbor’s house with a kitchen knife. The screams of the neighbors plagued the village of Heimat and Leo stared at the corpses in shock. Gerhardt and Amalia were known to be heavy sleepers, so they never noticed until the day after. The sound of police sirens penetrated through the yells of awoken civilians. There was momentary knocking on the door until a brief kick easily broke open. It wasn’t the police, nor the citizens. It was Hund, Leo’s older brother.

Leo, still in shock, wondered why he came. Hund simply pushed Leo toward the back window to climb out as he grabbed a red tengu mask from the house possessions before giving it to Leo. Leo climbed out of the window and easily snuck his way back into the house. Hund stayed, and ended up in life imprisonment the day after. Gerhardt and Amalia had planned Hund to travel overseas to Japan for education, as they could afford to do so. Instead, they gave Leo the opportunity and Leo had no choice but to accept their offer. He did not think about his primary goal, to leave Heimat, but he only thought of his brother’s sacrifice since it was completely avoidable.

Eventually, Leo had become accustomed to the Japanese lifestyle and could speak Japanese. He ended up losing his German accent and also his identity as a German individual. He wasn’t known as Leo Parchem, but Koya Shimosura through the red tengu mask he still wears. The only reason he kept his German language was because he was forced to speak the language with his parents.

In Japan, Koya felt better than in Heimat. However, he lacked a natural connection in Japanese culture compared to his homegrown German lifestyle. So to this day, Koya wants to figure out if he truly is a unique individual, and what makes him so through his travels. Is he German? Is he Japanese? Or both?

Part Two/The Now
It was only a matter of time that Koya realized he had unique powers of his own. He could shape himself into a man passing by him minutes ago, and he could shape himself into a woman he bumped shoulders with a day or two ago. Although the results were not to his expectations, Koya still had powers that he didn't even imagine.

After playing around with his powers, Koya decided to understand why he had them  in the first place. After surfing through news channels regarding Alphas and the Honour Guard, he pieced the pieces of the puzzle together. Perhaps Koya was one of these Alphas, and as a result, a target for the Honour Guard. Shocked, Koya thought about running away. However, he saw a brief frame in the news with a group of Honour Guard soldiers stationed in America. With close inspection, one of those soldiers looked a lot like his older brother Hund. Why would Hund be in the United States? Why would he become an Honour Guard? And how did he get out of jail?

These questions fueled Koya to wake up every day to the point that he decided to undergo the process of getting a flight to the United States to see his older brother. He made numerous calls to his parents regarding Hund's sudden appearance and occupation, but his parents did not know anything.

Eventually, Koya successfully reached the United States and went on a journey to find Hund. He met his pen pals and stayed in numerous locations across the country with them. He enjoyed American culture and quickly became a part of its lifestyle. The longer he traveled, the more news regarding the Honour Guard appeared. Raids, ambushes, and eventually wars. The Honour Guard was capitalizing on their hunt for Alphas, and Koya was starting to see a bleak future for himself if he continued. Regardless, Koya was not willing to give up his trudge. He would continue traveling until he saw his older brother, or perhaps his killer.

Mimic (Rank One, reduced to eight points due to negatives) [His bread and butter. May or may not cause more harm than good.]

Morph (Rank Three, reduced to three points due to negatives) [His way of attempting to move around enemy lines.]

Absorb Vital Essence (Rank One) [This is how Koya eats without taking off his mask.]

Aesthetic Alteration (Rank One)  [Koya's tengu mask changes color whether he is mimicking an ability or not, and eventually may have specific color choices for specific people he mimics.]


Mimic - There will be a slight drawback recoiled back at Koya depending on the power he copies. Example, if Koya copied pyrokinesis, he would have burns due to his lack of inherent skill, and/or also becoming weaker to cryokinesis for a short amount of time. The powerful the inherent skill he copies, the bigger the drawbacks he will receive. (If Koya copied Edict, there will probably be loopholes in the rules he makes and/or he will temporarily go insane).

Morph - No matter who he attempts to morph, he will end up having the same blue eye color, pale skin pigment, and blonde-colored hair. The mask also stays on his face, so you have a person with a wooden-esque, skin-camouflaged, big-nosed mask for a face.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 1:35

Name: Xain de Revli.
Alias: The Bloodless Council
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Looks:  short spiky black hair and shining amber eyes with very sharp facial features. has a modest build, not athletic but certainly not fat in any way, he stands at a height of 6'3" (190.5 cm) and has a weight of 200 lbs. his complexion is a deep warm brown that changes quite noticeably in the sunlight appearing almost lightly tanned white. But no matter the pigment he always has many faint yet visible veins all over his body, as for clothing he normally wears a faded 'royal purple' cowl over a very decorated silver lined robe concealed beneath a torn black cloak.

Personality: sometimes playful, sometimes serious, xain is as unpredictable as he is cunning, he believes himself to be the guide for those around him as well as the law-bringer, anyone who finds themselves able to oppose his words will find themselves wishing they hadn't. Most who have accomplished him over the years believe his upbringing had more of an effect on him than he likes to admit, he will never yell but when agitated his words cut deep like a dagger in your side. when attacked he will rarely make any attempt to defend himself, on more than one occasion he has hit the floor when it was otherwise avoidable. But the habit most find surprising is that he has never shown any interest in either of the sexes, being completely asexual is one thing however even his mannerisms seem to disregard gender entirely. He doesn't believe women are fragile or weak, he does not believe men are strong or impulsive, he looks at everyone and everything in the same light. While still addressing people as their proper titles after being told to, it's not unusual for him to misgender or avoid gender identity entirely.

History:  born into a lineage of Monks studying at the monastery of Metéora in greece his childhood was filled the the brim with philosophy and discipline, never creating any problems or speaking out against his elders he seemed like an ideal candidate to become a teacher or even a revered elder given the proper time. For this very reason it came as a shock to everyone once he came of age he requested permission to pursue different interests outside of the monastery. The elders pleaded for him to reconsider but after seeing the unwavering determination in his practically shining amber eyes they agreed, but not without a catch. Throughout their history the order has had always had a single stipulation to anyone who desired their own exile, They must go through with the "divine blood sacrifice."  Whether or not this qualifies as a gift or a punishment has been debated for centuries and may never be decided.
Divine blood ritual details:

After completing the ritual the student is still obligated to stay another two full weeks at the monastery in order to observe and record any questionable changes or side effects. however xain comes out of the process virtually unchanged, even after leaving the monastery he doesn't believe he's changed at all. months later Xain finds himself in a mugging at the dead of night, the aggressor causes him several minor injuries but because of xains absolute reluctance to defend himself the attacker becomes curious and he apologizes asking for xains forgiveness.  The two men talk for hours on end about their lives and experiences and they become swift friends venturing around the fertile crescent for a whole year before parting ways.

It has now been a full 17 years since Xain has left the monastery coming to understand who he is as a person as well as the limits we carry as human beings. The world will always work in mysterious ways and while not holding any grievances with the monastery he has opted respect their wishes and never return, if there's even anything to return to at this point. He has had plenty of time to grow from the choices he's made, and his biggest goal is to make sure others like himself have chance to craft their own destiny.

And now in the present day Xain sits meditating within the walls of a relatively low security prison in an undisclosed location which he presumes is somewhere in north America, however he has some doubts.
a florescent light flashes to life inside of his cell as a guard opens the cell door carrying the mans meal as well as food for himself, Xain happily greets the man as they have their daily chat over the exquisite cafeteria slop. However this day is different than others, the guard notices over time xains skin starts fading gradually from its crisp brown to a very sickly white. xains eyes squint from the light emitting out of his own iris, feeling his body changing deep within he arcs over in pain shaking violently and clutching his heart he leans back against the cell wall he tries his hardest to regulate his breathing. Nothing was working, he felt as though he was being ripped apart from the inside out and nothing could calm its frenzy. He only had one option left to regain his composure, urging his dear friend to avert his eyes xain carefully bites down on his arm to draw blood but nothing happens, biting harder and deeper water begins to flow down his arm. 'please make this pain stop' he whispers to himself with tears rolling down his cheeks.

and then, nothing. The pain was gone and his body stopped shaking, he breaths a sigh of relief and looks to his arm in surprise. He had broken the skin, but his blood had lost all color, it was virtually indistinguishable from regular water.
With a sigh of relief he wipes the water from his face and says to his friend 'i imagine that was quite frightening, im deeply sorry...i think it's time i find myself a new home, i feel as thought fate itself is kicking me out."

Aura vision     -
A passive ability allowing him a faint glimpse into a persons being. Marginally useful at collecting information and detecting anomalies.

Edict           -
By ritualistically cutting open the skin of his left arm his aura rapidly taps into the atmospheres subtle energy and he is able to perforate it with his will, those inside of the affected area cannot defy that will without great power or struggle.  

Blood color (Clear like water.) -
An unexpected change that occurred when losing his right arm, it's nature is assumed to be tied to Xain's sacrifice.
Negatives: has next to no combat skills without edict, relies on his associates to take care of most violent tasks.
Missing his right arm at the elbow

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   30.11.15 11:03

Leena Lazarev
AKA: Natsya


Before she gained her new powers, Leena was a rather pretty young woman: 5’7, lightly tanned skin, beautiful red hair, and haunting grey eyes; a trim body, lovely, long legs, and an ample swell to her chest.
     Unfortunately, those days are gone now. Her appearance is now that of a mass of slime, ~50 gallons in volume, and dark, reddish-purple in color. She can take on a roughly humanoid figure, but at the cost of great concentration. If she relaxes and releases hold of her mass, she actually covers more space than usual.

Leena grew up in New York City with her parents. The eldest of three children, she always watched out for her sisters, Daciana and Serafima. While she grew up to be very pretty, and had a number of suitors, Leena knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life.
Leena wanted to become a flight attendant/pilot, and would always regale her two younger sisters with stories of the adventures she was going to have when she traveled around the world
however, when she was finishing her schooling, one of her very competitive classmates gave her a false time for the final exam, so she missed it completely, and failed the course

surprisingly, she did not hold a grudge

still, since her parents died earlier that year in a car crash, she had to take care of her sisters, and didn't want them to face the reality of her lost dream, so she started working a number of jobs at really weird hours. She was a very energetic type, and needed remarkably little sleep to get by.

one of her more successful and steady jobs was being a stripper, which she enjoyed, but it wasn't exactly something she could talk to her sisters about, so she just made up stories about things she was learning around the world on the odd days she would be home. During this time, she also, among other things, worked as a secretary and even did some amateur pornography on the side. Not exactly the most glamorous work, and it was certainly an interesting discussion to have with her priest, but it put money in the bank for her sisters’ futures, so she just smiled sheepishly while she deposited her royalty checks.

She was on her way back from a night stripping when she stumbled across a man who had been mugged and beaten half to death. while she tried to stop the bleeding and keep the man alive, *pop* powers activate

she desperately tried to hold on, thinking that she was fainting, or that she was under attack as well, and tried to hold on for her sisters' sake. that resulted in guy getting absorbed, and her shifting into goo form entirely

she was horrified, and tried to make her way home, but on the threshold she froze, realizing that she didn't want her sisters to see her this way

she tried leaving them a note, but with only slimy appendages she had almost no fine motor control, and could only leave the scrawled words
'Daciana..Sera..fima.., I love you'
before she became too distraught to go on, and left that rather cryptic message as it was

she snuck into church (being the good catholic that she was) and went to the confessional
both she and the priest didn't know what to do, but the priest did end up calling the honor guard, which she predicted would happen, given her condition. she forgave him and even commended him on his actions
finally, she asked the priest to promise her one thing: 'the next time my sisters come her, perhaps it would be best for you to forget I was ever here' she gave a sorrowful goodbye, and slithered out in the pre-dawn darkness. when the honor guard arrived, she was gone

Personality: Given her history, one may expect Leena to be angry, bitter, resentful, or jaded, but she is still very much the girl she has always been. Oh, her parents’ deaths left a mark on her life, but taking care of her sisters had always been her job, since she was seven years old, so it made no difference to her. The things she did to support them may have made her uneasy, but she learned many skills and gained a lot of confidence in her years on-stage.

Leena is, or rather was, fairly happy, benevolent, and caring. She pretty much embodies the trope ‘hooker with a heart of hold’, as despite the events of her life she is still patient and sweet with pretty much all who crossed her path. The sole exceptions were those who hurt her sisters, to whom she could show rare moments of savagery, both physical and not so physical

Leena comes off as care-free and happy-go-lucky, but she is actually rather shrewd in her planning: she has picked up a lot about businesses, banking, and investing over the years, and has sunk a lot of time and effort into setting up plans for her sisters to be economically stable if something should happen to her (like what happened to her parents). Honestly, she has relatively little ‘free time’ as it were, but tends to spend it idly dreaming up stories and people to tell her sisters about, and wandering into strange bouroughs to pick up new skills and knowledge to take home.

Once safely back home, she takes a shower and collapses onto her bed, only to be awakened hours later by Serafima, and proceeds to spend her actual off-days with her and Daciana.

Towards the Honor Guard, she saw them as potentially dangerous, as she did any law enforcement, but also saw them as potential saviors. It depended heavily on the person behind the suit, and not the suit itself. The thing is, she sees Alphas in much the same way, as mostly misidentified, but still acknowledges the threat they pose to regular society.

Leena is currently at a crossroads: on the one hand, she is wondering what she did to deserve this, and it has occurred to her more than once that this might be divine punishment for the life she has lead, though she knows logically that this is not likely to be the case. She does not want to endanger others, and thinks that it might be for the best if the Honor Guard destroy her quickly. Yet, every time the HG have come close, she has kept to the shadows, showing that, on some level, she still has something to live for, something that disallows her from dying just yet.
     But if not her sisters (who should be well-cared for, due to her investments), then what could it possibly be?...

Possessions: Being a creature made of slime, Leena can only carry things inside her, and she has been able to keep very little: her own wallet (couple of credit cards, some loose cash [~100 bucks] and a picture of her sisters), the man’s wallet [hasn’t been able to open yet], a sturdy metal pen [hers], a small handgun [the man’s], and a ring [also hers] (note, that man’s wallet is actually going to melt. Don’t tell her though…)

Liquification [4 ranks] (normally a 6pt power, due to her negatives it is a 3pt power)
Kinetic Absorption [1 rank]
Blood Color [2 ranks]

Negatives: Leena’s new slime form is permanent; she cannot under any circumstances change back to the way she was. Also, since all she has is slimy appendages with no real bone structure, she can only apply the crudest of force to anything. Pushing a single button by itself is easy enough, but typing on a keyboard is beyond her. Pulling a lever would probably be difficult.
Also, due to the nature of her slimy new body, anything below a certain hardness cannot survive inside her

this isn't going to be exact (especially on the colour aspect), but this is what Leena might look like once she actually manages to put some points into control (just imagine that she is pink/red instead of green):


credit goes to Myrmirada

People Leena Knows:

Spoiler- power specifics:

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   01.12.15 17:14

Name: Robbert Fernando Rodriguez. (Rob)
Alias: Rob. Mr. (Black) Diamond -for setting records on most of the black diamond courses where he worked-, (The) Baker -for usually coming by with a sizable helping of baked goods whenever he visits the hunting lodge).
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Looks: 5' 11" with shoulder length black hair worn in a ponytail and green eyes. He isn't unfit but has gained a small gut recently. He mostly dresses in simple clothing with basic flat colors and he has a white suit for special occasions or for when he forgets to do laundry until he's run out of everything else.

Personality: Rob is a generally happy guy, he likes his life and his place in it. He's finally running a business doing what he loves and is looking forward to expanding it. He's familiar with death having personally been involved in every part of meat preparation from hunting it to getting it to an edible state on a plate, but he's never actually considered fighting or killing another person before. He personally doesn't really get what is so bad about Alphas since, they are just people who happen to have gained powers right? He doesn't particularly like the Honor guard especially with how easily they seem to be hunting down and defeating Alphas with almost no losses makes it seem to him that they are probably the bigger threat out there. Really, though, he just wants to improve his craft right now and make a bunch of tasty things that everyone can enjoy.

Possessions: On him Rob normally has; Keys to all of his things, his house, his car, his business, the few lockers he's had at various places and still maintains, a wallet with wallet things, cellphone, and notepad with various recipes an a few new recipe ideas he hasn't gotten around to yet with pen. At home he has various normal home things like bed TV clothes, game consoles, a fridge with food, a mounted deer head, a pet gerbil that he sometimes goes for a walk with and it sits on his shoulder or in a pocket most of the time generally crawling around him, a rifle under his bed, and a single fireworks bomb made from 1,000 sparklers and duct-tape because he thought it might be fun but hasn't had a social event or reason to use it at/for yet and it has just kinda been sitting in his closet for a few months now and he's forgotten about it almost completely.

History: Although Rob has always enjoyed baking it wasn't until 4 years ago that he took out a loan to start up his first bakery (which he fully paid off only 2 years ago), "We Have Cookies". Before that Rob had worked as a Ski instructor for most of the winter months (He still goes skiing every winter and has his own locker with a spare jacket, set of skis, spare snow pants hat gloves ect. and 50 bucks he leaves in the jacket in case he needs something and forgets his wallet or something) and worked for his future business neighbor and butcher, Jerry, the rest of the year. Ever since his father took him hunting at the young age of Twelve Rob has made a point of going hunting at least once a year and keeps his rifle under his bed at home in a locked case (He'll occasionally visit a hunting lodge a short way out of town to practice and keep from getting rusty, he has a locker there with another rifle, several boxes of ammo, a set of camouflage clothes, boots, orange vest and 100$ cash locked up). Rob's bakery is doing well and he plans to expand his business, gaining a new location a few towns over about six months from now. Ever since he opened his business Rob has tried entering a few of the baking contests in the local country fair every year to both improve his craft and gain some more awareness of his business. Although he's had varied success it is the pie baking competition that has been the most competitive, he has consistently come in third behind his rivals Clark and the surprisingly mean old woman Janis. For now Rob is happy working with his 5 employees; Kyle, Christie, Conner, Chad, and Brad making baked goods and sweets.

Powers: Intuitive Aptitude (5) 6 ranks.

Negatives:  tritanopia (form of color blindness, no blue cones, causes greens to look blue an yellows more pinkish to red)

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   04.12.15 1:11

Character Sheet
Name: Agrias Noir

Alias: The Head Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Looks: Tall, Lanky.(Think Spike from Cowboy Bebop) Dark Tan/Light brown skintone. Soft, earthen brown hair cut short personally/unprofessionally with a sharp tool.Cheeks are usually adorned with makeshift white markings (chalk/paint/etc) in various shapes (anything from football lines to war paint) Generally seen in Long black pants, a tank under a light brown vest with sleeves cut off at the shoulders. Fingerless gloves, a watch that counts down to seconds, no other jewelry. Carries a package of toothpicks, usually chewing on one or something similar. Armaments include several razor sharp throwing knives and a heavily modified silenced Mauser c96 pistol, which never leaves his side. Intricate knowledge of both modern and historic weapons means anything can be deadly in his hands, and his accelerated and extremely focused hand eye coordination means he very rarely misfires.

Personality: Agrias is generally quiet and soft spoken, living by the russian phrase "Acta non Verba" (action not words) and often enacts ideas through his own thought processes disregarding any plans his friends or allies may have thought up. Hobbies include practicing his various ablities and skills, fiddling with random junk to determine how it works, and scavenging. His dream is to end the war, and teach humans how to coexist with superhumans by any means necessary, going as far as killing to make an example for either side. He aspires to master his ablities, to perfect the art of killing through silence. His thoughts of his fellow alphas are low at best, viewing them as tools to be used for advancement of his own goals. Having grown up alone but studying the more well known alpha abilities through hunting and torturing his own kind, he can be seen as shady to those he chooses to get close to. His thoughts of the Honour Guard are about the same, viewing them as inefficient and a waste of resources.

History: Growing up a poor trader in the slums of Moscow, Russia, Agrias learned fast how much money made the man. He dealt in all sorts of things from crops and livestock during the day to various drugs and illicit substances at night. After one of his drug contacts turned out to be an Alpha, he offered discounts in return for studying his powers. His own hadn't developed at this point, so he took a keen interest in learning how this super human ticked. At a certain point, his interest got the better of him, and he ended up bedding the Alpha. The two saw each other more and more until (after a long night of debauchery and drugs) the Honour Guard caught wind of the Alpha in the area. Eventually it led them right to Agrias' illegal operations, and Agrias saw the opportunity to sacrifice the Alpha to escape. With his subject's blood still fresh on his face, his powers burst into activity and he resolved to exterminate the Guard to experiment on, outwitting and outmanuvouring the squad until each had been picked off and beheaded for his own sick interest. He was alone for several years after that, turning an old barn into a headquarters. Agrias became known as the Head Hunter, his addictions turning him slightly more feral until he hunted anyone foolish enough to go near his hideout. Heads and Still bloody skulls adorned the seemingly harmless barn, and more were added with each curious thrillseeker crossing the meadow to it.

Powers -
Bullet time: Generally his weakest power, bullet time allows Agrias to perceive events happening around him at a lightning quick speed, which appears to slow down time. In reality, it's a combo of quick thinking and quicker reflexes that allows him to dodge things not normally considered dodgable by regular human standards.

Unnatturally skilled (Lockpicking): Less of an actually 'lockpicking' skill per se, but an extreme aptitude towards quick and nimble fingers. He can manipulate his muscles to work at laser precision without losing any speed in small tasks such as lockpicking and lifting extremely breakable/broken objects like soft ice and shattered glass.

Heightened Hearing: Essentially what it says on the box, heightened hearing allows Agrias to hear something and caluculate it's distance long before it's actually in range. Works like a toggle, as using it for an extended period of time would be his most draining ability and probably cost sanity for hyper sound accuracy.

Endurance: Extremely honed muscles allows Agrias to tank most injuries and give him the reflexes to move quickly and lightly. The main use of his endurance is the ability to stay crouched for extremely long periods of time, and perfect weight distribution to make him very, very nearly silent. If fully focused, Agrias can run for days without stopping or needing to recoup energy.

Corrosion: Perhaps his most unique ability, corrosion is less of an actual 'corroding' element but a small time pocket, generated through clever use of both his Bullet Time reflexes and his unnatural finger skills. By generating and harnessing the energy given off of his Alpha-tier muscles, he can create small areas of hyper increased aging. However, this requires his entire physical and mental focus and must be sustained for a few minutes or risk losing the effect and make him signifigantly weaker for a period of time. Potentially a serious drain on him, he has tested it with most types of physical material to much success. Unknown effects may occur if used on organic matter or material that is magical in origin.

Negatives: His powers often make him break a sweat if used for prolonged periods of time, Chewing habit (Fingernails, mostly, uses toothpicks to allieveate it), Rarely gets a good night's rest due to relentless superhuman study, which adversely affects his abilities. Untrustworthy and extremely introverted.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   06.12.15 23:59

Name: Malachi (The dog)

Alias: The dog.

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Looks:Malachi is his name, adorable and short is his game. With long luscious orange, black, and white hair, bitches fall at his feet. His luminescent hazel orbs are bright and full of nothing but the need for a good meal and a nice nap. Malachi has a wondrous smile full of love and temptation, and glorious alabaster teeth. He has a flouncing pep in his step, and powerful legs.  When Malachi walks into the room everyone has to stop and stare at his magnificent form. Well fit and ready to rumble, Malachi has looks that squirrels would die for.


Personality: This alpha stuff hit Malachi like a freight train. He was a pretty normal guy before the war. He was naturally athletic, and has tried many sports and activity. He ended up liking Tennis the most, but he wasn't very good at it. Regardless of his proficiency at Tennis, he's very passionate about it. He went to college to try to get straight A's, but ended up with straight D's. Malachi was nice when he was happy, and mean when he was angry. All in all extremely average. To the point of boredom.

Now however? Things have changed. Extremely. Now he's a dog and is completely done with the world. He has always had a curb on his temper, but now he doesn't care much about that. He's done with everyone's bullshit, and is in a content state of confusion.  Well being in a new body will do that to you.

Possessions: He's a dog. He has fur on him. That's about it.

History:  When Malachi was born, he was born in a happy family. His mom was bright and always smelt like butterscotch and cranberries. His father...Well he's a coward who ran away. Malachi didn't know him, and didn't want too. It was him and his mom for a while until she got pregnant with his sister. She didn't know the father (Or if she did, she never said.) but regardless they were a family.

He got into fight a lot when he was younger because he had a short fuse. It was practically nonexistent. One time he got so upset he hit a classmate. Naturally he got suspended and his mom had to give him the look. This was also the only time his mom ever talked about his dad to him. She stopped the car outside of there crappy apartment, and she stared for a long time at him. She was disappointed that was for damn sure. She sigh and said "I didn't want this for you. I didn't want you to take after him. Malachi, don't end up like your dad." And she got out.

It was a pretty shitty thing to say to a child, but it curbed Malachi's aggression dramatically. It was still there but he tried to not get so angry like that ever again. Just like his mom didn't want that life for him, He didn't want that life for her either.
So since then he went to school, got detention for his cell phone. Got mediocre grades, but was still happy. He got accepted into a good college and god damn wasn't his mom shocked. She got him a cake and everything. It wasn't as if Malachi was dumb, it was just that...No he was dumb as a sack of bricks. But he tried hard to get as far as he could go. He liked his life. He wanted to live it.

Yeah, all that bright, nice, happy future that he wanted went right up his ass didn't it? Bombs going off, all over panic. Now he's bitter, an alpha, and a fucking dog. He can never go back. He didn't want this for himself.

Animal Morph (Permanent)-1
Super Strength-2
Super Speed-2

Can never revert back into a Human.
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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   12.12.15 13:26

Name: Aaron Blackwood
Alias: Shadow Master
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Looks: Aaron was once a fine young man. Average height and build, but a charming boy with nice looks, never had acne, and never really had much of a problem finding a date. Smooth body with decent amount of muscle. He had pure light blue eyes and medium length black hair. Rather large mouth but a perfect nose and eyes. So in a way his big smile made people happy just from the sheer joy he had shown.

However, after his powers manifested, his body had become completely invisible. No more good looks, no more blue eyes and black hair, no, now he was just a clumsy disoriented Alpha who was living on the streets trying his best to hide and survive. After he became invisible, Aaron started wearing a black cloak which he usually kept closed around his entire body and a Keaton mask. Under the cloak he wore no clothing so that way when someone was getting close to capturing him he'd just take off the cloak ad run away naked and finding a new place. Other then the mask and cloak he wore bandages on and around his legs something he could take off easily to run. and finally some boots to help him out maneuver people.

Personality: Aaron was once a nice kid, always looking out for other people. However being hunted had changed him. He was terrified of being hunted and cut off all connections to go into hiding on the streets going by a new nickname: The Unseen. Turns out if you're missing a wallet or you hear something going through your stuff but see no one, it's Aaron trying to survive through stealing. He thought about joining a gang hoping they'd take him in and protect him. He hadn't of lasted a week when they saw what he really was and tried to kill him. Thus he can no longer trust anyone else but himself.

Possessions: Money he stole as well as a few teenage ID cards. The clothes on his back and his favorite mask.

History: Aaron grew up in a loving family. He had a mother, a father, and a sister who both fawned over him since he was a kid. He kinda grew up spoiled but didn't turn into a brat, due solely to his sister's charitable heart. He learned many nice things from his sister like to be nice to people and help out the less fortunate.

He grew up in Japan for awhile until he was ten years old, then he moved to New York City in the United States for awhile while his father worked at a bank bringing in plenty of money. It had been a week when his parents were killed in an accident. His sister took care of him through that awkward teenage phase.

Then one night when he turned 16 he was sleeping when someone broke in and with a scream, tried to protect Aaron but died for it. In the shock something... Happened... He couldn't really remember what had happened but the two men who killed his sister lay on the ground, their heads sliced off. Protruding from his arm was a large thin blade. He started freaking out when  he saw the blade and the blood. He grabbed some clothes and ran away as the cops pulled up. Ever since he's been sleeping on the streets coping with his powers, its only been a week but he's become completely invisible, his shadow became his sister, and he could produce blades from his arms.

He spent two weeks understanding who he was, coping with his abilities. Hiding from the Honor Guard. Rumors began to spread about some strange force that would steal things from other people. A tug on their purse but nothing was there, sometimes people will see a strange kid walking around wearing a yellow Keaton mask and a black cloak. It wasn't until he watched the video with the Angel before he realized who he really was... And what little he knew about the fate that he held...

Invisibility 3
-Cannot affect anything other then his own skin.
-Permanently invisible

Umbrakinesis + Familiar 8
-Has the appearance of this dead sister
-Has a mind of its own
-Only attempts to protect him (For now)
-Is formed from his own shadow
-When the Shadow takes too much damage, returns to Aaron as his shadow until it's regenerated and then returns

Changing Weapon 5
-Can only use his arms to create weapons
-Can only shift into simple weapons

Negatives: Aaron is permanently Invisible, how clothes however and anything he interacts with, is not.
Aaron also contains NO shadow, his shadow has become his familiar.
Aaron's familiar is that of his dead sister.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   14.12.15 0:27

Name: Hana Komori
Alias: "Batto"
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Looks: Hana is a paltry excuse for a woman of age, rising to a mere 4'9". Her stygian locks are tousled feverishly around wan cheeks. Her chopped bangs are pulled back and clipped with a silver barrette. Awkward ears are nestled atop her crown, their bases flared and the tips rounded. They slope forward and flick at every perceived sound. Her countenance is constantly afflicted with fear that molds her mousy visage. Milky oculars are tightly slanted towards her diminutive nose; puffy periorbital crescents slope from the nook of her epicanthic fold. Wire thin lips open to reveal two stiletto fangs that are formed from her canines. Her frame is gawky and weak. The nails on her hands are viciously filed into fine points.


Outfits: She exclusively wears an academy uniform that is one size too large for her sylphlike body. She hides her mouth by a cotton scarf patterned with plaid stripes. The edges are fringed and hang against a stark undercoat. A navy blue frock is worn above the gray sweater. Shiny buttons are placed under the large lapels. Her short skirt is fashioned with the same pattern as her scarf, present with ruffles. Black knee high socks snake up her wiry legs and crest above her scuffed knees. Her Mary Jane shoes are polished and reflect her surroundings.


Personality: Hana is an evasive girl and refuses to open up to someone until she deems them not threatening. She hides an ebullient nature behind her wall of fear for what others will think of her. She has a knack for aggravating those in her vicinity with her constant clicks or touchy-feely nature. She will cling to those who have sworn loyalty and protect them until the end. She struggles with the English language and detests having to explain herself with a limited vocabulary, perpetually disgruntling her. She considers herself a burden and strives to make a name for herself other than being a waste of space.


‣ A sentimental baseball bat inscribed with some illegible Kanji
‣ A rusty locket with pictures of her cats
‣ A knapsack filled with dehydrated fruit and berries

History: Hana was born in Osaka, Japan, to a loving couple comprised of a white collar office worker father and a veterinarian mother. The Komori family lived in a modest estate in the suburbs with a quiet life until Hana began to experience rapidly deteriorating eyesight. They constantly shoved her into the optometrist who, after two agonizing years, determined the girl had retinitis pigmentosa. She wore glasses until the last of her deteriorating eyesight vanished at age eight. The doctors were powerless to assist the independent girl who insisted on living life as if she wasn't blind. Her mother taught the young girl about echolocation and coached Hana on how to see using soundwaves. She rejected the notion at first though grew to use it as commonplace.

Shortly after Hana went blind, the family received heartwrenching news that her father had collapsed at work. They subsequently spent the latter parts of their days in the hospital where they monitored his recovery progress. Her older brother, Aito, broke the news to his mother and sister over the passing of Shinji Komori. Hana was scared into a hypochondriac lifestyle and strictly satiated herself by eating a vegetarian diet in fear of ending up like her father. Hana's mother, Saya, spiraled into chronic depression and reclused herself inside the house. She was prone to violent bouts that left Aito in a tough position. He was forced to move the small family into Tokyo to live with one of their uncles until she was able to get back on her feet. Unable to afford luxuries, Hana was swapped from her small private school to a seedy public school with a bad image. Her middle school years were deemed an adolescent hell as other children ruthlessly picked on her for her blindness and her ghostly appearance. She often purposefully missed school until her brother caught on and forced her into classes again.

High school continued her trend of an outcasted lifestyle. She received great marks in all her classes, though was rejected by her mother after she expressed her desire to enter the journalistic field. In her tenth year of classes, Hana discovered a love for a foreigner named Leonardo Parchem, after she literally slammed into him one day. The German boy who was just as gawky as she was refused to treat her different and gained her undying affection and attachment. His oblivious nature, however, made every interaction with him painful.

Hana frequently watched the news and followed the stories of nuclear fallout and the effects of radiation across the globe. Every night at dinner, when the smoke alarm sounded off at the stench of burnt air, Hana dropped to the ground shrieking and clawing at her ears. Her hearing became ultra sensitive until the day she woke up without any. Replaced atop her head, a pair of bat ears akin to those of the vesperugo platyrhinus resided. She panicked and scoured the web for anything related to the Alphas and their symptoms. She slammed her laptop closed, cleared her history, and placed a floppy hat atop her head to hide the shame of what she was to deal with in the coming days.


‣ Sonic Scream
‣ Enhanced Hearing
‣ Echolocation
‣ Audiokinesis


‣ Blind
‣ Sensitive hearing
‣ Easily discombobulated
‣ Disoriented when assaulted by various sound waves in a confined area via echolocation

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   14.12.15 10:48

Character Sheet
Name: Mallorie Tybelt

Alias: Mal

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Looks: Mal is pretty short for her age, about 4’4” without her shoes. She’s delicately limbed, almost like she was modeled after a fae of some sort. Her skin is pretty pale under the ruddy complexion of her face, and her eyes are pools of murky green water. Her hair is pretty dark, but insanely curly. The curls sit in a cute bob, and if they were straightened, they’d probably fall to her shoulders.
Typically, Mal dons a darkly colored hoodie, odd patches and stitches holding the worn piece of clothing together. Her dark pants always seem to look like they’ve seen the same bit of wear, tears ripped in the jeans and patches covering holes. On her feet she wears a pair of shiny combat boots, adding a couple of inches to her height. Her shirts vary, but are the one source of bright color about her. She tends to favor reds and blues over other colors, maybe an occasional green.
If it is bright enough outside, you might see her in a pair of sun glasses, the athletic kind that fit snugly to her face. Since she’s been on the run, she usually keeps a knife strapped to her outer thigh, and handgun holstered on her belt. She rarely pulls the gun, favoring the knife more.

Personality: Not much has changed for Mal. She had always been quiet, preferring to keep to herself than those around her. There were only ever a few people that she grew close to, but now… Mal has taken to secluding herself, in an effort to protect both herself and her loved ones. With the Honor Guard out for blood, she found no problem making herself disappear.  She struggles to trust others, even other Alphas. In some cases, she’s even become a little bit more paranoid, always fearing what would happen if she were to become caught.

Possessions: She has a small bag she carries with her, that holds a journal with her thoughts, a change of clothes, and a few extra clips for her hand gun. Anything else she needs or requires she takes. It’s food usually, the occasional bit of cash for a trip.

History: Mal grew up in a pretty standard home, in a pretty standard family. In fact, her family could have easily been used for the poster-child American Dream house. Her father worked 9-5 with a fairly lucrative business, her mother took care of the house and financial standing. Her older brother was well on his way to becoming a top notch surgeon, and her younger sister was all set to play as prima donna in her Academy's next ballet. By comparison, Mal hardly fit in. When put next to the rest of her family, she was average at best. Average looks, average grades, average talents.

It was glaringly obvious that she didn't fit in. When she turned 16, she filed the paper work for emancipation herself and went out on her own. She moved herself into the city, worked two jobs while getting her GED. It was there, that she made her own family. Her two roommates, a tall lanky girl named Cerise and a grungy looking boy band singer named Taz, became her family, the closest people to her.

Maybe that's why all of this happened? The moment her powers first manifested, she fled, running from the only people who had known her for the past two years. Mal would not risk them, no matter what. Her first few days, she spent arming herself, stealing what she needed and paying where she could. Now, she roams the streets of New York. Staying quiet. Staying hidden.

Unnatural Skills [Stealth]- 5 ranks, costs 2
Time Start [Passive]- 1 rank, costs 8
Biokinesis- 2 ranks, costs 6

Negatives: Biokinesis - Standard health care is ineffective as the skin toughens against intrusion or manipulation. (-2 per Rank)

Unnatural Skill - In situations where she wants to be noticed where it would be beneficial she finds it far more difficult given her natural urge to stay reclused / hidden. (-1 per Rank)
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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   22.12.15 22:12

Name: Derrick Dwayne Davidson

Alias: Slots, DDD

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Looks: Derrick is a Somewhat lean and muscular white caucasian male standing about 6'3"
with scraggly and dirty looks. unkept shoulder length hair and a medium length beard
of black with patches of gray. He is clothed with a dirty and worn military jacket with
a white undershirt and ripped jeans with old pair of boots with a pair of cloth fingerless
(picture to come soon)
Personality: Derrick isnt the nicest guy but he aint a total dick about things his outlook
is very neutral "If it dont fuck with me, I won't fuck with it" to the point where he
doesnt give much imput on things when others ask him to as it usually boils down to
him sitting on the fence between to opinions as he doesnt care one way or the other.
He is also addicted to gambling(mainly slot machines) usually it doesnt go well be he
keeps going back. As his position on alphas and honour guard he aint got no beef with them
unless they start something with him personally otherwise fuck em.

:Not much of anything other then the clothes on his back and some loose change
in his pocket (essentially homeless)

History: Derrick was brought up normally as a kid though often neglected by his parents
he always found something to keep him busy usually dice games or playing with cards. Hes got
a Highschool degree and at one point held a decent paying job renting out an apartment when
he was 20. After relizing he was slowly going mad due to the monotenous task of he decided
go unwind at a casino were he quickly became addicted to the slots remembering that he
once did this as a kid not so much the gampling part but the games he played and he really
enjoyed the games after a month he quickly ran out of funds to keep playing these type of
games he so eagarly enjoyed. Soon after that he found himself without a place to stay and
ended up on the streets at the age of 23. With his addiction ruining his life he couldnt
shake it. Every bit of money he found or was given to him out of pity he quickly raced to
any nearby slot to play it one more time. His reputation for this around fellow homeless
gave him the nickname Slots and how he has lived for 5 years with this problem is beyond
him Maybe its because he hangs out near the gambling establishments and eats off thier
scraps or if its because he goes to a homeless center hes always made it through the
tough weather or the bombs hes has survived. He now currently resides New york still living
on the streets somehow getting by.

: Power Matrix

: On use of Power Matrix it grants Negatives as well as powers
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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   28.12.15 20:16

Name: Valentine Augustine
Alias: Val
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Looks: Pic reference, additional text to follow later.

Possessions: She tends to carry around a relatively high quality assisted-open knife, but aside from that, nothing of note.

Personality: Val considers herself to rest firmly on the most "middle" point a human can exist on in her natural state. She isn't happy or unhappy, introverted or extroverted, one way or the other as a whole. Though she does still experience emotions, they're severely dulled, and she doesn't understand most peoples' inherent need to express them. She just sort of ... exists, floating along and adjusting herself to meet others' expectations or to prevent discomfort. She's somewhat chameleon-like in that respect, adjusting herself to the situation at hand to seem more like a "normal" person, but never too much; almost always she will appear as generally quiet, well-spoken, and distanced.

It's worth noting that by no means is she a malicious person -- she goes against that stereotype of people with limited empathy. She *is* able to form connections and care for people, and is often concerned about their wellbeing or their perception of her and her "condition". The way she expresses these things may not be the most functional or normal, but the intent is there.

History: Val was raised in an average family in Salem, Massachusetts as an only child. Her parents were neither overbearing nor neglectful, and for all intents and purposes, her early years of life were normative. Money was adequate, though not overly abundant; she never had to worry about not having a place to stay, or food to eat. In fact, as a child, she didn't have much to worry about at all.

The primary upset in her life came as she grew older and closer to puberty. Val didn't appear to have typical emotional responses. When she was younger, it was easy to brush off as a childhood oddity -- sure, she didn't seem to get as excited as other kids at typical fare, but maybe her interests were just -- different? With age, it became clear that this was not the case. Not much seemed to effect Val, positively or negatively. While she didn't care too much herself either way, it caused a rift between her parents. Which of them did this? Was mother or father to blame for the fault in their spawn? (The answer is no, neither of them did anything at all, but you don't expect anyone to listen to reason in these sorts of situations).

Her parents' concern erupted into a breaking point when they found out that Val had been harming herself. She tried to explain that she wasn't in any danger and it was just one of the few pleasurable activities she could find in life, but again -- who listens to their kid on matters like these? She spent a good portion of her medical school years in and out of inpatient treatment as her parents tried to "fix" her. In the process, they seperated, making the situation even more convoluted as she bounced between the two of of them.

Throughout high school, she dedicated herself to athletic pursuits, primarily marathon running. It was intensive and served as a replacement for her other frowned-upon habits, gave her the chance to forge social connections (albeit having the majority of them be superficial), and overall pleased her parents. Her life had become a balancing act of trying to seek meaning and pleasure in an otherwise bleak existence and also trying to cater her entire image to something that wouldn't alarm or displease her parents. Dulled emotions or not, she did care for her family and felt some sense of guilt for the distress she'd caused them over the years.

When she reached college, she decided to pursue studying to become a physical therapist. Though she didn't hold a strong interest in most of her academic options, that made the most sense to her. She had an objective interest in the operations of the human body, and having done a fair deal of pushing it to its limits herself, felt it might be considered productive and kind to help others in the same pursuit.

As of the beginning of the roleplay, she's still in college. As a job on the side she waitresses for the same bar that Vick works at. Now that she's away from her parents, she's returned to some of her more "bad" habits, but still tries to balance them with running and other exercise.


Blood Manipulation (4)
Rank 5

- Blood “strength”. Blood operates with the consistency of wood. Flesh can be pierced but will stop at blood if the force is not able to pass through thick wood. Also applies to the strength of blood outside the body.
- Blood “strength”. Blood operates with the consistency of stone. Flesh can be pierced but will stop at blood if the force is not able to pass through stone. Also applies to the strength of blood outside the body.
- Blood “strength”. Blood operates with the consistency of steel. Flesh can be pierced but will stop at blood if the force is not able to pass through steel. Also applies to the strength of blood outside the body.
- The ability to construct complex objects with moving parts using blood (i.e. gun, chain-whip, etc.).
- Acidity of blood. Slow-working at one rank, but similar in function to hydrochloric acid. Much more effective against organic matter than metal, etc.

Regeneration (4)
Rank 2

- “Radar”. Expend additional energy to detect internal and external wounds in need of attention.
- Currently undecided.

- Blood manipulation: can only manipulate her own blood. (-2 per rank)
- Regeneration: must actively think of specific locations to regenerate. (-2 per rank)
- CEPA: can no longer feel physical sensation, positive or negative. (+8 points)

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   03.01.16 16:15

Character Sheet

Name: Alexandre Chevalier

Alias: Alex, Ox-Man

Gender: Male

Age: 57

Appearance: Alexandre is a tall, burly Frenchman, standing at an impressive 6’6”. He’s built like an ox, with broad shoulders, a thick neck, and well-developed and powerful muscles. He has bright hazel eyes, a crooked nose caused a by a few breaks, and chestnut-coloured hair streaked with grey, with a matching moustache and goatee that he keeps trimmed and neat.

Alexandre is not the most fashion-conscious person, thought he does try to dress nicely. He typically wears dress shirts in a variety of colours, mostly blues and reds. He wears linen pants that are comfortable and offer plenty of room for movement. He wears black loafers that he keeps well-shined, and a black leather belt. While not one for excessive jewelry, Alexandre does have a golden Rolex that he wears at all times, golden cufflinks, and a 4-carat diamond stud in his right ear.

Picture courtesy of my sister:

Personality: Alexandre is a serious and disciplined individual. Being ex-military, he understands the importance of maintaining composure and keeping a cool head in tough situations. He can make difficult decisions, and can emotionally detach himself enough to not allow them to interfere with the process. However, no one is perfect, and he certainly isn’t a robot, and everyone has their triggers.

This doesn’t mean that Alexandre is cool and aloof. In fact, he enjoys socializing, and will always laugh at a good joke. He loves children, and his one regret in life was never raising one himself. He has a healthy appetite and loves food, and he refuses to drink anything but French wine, but even then it’s rare.

Alexandre has had a few rough years, and despite the few things that still haunt him, he isn’t a defeatist and he refuses to give in to self-pity. Alexandre believes the experiences he’s had, good and bad, have helped to shape who he is.

When it comes to the Alphas and Honour Guard situation, Alexandre has some mixed feelings. On the one hand, he does believe it is dangerous to allow people with extraordinary powers to walk around untrained with the potential to hurt civilians, accidental or not. He has seen some terrible things in life, and knows of the evil that people are capable of, so it does in fact worry him a little that it’s possible for anything to happen.

On the other hand, Alexandre joined the military all those years ago because he wanted to protect people from any kind of threat. However, he also recognizes that nobody asked to have powers that could endanger the lives of themselves or others. That is also why he doesn’t believe in this genocide of Alphas, simply because they’re different. Of course any Alpha who tries to use their powers for nefarious purposes should be put down, but everyone deserves a chance to be helped, and Alexandre whole-heartedly believes that this isn’t the way to do it.


  • Wallet with cash and ID
  • Pictures of his old squad
  • Glock 17 and S&W Model 29
  • Gold Rolex
  • A letter
  • Two pairs of dog tags

History: Alexandre spent most of his life enrolled in the military. He joined the service when he was 25 years old, believing that the best way he could contribute to society was to serve and protect those most vulnerable from people that only wanted to harm, kill, and terrorize. It gave him a sense of purpose that he felt was previously lacking, and it filled him with pride to know that he was doing something positive for the world.

It was during his time in the military that Alexandre met his best friend, Beau. The two men quickly developed a deep friendship, and became a real powerhouse duo. They were well-known in their squad, and well-respected at that. Alexandre would have done close to anything for his best friend, and Beau felt the same. However, tragedy was bound to strike at some point.

Alexander and Beau were on a recon mission. It was supposed to be a quick and clean job. Then again, it always is. They were to simply gather intel and report their findings; no violence, no mess. Instead, it was purely bad luck; Alexandre went left and Beau went right. What awaited Beau around the corner was the barrel of a gun.

Alexandre never forgave himself after that. He was a mess afterwards, feeling completely responsible for Beau’s death. He often wished for a do-over, a way to somehow go back in time and prevent Beau from rounding that corner. Some days Alexandre wished that he could have taken his place. It was only from the support of his squad that Alexandre was able to pull himself together and end his service on a good note. He was honourably discharged at the age of 50 and decided to get a job as a bodyguard. He was good at his job, and it paid very well.

These days, Alexandre doesn’t do too much. He stopped working and retired at 55; having only to provide for himself his whole life made living relatively cheap. Now he keeps a strict workout regiment, and enjoys the occasional meet-up with his old squad. One day, he was cleaning out some of his old things from his military days and found a letter addressed to him; it was from Beau.

It was quite brief, but the letter said that, in the event that anything should happen, that Alexandre should find Beau’s wife Vivienne and see that she is alright. It also listed some unfinished business that Beau hoped his old friend would take care of for him. Scrunching up the later in a fit of anger at himself for missing something so important, Alexandre immediately dropped everything and planned to find Vivienne.


Damage Absorption -6-

-Rank 1
-Damage output through guns only
-Cannot be activated in conjunction with diurnal
-Cost reduced to 3 points

Diurnal -5-
-Rank 2
-Toggle ability
-Grants increased agility and mild regeneration on damaged areas (when exposed)
-Sluggish and increased damage in moonlight
-Develops painful sunburns on exposed skin (cannot be healed by power)

Super Strength -5-
-Rank 2
-Constant pain in limbs
-Cost reduced to 4 points

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   15.01.16 19:17

Character Sheet

Name: Lady Vivienne de Trôm

Alias: The Countess

Gender: Female

Age: 54

Looks: Being of Parisian bourgeois descent, Vivienne carries an air of refinement and sophistication, indicative through her stately posture and graceful movements. She has a delicate, pale frame that weighs about 125 lbs and stands at 5'2.

Vivienne appears to be in a constant state of brooding as the lines and wrinkles etched on her face tell the tale of a once jaded life. Her raven coloured hair is often tied up in an ornate bun, intricately decorated with jewel studded hairpins. She has prominently high cheekbones, a modestly upturned nose, and full, ruby lips that could be mistaken of being that of a twenty-something year old's. The most alluring feature of her face, however, are her sunken chocolate brown eyes that have weathered several storms of tears but have still managed to maintain a spark of boldness and determination, even ferocity.

Personality: Contrary to her intimidating and stern outward appearance, Vivienne is quite personable and is able to fluidly maneuver and articulate herself through many social interactions, even unintentionally charming and garnering favour. She speaks with a soft Parisian accent. Although she comes from a background of a higher class in society, she strongly dislikes pompous and pretentious individuals who only speak to hear themselves talk. Particularly, she has low tolerance for know-it-alls or self-proclaimed accomplished fountains of knowledge who, in truth, have no real conception on how to use that knowledge.

She is grounded, compassionate, kind, and mild mannered. She cares deeply for those who are close to her and often acts as a motherly figure whether the situation calls for coddling or scolding, no matter how much younger (or how much older) they are compared to her. To the very few who are subjected to Vivienne's hatred, they are susceptible to the wrath of her inner familiar who she has no qualms with unleashing, manifesting in a physical form of its own and allowing it to take care of business however it sees fit. Death is a natural occurrence and happens all the time; in fact, it has decided to take residence within her.

That said, Vivienne suffers from personality dissociative disorder due to the fact that the familiar being inhibited in her body is sentient and has a mindset of its own. Often times, her and her familiar partake in an internal struggle on where they lie on the moral compass, but they share a symbiotic relation in which both instinctively agree on a decision when it concerns self-preservation. The dilemma arises when Vivienne doubts if her decisions are actually hers or that of her familiar's.


Inside her black Louis Vuitton handbag is:
- a rosary
- a letter opener
- a fountain pen
- a leather bound journal
- a revolver
- extra bullets
- an extra pair of black evening gloves
- an extendable black lace umbrella

History: Vivienne was born in Châlons, the capital city of the Champagne region in France. Her father, Etienne Beaumont, owned the largest champagne factory in all of Europe and had very little time to raise his daughter. Nevertheless, he adored his little girl very much. Similar was the case for Vivienne's mother. While she had ample time to raise her, Elizabethe Beaumont, could never whole-heartedly accept Vivienne as a daughter, only a nuance that would drain her husband's income. Elizabethe lived a short but lavish life that came to an end when she died in a car accident when Vivienne was 7. Despite the lack of her mother's presence, she turned to her maids, Katarine and Dana, for solace before going off to boarding school.

Three years later, Etienne remarried a woman named Annabelle Blanche who gave birth to their son, Tristan. Annabelle adored Vivienne and Tristan justly and raised Vivienne to the best of her ability whenever she returned for the holidays. Growing up, Vivienne and Tristan became closer despite the age gap which resulted in teary departures and equally teary reunions. While Vivienne was away, Tristan at 10, slowly became groomed to inherit his father's company. At age 25, Vivienne returned home as a business graduate only to find that her father had already given most of the responsibilities to Tristan, age 15. Part of her felt betrayed that her father had not taken it upon himself to groom her the way he groomed Tristan, but part of her felt relieved, as that colossal responsibility had been lifted from her shoulders. Although the family, as a whole, remained in relatively good terms, Vivienne felt that she had nothing to return to, and decided to travel abroad to see the world before returning home for a final time to whatever responsibilities was left for her.

She attended galas, balls, other formal socialite gatherings, and even the occasional conference to represent her father's company. Three years into her travels, she returned close to home and attended a military award ceremony. There she met a man named Beau de Trôm, one of the recipients. That night, they immediately connected and within the year they fell in love. When she returned home to introduced Beau to her parents, Katarine and Dana informed her of Etienne's and Annabelle's untimely death earlier that morning; they were shot in an alleyway after attending a matinée. Tristan, grief-stricken, briefly became elated upon seeing Vivienne once again, but immediately sunk back at the sight of her partner.

After the funeral, Tristan pulled Vivienne aside saying that their father's last will imparted a male heir, which meant either him or Beau through association. Vivienne was confronted with an ultimatum: to choose her baby half brother or her beloved husband. She chose the latter. Vivienne and Beau left in the middle of the night, informally abandoning any legitimacy to inheriting the Beaumont fortune to travel back to Beau's hometown, Paris, where they got married in secret and lived happily for the next little while until he returned back to the front. Given the circumstance, Vivienne and Beau made a promise to keep their marriage a secret. During this time and unknown to Vivienne's knowledge, Tristan always made opportunities available such that she was, at the very least, financially stable, even occasionally making money appear without explanation in her bank account (not that she needed it).

Vivienne found a day job as a business analyst but shortly grew tired of it and promptly joined the military by becoming the on-site resource manager at the home front, hoping to be somewhat closer to Beau. Seventeen years in, she was informed in the middle of the night that her husband died during a covert mission to which she responded by withdrawing from the efforts. Unable to attend her own husband's funeral because of the secrecy of their marriage, for the first three years after Beau's death, she found temporary peace by traveling near and far, moving from hotel suite to hotel suite and drinking herself to sleep. She eventually concluded that this endless amount of money turned out to have originated from Tristan and spent it at every turn, blaming him for forcing her to make that impossible decision all those years ago.

Soon enough at age 50, she traveled back to her and Beau's home in Paris. On their front porch, she found a small weathered parcel containing a rosary they salvaged from Beau's body. Later that night, she heard a voice and it followed her throughout her day to day activities. The voice reminded her of Beau which resulted in her slipping in and out of depressive episodes from the thoughts of a love she once lost.

After three years of this torment, she decided to try and make peace with this and visited his grave. With the rosary in hand, she knelt down, pleading for him to come back to her, begging that this was all an awful nightmare. She heard heavy footsteps behind her, feeling both bewildered and aghast. Part of her hoped it was Beau. Part of her feared it was Beau.

She turned around and her eyes widened.


- Summoning -10- (free)
- Unnatural skill (utilizing handguns) -3-


- Summoning – can only be done at night (+5) as that's when Beau passed on, intricate minor blood sacrifice (+5)
- Super Strength & Speed - results to varying degrees of karma damage (+8 )

+5 unspent

There's a sudden chill in the air. The Countess has arrived.

Character Sheet pt 2

Name: Beau de Trôm

Alias: Le Roi

Gender: Male

Age: 57

Looks: True to his name while in life, describing Beau as "attractive" didn't quite make the cut. He was a strapping, well-muscled man whose poise and movements would have been mistaken for that of royalty. He weighed 190 lbs and stood at 6'2.

At a time, Beau had a pale complexion and an effortless, yet alluring face. He had chiseled cheekbones, a moderately prominent chin, an artist's nose, and a jawline for days. Without fail, his pearly white smiles would reach his stormy gray eyes that refracted light, even in the darkest surroundings, attracting the attention of women (and men) wherever he was. He had medium length charcoal hair that was lazily sweeped back passed his ears. On occasion, one would see a tattoo of a cross on the back of his left ear.

Now, Beau has become a creature of myth. He has still maintained his stature but has developed animalistic qualities. Being a silhouette of a man he used to be, his facial features can still be recognized in moderation, save for his eyes. To everyone but Vivienne and Alexandre, they are milky white and hollow, emotionless. His once pearly smile now harbours straight edged teeth, and when angered, his visage melts into a more demonic appearance. His jaw unhinges to showcase his extended canines, his features become more pronounced, and his eyes begin to glow a harsh white.

Beau also kept his body structure for the most part in the after life. In undeath, however, he relies on his 6 foot long raven-like wings to keep him afloat because instead of legs, from the waist below is an inky smoke trail than originates from wherever part of the body that Vivienne shed blood.

Despite his outwardly appearance, demonic or not, he still emits an air of command and control. Instilling fear or caution, one thing is certain that his presence demands: respect.

Resembling an angel of the night and still true to his name, Beau is the epitome of beauty in undeath.

Personality: Contrary to keeping more or less of his appearance, Beau did not maintain his personable demeanor in undeath. Unless he is under Vivienne's influence (and even then his temperament is tentative to change), he is a storm that destroys everything in his wake. His personality mirrors that of his emotions, fittingly, before he was shot in cold blood; he was on alert, determined, and had the mindset of shooting to kill when necessary. Now, these emotions and mindset are heightened to the point where he is constantly homicidal, a trait that even Vivienne struggles to keep in check.

His love for Vivienne and his friendship with Alexandre remain in tact and is still held above anything of importance. Thus, Beau is extremely protective, and even territorial. He is capable of demonstrating restraint with their friends but this is only temporary. During the time he isn't manifested in a physical form, he can speak to Vivienne telepathically, occasionally trying to coerce her into doing things that are of his interest, but is often denied. This usually leads to a brain splitting internal struggle.




- Super Strength (Rank 2) -5-
- Super Speed (Rank 2) -5-
- Flight -5-
- Phasing -5-


- Summoning - Beau can only be summoned at night.
- Super Strength and Speed - Beau has to be mindful of how he uses his power because Vivienne receives karmic damage if he isn't careful.

And everywhere the Countess went, her shadow was sure to follow.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   26.01.16 22:27

Name: Danielle Caito
Alias/Nickname: Dani
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Looks: Standing at 5’7’’, Dani’s medium frame holds an aerobics sculpted weight of 135 pounds. She has dark blue-green eyes and medium chocolate brown hair that extends to the middle of her back. Her warm, fair complexion is sprinkled with freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She has full lips. Her demure nose is her favorite part of her face. She is normally seen in t shirts, hoodies, and jeans. She prefers comfort and utility when it comes to her clothes.


Personality: Dani is vivacious and sure footed. Despite her opinionated and outspoken nature, she is well liked by most everyone. Her parents attribute that to her charisma and delightful verbal delivery. Being adopted, she is really appreciative of her parents’ support and love. This makes her extremely dedicated to being successful. A lot of her drive comes from wanting to use her talents and interests to make her parents proud. She is the type to crack jokes on anyone. Due to her sportive nature, Dani hides behind humor, making comedy her main coping mechanism in times of immense stress.

Possessions: Dani has her phone and a small amount of spending money. She has a bag with her favorite shirts and extra jeans. She also brought her acoustic guitar for on the road song writing/stress relief.

History: Dani was adopted into a middle class family, and thus has lived a reasonably comfortable life. Being the daughter of two professors, they ingrained a priority for critical thinking and understanding. From an early age, Dani showed interest and potential in the musical arts. Her father being a music professor, found great joy in this and spent a considerable amount to support Dani in her melodic endeavors. Her mother was no less supportive than her father.

Dani grew up as a happy and incredibly grateful child. She was always open to differences, pleasant to be around, and had no problems with speaking her mind. She doesn’t find any issues with other people, no matter how they treat her. Although, no one has ever outwardly shown dislike for her. She kept her core grades decent, but excelled in visual and musical arts.

It came as no surprise to her peers and parents when she started a band. Looking far and wide for people who she felt had the same amount of passion as her, she brought three other members together and formed Ozoi. Dani was the youngest member of the group. Nevertheless, she surprised many by fronting the band with strong vocals and a stage presence that commanded your attention.

Ozoi was signed by a small, independent label that offered them full artistic freedom. Dani is home tutored and working towards her musical career. She would have it no other way. Touring small venues from Texas to California to gain exposure and a larger crowd, Ozoi’s popularity has exploded much faster than it’s members expected. After a short while, they finally arrived home in Colorado to take a small break before heading back out to start a much longer journey.


-Induced Perceptual Delusion
-Compulsion Aura
-Alluring Stance (Rank 3)


-Too Good to be True: Because of her powers, Dani will go through episodes of anxiety and/or depression. These are caused by her feeling that any accomplishment made or anything she gains is because of her powers. Paranoia manifests over time due to her fear of being ‘found out’. Imposter Syndrome.

-Eye of the Beholder: The more people who are affected by Alluring Stance, the more unappealing her outer appearance. Dani is the only one who sees this. At higher levels she will appear old and covered in lacerations, bruises, and scars. This effect is temporary. Dani reverts back when less people are affected. Body Dysmorphic Disorder.


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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   26.01.16 22:30

Name: Nasim ibn Layth


Gender: Male

Age: 19

Looks: Nasim has a light-skinned complexion. Not white, but you could probably mistake him for it at a glance. Not exactly the tallest man, he stands at just around 5'5". His hair is black and kept in long dreadlocks, which he has been working on for quite some time. Additionally, Nasim has dark brown eyes. He keeps his face clean-shaven, and has rather decent skin care. Nasim maintains a fit body, although since joining Danielle's band he has slacked somewhat, and is a bit on the pudgy side.

As a hoarder of random trinkets, Nasim wears an excessive amount of accessories of varying types ranging from rings, necklaces, hats, bracelets, and sunglasses. Their quality varies greatly, but it's rare that he leaves home without at least one item of each on his person.

Personality: Nasim is very much Americanized and detached from his family's country of origin, and retains very little of his Lebanese culture. He is outgoing, carefree and goofy, so goofy that he occasionally has trouble distinguishing between times when it is and is not good to keep making jokes or snide remarks. Lacking a fashion sense Nasim will wear almost anything that is available, paying no mind to how well articles of clothing go together. Nasim is additionally quite stubborn, and has trouble learning things when he is not actively interested in them. Even if he has to learn them for the sake of practicality.

As far as pasttimes go Nasim mainly prefers to do things outside, although he will spend considerable, almost excessive amounts of time inside his home watching television. Following along with his favored cooking shows, Nasim will devote hours of his time in an effort to ruin whatever the current recipe is. He has despised his inability to cook things properly since a young age, frequently ruining baking and other cooking utensils. In spite of this he continues to perservere at his favored hobby outside of playing the guitar, and to this day still breaks pots and pans like a champion.

His stance on the Alphas and Honor Guard tends to vary on a case-by-case basis, although Nasim generally leans towards the side of the Alphas due to their current status as the "underdog." As awesome as he finds the fights between them to be, they're otherwise of little interest to him, however.

Possessions: Nasim carries with him a green and red electric guitar designed in the shape of the tree on the flag of his home country, Lebanon. At this point he'd have on a dull green fisherman's hat, a poorly made silver ring with a crude lightning bolt on it, a solid gold bracelet with wind patterns going horizontally across its surface, hater blocker sunglasses, and a silver necklace of which there is nothing special. As for regular clothes he'd have on a white collared shirt and dark green cargo shorts, as well as black sandals. Finally, he carries in his wallet basic things required for US citizens and 45.67 USD.  

History: Being born in Seattle, Washington to Lebanese immigrants who own a chain of electronics stores in the inner city, Nasim's life was never particularly hard. Although from childhood he had access to almost any piece of equipment he could ask for, he had little interest in any of them. For the longest time up until middle school in-fact, Nasim had not touched anything of the sort, except for taking an extreme interest in cooking shows on the television at around the age of 6. Much preferring to climb around in trees and make up story ideas to LARP with his friends in the yard with, the world of electronics and the internet had almost no bearing on him.

It was by middle school however that he had found an interest that demanded he stay inside. The electric guitar whose intense sounds and uses captivated the young boy drew him in to the hobby of playing them. Taking inspiration from heavy and nu metal initially, he eventually found his favored genre in power metal. Enjoying how theatrical and immense it sounded to his ears, it reminded him of when he'd imagine great adventures with childhood friends battling otherworldly creatures and the like. He became quite the popular person in high school, joining other people that played instruments in collaborations. Eventually, locally, he was well-known amongst the townspeople for being exceptional at the guitar.

His popularity in his hometown would then be how the lead singer of the band, Ozoi, found him. Meeting her at the age of 18, their personalities clicked and he had almost no hesitation when being offered the chance to join her band so that he could pursue his favored hobby as an actual career. Having great fun going on tour with Dani, they've now returned to her hometown in Colorado. With the war between the Alphas and Honor Guard raging on, Nasim continues to remain oblivious.

Aerokinesis - Rank 2
- Per rank cost reduced to 3 due to negatives.
Electrokinesis - Rank 2
- Per rank cost reduced to 2 due to negatives.
Ferrokinesis - Rank 2

Headbangbender - Nasim's aerokinesis can only function while he is headbanging in a manner that causes his dreadlocks to whip around in circles, creating a tornado-like effect which he then has limited control over from there.

Guitarist's Spark - Nasim's electrokinesis can only function while he has an electric guitar in hand.

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PostSubject: Re: The UnHonorable War Cast   14.03.16 6:08

Name: Syhmerin Lou Cassope (Sim-err-in Loo Cass-oh-pee) AKA Sym
Alias: Merlin
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Powers: Telepathy 8 (Rank 2)
Damage Absorption 6 (Rank 1)
Empathy 6 (Rank 1)
Negatives: She can only use telepathy on someone after she's looked them in the eyes, empathy only when she's touched them* [+4]. Colorblind (reds and greens look like hues of grey) [+2]. Kleptomaniac** [+6]. Loss of feeling in fingers and toes when she's using her powers.
*- Once she's touched them or looked into their eyes the connection remains, although it gets harder to keep the farther away she is from that person, and if she goes without touching them or looking into their eyes for too long she will sometimes need to reestablish the connection.
**- She has this itch, it never stops, the itch to steal anything she can get her paws on. After she has stolen something, the itch does not go away, it just lessens to the point where it's easily ignored. If she hasn't stolen for long enough the itch just sort of consumes her, makes her a little irrational, and unable to focus on anything but the pure need to take something that isn't rightly hers.

Possessions: A small green hiking backpack, inside of which are: 4 different changes of clothes; 2 pairs of outrageous socks; 2 pairs of undergarments; 2 & 1/2 bags of jerky trail mix; 2 stale loafs of Homemade bread; 1 floss; 1 tube of toothpaste; 1 toothbrush; 1 bar of soap; 5 small bottles (3 had shampoo in them, 1 conditioner, & 1 lotion); a fork; 2 art journals; 6 pens held in a bundle by an over-stretched hair-tie; 24 plain black hair-ties; 1 hairbrush; 1 zip-lock baggie with 2 oatmeal raisin cookies inside; 3 packs of gum; a water bottle; a small pot; a metal cup; & [clipped to the outside] a tent. On her is her current outfit (plain black undergarments; a grey long sleeved, v-neck shirt; faded blue jeans; orange socks with periwinkle vampiric ducks on them; white tennis-shoes; a black leather strap necklace with a small wooden Star of David on it), a red switch-blade in her left pocket, a wallet (with her birth certificate & 20$) and a pack of gum in her right. A crappy white and blue mountain bike which has tires that desperately need air.
Personality: Sym is quiet, practically mute, but she'll talk more with those she trusts. She tends to go off of instinct, with people and with everything else. If she feels uncomfortable, she'll leave; if she doesn't want to use the door, she'll climb out the window. She climbs trees like a squirrel and finds trees to be more comfortable than anywhere else. It's quieter up there, with the wind and the absence of people. She loves drawing, anything and everything, but it's harder to ask people to pose for a portrait whereas a building or tree would stay still. She knows how to survive, and she knows how to hide, more importantly she knows how to hide in plain sight. She's antisocial for the most part, and nomadic. She gets what she can where she can get it, by any means. She doesn't mind taking cheap jobs, dirty jobs, or in some rare cases (when she believes the risk is worth the gain) she takes jobs that utilize her ability. But, if she needs anything, it's more likely she'll steal it and keep whatever cash she has on hand. Stealthiness is law for her, if anything on or around her stands out (with the exception of her socks) she ditches it. She's loyal to a fault, when she has people or things to be loyal to.
History: Syhm grew up with her parents and two brothers in a small town in America. The family was a happy one, quiet and blissful and boring. Her older brothers were twins, who took interest in very different things. One was far more rebellious than the other, and far more violent. The other was law-abiding, and innocent, and he grew up to become an Honour Guard to the great pride of the family. That is, until Syhm turned 15 and climbed into exactly the wrong tree at exactly the wrong moment. It was one of the trees in a small forest behind her family's property, and though Syhm herself doesn't even really know how it happened, falling asleep in that tree change her life. After she woke up she could feel it, she couldn't quite touch it but she knew her body, her heart, and all her life she had never felt this-- alive. She thought at first something was wrong with her, so she ran home. She learned very quickly just exactly what she was, unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of trusting her family with this information. Her parents and her more malicious brother were adaptable, and held family above all else, they vowed to protect her. Her supposedly perfect brother lied, and said he would reject his work in favor of his little sister. Instead he betrayed them all to the Honour Guard. He led the team that raided their house, and inevitably killed all of them in pursuit of her, but she had already escaped. She hitch-hiked, traveled, ignored the politics of the world that had led to the massacre of her family, and gathered things that would help her survive. Currently she's trying to find a place to squat in Iowa.
Looks: She has very, very fair skin. So pale it almost seems Moon-kissed. Her big almond shaped eyes are a dark amber brown, framed by long eyelashes. She has a narrow, button nose, and small yet full lips. A heart shaped face with high cheekbones, a small chin, and an angled jaw. Her widows peak is hidden mostly by her blunt bangs, and the rest of her thick black hair is always spun naturally into tight, frizzy ringlets. She often keeps her hair up, and out of her way, but her hair doesn't often listen. She has a lanky build, and is the lengthy height of 6'1. Her fingers are delicate, dexterous, and long, with short fingernails cut to the nubs. Her wrists are very small and feminine, and her neck is long and beautiful.
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Only thing that I only noticed now would be the time frame of powers and Honour Guard Razz I had it in the 1st post, but everyone has only had powers for at most, 2 weeks. So if the time changed to that than everything would fit just fine^^

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The UnHonorable War Cast
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