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 LCS Story Universe Idea Heap

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Day of Light

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PostSubject: LCS Story Universe Idea Heap   08.10.15 18:27

basic plot synopsis: It is the year 2017. In a North-American League of Legends team that was founded after worlds 2015, a player quits and leaves the gaming house without a trace a few weeks before the summer split. The rest of the team now has to bring in a new replacement, a replacement who happens to be a girl, and who was the player the quitting player had originally been drafted to replace. Drama ensues as the team has to adjust and a few faces are integrated in the team environment.

aka kristy watches too much sports anime and is crushing on c9 hai way too much. also kristy is a grill and so has to put grills in her stories in one way or another

character sheets:

sheet template:

active playing team:

former team players:

organization staff:


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LCS Story Universe Idea Heap
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