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PostSubject: REGARDING ADULT CONTENT   22.03.15 21:54

The old set of rules for posting (more specific than the forum rules, which address things like courtesy, necroing, etc) is now outdated considering the general development and appropriation of the forum. To correct the inconsistency between what is written and what is allowed, I've therefore decided to give the rules a general upgrade and brush-up based on my own moderation choices.

In the beginning of the forum, our rules were kind of strict when it came to sexual content: no mention, ever. However this doesn't really make sense and really does limit stories and progressions that really could benefit from more rule leniency.

It's kind of a misconception that I would've ever punished sexual content. As a frequent purveyor of these arts myself, I would be a hypocrite if I punished others for things I did. So, here goes.

As stated in TS's rule compilation, generally it is safest to only link to artful adult content and not hotlink directly as an image post: reason being that Forumotion does have a level of jurisdiction concerning NSFW content, but a link in and of itself is not NSFW. You don't want to display explicit imagery which is not relevant to a thoughtful discussion anyway as that is, in a wider sense, off-topic.

If an image is not safe for work and for some reason or another you'd rather not use links, it is courteous to put them in a spoiler labelled "NSFW". If you want no spoiler tags but still want to post NSFW, tag the entire thread as NSFW in the post description.

Don't post porn for the sake of posting porn. Even in the Junk Yard, there is a matter of decency which would prohibit a person from doing this. Private messages are unrestricted, and so if things need to be shared, by all means, go ahead by PM.

Explicit text is allowed but it is preferred to label it as such and have a reasonable expectation for explicit descriptions. This is a matter of tact and courtesy, but it is not punishable.

There is no limit to what kind of explicit text it is. However, for posting literary works, we from now on ask that they be sorted into ratings:
G- General. Safe for work.
M- Mature. No explicit sexual content, but mature subject matter.
E- Explicit. Not safe for work.

Enjoy your deviancy, and remember: everything in moderation.

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