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 My.. rather nasty bio-ship

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My.. rather nasty bio-ship Empty
PostSubject: My.. rather nasty bio-ship   My.. rather nasty bio-ship Empty13.03.10 19:12

Approximately 70 meters in length by 20//23 meters height//width, this bioship is capable of outrunning the typical human fighter, and is able to jump into hyperspace. Featuring a pair of fold-out plant cell panels to replenish energy when in orbit of a star, the ship contains three main chambers, excluding the two "airlock" organs carefully placed on two ends of the ship. The first chamber is the main bridge, which contains the internal sense organs, namely three ear organs located around the chamber, a pair of.. taste organs, for the occasional body that gets left behind.. and a computer console directly hooked up to his brain, allowing for more precise commands to be sent to him. The second chamber is the main rest chamber, containing a toilet.. which I would rather not describe. There are also three bed chambers, two of which conveniently flatten against the wall for extra storage space. The third and largest chamber is mostly empty, with a few mobility organs placed conveniently on the wall for easy surgery.. Top acceleration of ship [subluminal] is 506.72 gravities, and [superluminal] it can manage a staggering 40.2 Psc/h, with a cutoff of 200 kPsc/d speed. The ship also features large.. blood-tearing tusks, and a pair of "acid cannon" organs, which fire a potent acid that eats away most metals. The diet of the ship includes.. well, pretty much anything and everything remotely edible. Even your feces. "Hull" Coloration: 2 side panels, all green, and the rest is fairly blue-green ish.. You don't wanna see any pics. Thus, I won't give you any.. -walks off-

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My.. rather nasty bio-ship
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