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 Meical: Volume I

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PostSubject: Meical: Volume I   04.03.15 14:35

Here is another story for sadness and feels
Meical was strong as a person, grew stronger as a vampire, and through the generations her power continued to grow. Eventually, it was within her power to destroy entire worlds with a wave of her hand
Or create them
She spun off a greater clone of herself, and spent generations researching and constructing, bit by bit, her own world. Her own plane of existence.
When it was finally complete, she considered taking future generations there, to keep them safe. In the end, she decided not to, because any world she created would inevitably be imperfect, not only because her view of the world, though large in scope, was still limited, but because she would have inevitably created a world that was completely safe.
But the world isn’t safe- no world is, and as such a world of her own creation could not and would not provide a suitable environment for her family to live, learn, and grow, not only as individuals but as people- inhabitants of the world. Apart, but the same
So her clone returned to her, and the world was left abandoned.
When the final generation died, and she was erasing all trace of herself, she came back to the world. She hung in the black space above it, as it was suspended in the void, blasted and ruined from disrepair. With a sigh of disappointment, she waved her hand and obliterated it.
But as some of the shards were passing by, she saw the most incredible thing: life
Some creature, some tiny living thing had managed to grow upon the wreck of a world she had left to rot- and she had just destroyed the only place it had to call home.
With haste, she snatched it up out of the void and held it close. When she was certain it was safe, she began an incantation she had not spoken in millennia.
And thus a new world was created.
It took far less time- she knew what she was doing now, and she wasn’t limiting it to her own needs anymore. She created a place simply for life to grow
She alighted on the surface of this new land, and set the seed of life on the ground, where it took to immediately. Satisfied, she left
But she stopped in the void and looked again on the world she had created, and she wondered if this is what it truly felt like to be god, to create a world, to create life, to hold it and know that its continued existence depended on you. And she wondered if god too felt sadness and disappointment when he realized that he, like her, was not meant to be there, and would not be able to keep watch over it, and wondered if, in generations to come, when the life of the world said that god had abandoned them, how it would pain him to be reminded that he had no choice
God mother-fucking dammit.

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   09.03.15 20:47

'To only have the power to destroy- what a useless talent'
~Meical says this after defeating an enemy who wielded a corruption ability. While she was referencing him, she ends up staring at her own blood-soaked hands, and you realize that she is also talking about herself

Meical's charges forcing her to do the leekspin dance w/ guns:

also having her try on/wear nice dresses and attend social events
and she is just standing there like =.-

That one charge who keeps pulling pranks on Meical, who either doesn't react or maneuvers out of the way

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   10.03.15 8:46

One of Meical's charges being unable to sleep, so she sits up all night with her aunt talking about the worlds, the universe, and the meaning of life

it is such a cliche thing, but it is also perfectly believable

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   10.03.15 21:12

Zeus throws a thunderbolt at Meical

Meical catches it
and keeps it

and now she can use and re-use it

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   11.03.15 19:24

One thing that i think people might try and hit on is, does meical get embaressed in situations involving nudity, her own or someone else's
and the short answer to that is no
never has, never will
she has been exposed to nudity and sex from a fairly young age, she is not an incredibly sexual creature, and she has existed for literal Millenia. trust me, sex and nudity are nothing new or embaressing for her
and on that note, why would she be embaressed about nudity? everyone has a body?
and one final thing: while she can physically manifest clothing, most of the time she her billowy cloak and such are just amalgamations of congealed darkness and ectoplasm, so she is technically always naked

Also, I keep forgetting to mentino this, but Meical is not Just a warrior
she doesn't often have reason or opportunity to show it off, but she is a ridiculously strong magician
not because she was necessarily born with a lot of magical potential, but because she knew that magic existed and might potentially become a problem
sooo, she power-leveled and taught herself magic in much the same way she picked up martial arts
simply so that if and when she came across a mage who presented a threat to her charge, she could fight them on equal standing
she may not be the most creative of magicians, but she has a lot of stored power and many lifetimes of experience

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   14.03.15 22:16

One of Meical's charges ends up being a really, really good musician
said niece gets booked in a particular city

at one point, the manager of the place is walking by one of the halls, and hears a piano being played, something like this:

(yes, i am repeating videos. sue me)

the manager and a couple of the other workers in the music hall walk in (around 3:21), expecting to get to hear the great musician play

put she isn't playing

Meical is playing the piano, and her niece is just sitting on the bench, leaning against her aunt's back, hands folded on her lap, eyes closed

It turns out that in order to help the girl with her lessons, Meical taught herself how to play while the girl was sleeping, and listening to her actually helps her niece relax, so they do this before every performance

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   15.03.15 21:10

things that could classify meical as creepy:

stands too close to friend (her niece)
long fingers
very pale skin
dressed oddly

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   21.03.15 13:14

one of meical's familiars- a man who asked to be turned into an undead/familiar in order to gain the power to change and save the world. but in doing so, he found the world itself under his direction, and the people were in fact afraid of him. so, he employed a series of mages to construct artifacts that would destroy his undead legions, and when the heroes did so, they found him walking out of his keep with only his personal gear. he apologized for everything having gone so wrong, and thanked them for correcting his many mistakes. and with that, he stepped through a magical circle to another world to return to his mistress

Meical doesn't do it incredibly often, but she will take students- warriors, martial artists, etc. occassionally a musician or something like that, but usually the more martial types

meical having to kill one of her students at a later time...

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   23.03.15 12:02

Little moment Gravekit helped me with:

an incubus tries to seduce Meical
and she just blinks and ignores him

and he's just like, uhhh, wait...what?
you're...not..even interested

So, thinking he's obviously not what she is looking for, he goes and gets one of his succubus friends to try and rope her in that way
and she is met with the same response

...they start eeedging towards her niece
*Meical draws axe. Points at them* Leave my presence

honestly it sounded funnier in my head, but oh well. here it is

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   24.03.15 0:31

I know it really doesn't mean that much, but given the way I have Meical set up she is probably either a Taurus or a Scorpio

...which is kind of stupid because she probably doesn't even live in a world where our zodiac signs even matter...

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   24.03.15 11:58

I just thought this was relevant to the thoughts i am having

Had a conversation with my brother last night about Meical, and we had a disagreement over how strong she is
and i realized something

This whole time I have been focusing on how strong a fighter Meical is, and that is doing a terrible disservice to the character and to the series, because while it does have an impact, the story I want to tell about Meical is not one centered on all the things she kills but on the experiences she has and her thoughts on the world.

Meical can kill anything that threatens her family- i knew that from the start, so i don't know why i keep belaboring the point.

The story is supPosed to be about sacrifice, loyalty, love of family, and acceptance of a terrible fate.
The fact is, while Meical is great at doing it, she Does Not Like Fighting. She hates killing. She wants nothing more than for people to just be decent and leave her family in peace, and no world is willing to do that.
Within a few generations, there is so much blood on her hands that Meical Does Not Believe there is any way to wash it off. She fully and truly believes that if there is a hell of any kind, that is where she is going, that that is where she belongs after what she has done.

But she keeps going. She does not give in to despair- she accepts the fate that has been dealt her, and she keeps on doing whatever is necessary to keep each and every one of her family's generations safe from harm, as much as she is able.

A lot of people hate her for what she does. A lot of people don't understand her.
And she wishes that she could explain, but she knows that she could not articulate her feelings on the matter well enough for anyone to actually grasp the entire picture. So she stays silent. She watches over her family for somewhere around Thirty-Five Millenia, never sleeping, never resting, never expecting anything in return. And what does she have to look forward to for all she has sacrificed? Punishment

And that is probably the one true crux I have in my story: How does it end? When the 1000th generation passes away, leaving no children, and Meical packs up and moves on, what happens? To answer that question I am caught between 3 outcomes.

1. Hell. Punishment. Meical's destiny in the afterlife is exactly what she thought it would be. after having existed on dozens of worlds and having killed millions if not billions of people, she is put on the worst possible regime of torture ever imagined by diabolic minds, and she does not complain because she knew this was what was coming

2. Oblivion. Simply fading out of existence, returning the souls and energy she has consumed to the cosmos. After all she has done, this is Absolute Best Meical can hope for in her brightest moments. To simply cease to exist and be forgotten, to become naught but blackness in the void of space. She does not have many moments of hope for herself, but when she does, this is her dream

3. Paradise. Heaven, or as close to it as can be imagined. Meical has denied herself the hope of achieving this ending since she was human, believing that she was not worthy, that she was unclean, and that her presence there would be an insult to its inhabitants. That being said, I think it is perfectly plausible that her vast family, beginning with her sister and going up to her nieces, their husbands, wives, and extended families, to her students and instructors and the people she has saved and the lives she has touched- all of them, beseeching whatever deity is responsible for them and allowing them to take Meical out of the darkness and bring her home with them, where she can finally put down her weapons and rest for the first time since she was a little girl.

Out of these three outcomes, the one i have thought the least of is the first- I Do Not Like that ending, but given how I tend to think and how the spiritual world seems to operate it Does present a very strong case. doesn't mean i have to like it.
the second is probably the most likely if i am being honest with myself, but i haven't given much thought to it either, simply because it is incredibly anticlimactic.
I Really want Meical to get the good end, cliche as it may be. I have the scene mapped out almost perfectly in my head. Issue being, I am not sure that I as a writer can justify it

I don't know.
Anyway, what i am trying to get at here is that I am sorry for making all of you listen to me go on about how ridiculous my OC is, and with any luck i will actually be giving you guys more of the real story as time goes on.
that's it
that's all i've got

have a nice day, everybody
or a shitty day, if that's what you'd prefer

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   24.03.15 16:27

Couldn't remember the name of this song for about 2 weeks- drove me nuts

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   26.03.15 22:40

okay, get this

Meical in a suit, though

also, grave helped me figure this one out:
I have considered this for awhile now

Most, if not all, of my characters have some kind of body modification. that being said, Meical would not have any. at least, not in her original human form. She gets beat up on a regular enough basis that she doesn't really need piercings, and if she were keeping an eye on her sister she wouldn't have the time to get a tattoo

The point that grave brought up was that if her clothing is mostly shadow construct, she could have body mods molded from shadow that she could change virtually at will.

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   26.03.15 23:02

Me looking up star sign posts on tumblr for personality ideas for meical, focusing on Taurus (T) and Scorpio (S)
*realizes I am referencing TSDZPresident. Laughs*
Signs as favorite things-
T: baggy sweater/ comfy clothes
S: cats
Signs at 2am-
T: sleeping
S: on tumblr
How the signs actually are:
T: you are really good at math
S: express your feelings. People love you
The signs as summer memories:
T: going through yearbooks, cleaning out their closet, pretending not to have read texts
S: making their room smell like nail polish, listening to others talk because they like the background noise, spraying their siblings/friends with hose water
Taurus: nightmare dressed like a daydream
Scorpio: daydream dressed like a nightmare
Why the signs are still single:
T: too stubborn to agree on anything with their partner plus already in a relationship with food
S: trust issues and jealousy
How evil your sign is
T: apparently extremely evil
S: actually not evil but everyone thinks they are
What the signs crave
T: food
S: blood
Signs as fruit trees
T: apple
S: Pomegranate
The signs as cliché characteristics of tv show characters
T: the quiet one: always contemplating how to kill the others if needed be
S: the one always questioning the leader and trying to become the leader themselves
The signs as beautiful things
T: Taurus is the sense of accomplishment when you finish a long task. Taurus is a strong mountain, with life coming from every side of it. Taurus is the satisfaction of simply surviving.
S: Scorpio is a budding tree branch. Scorpio is moving on from the bad things. Scorpio is a long talk in the middle of the night about life.
Motivation for the signs
T: Don’t let people tell you how to think. You know what you believe, so keep believing. Who cares what others have to say about what you think. They aren’t you. You’re intelligent, strong, and completely capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Don’t give up on you, and remember, you’re worth more than gold.
S: Not everyone wants to hurt you. Don’t assume so much, or you’ll put yourself in a place where you don’t need to be. You are the most passionate of the signs, and you feel things like no one else can. Hone in those emotions and use them in a good way. Don’t step on people. Instead, walk around them and let them self-destruct. Focus on yourself and no one else.
Why the signs are in detention
T: standing up to their bullies
S: setting spiders loose on the school
Superpowers for the signs:
T: freeze time
S: immortal
Things the signs don’t want you to know
T: they struggle to find balance in nearly every situation and that makes them feel stupid. they can’t seem to function independently no matter how hard they try.
S: they’re not that evil. they like you to think so, but they are kind of chicken shits and won’t do much if you anger them except cry about it in secrecy at home.
Most to least likely to make really bad puns
T: most
S: least
The signs when they get anon hate
T: turns off anon for a while
S: come off anon and fight me
The signs in a group project
T: Watches everyone do the work and gives suggestions now & then
S: Adds things without letting anyone know
Strengths: Dependable, patient, practical.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive.
Strengths: Passionate, resourceful, brave, a true friend.
Weaknesses: Jealous, secretive
The signs described with 2 words
T: food sexual
S: hell god
Sad but rad- scorpio
The signs as mythical beings
T: a minotaur with a flourishing flower and delectable vegetable garden
S: a vampire that CAN stand in the sun but chooses not to
The signs in the afterlife
T: Does whatever they're told for a while but then rebels
S: Fucks shit up in the afterlife, finds a date
The signs based on people I know
T: Dependable, loyal, great friends, awesome people to just chill with, great first impressions, smart.
S: The biggest hearted person you'll ever meet, loves deep, jealous, huge walls built, secretive, loyal, loveable, will always forgive even those who dont deserve it, best friends.
Soul of the zodiac signs
T: The pollen from Goldenrod flowers, Pastel paint, and Ice from Saturn
S: Peony bulbs, Violet fire, and Deer antlers
Don’t take shit from nobody- Taurus and Scorpio
The signs as levels of bangability (lol)
T: would definitely bang
S: gonna bang and then we’re gonna order a pizza
Things I associate with the signs
T: ac and cheese, wood fireplaces on a cold day, thick warm quilts, grandmother's house, reruns of your favorite show
S: forests late at night, lit candles, mysterious glances, black suits or dresses, gemstone rings
The best at throwing shade: Taurus
The signs as adventure time characters
T: Finn
S: Marceline
Most to least emo
T: 8
S: 2
The star signs as smells
T: cookies baking in the oven
S: salty tang of the ocean air
The signs as mythical creatures
T: Dwarf
S: Vampire
The signs when they are angry
T:  Doesn’t like yelling but when there angry they blow up
S:  Will bring up something that happened months ago
Resting bitch face- Taurus, scorpio
Marvel characters by the signs
T: Laura Kinney
S: Erik Lehnserr (Magneto)
What the signs have as the lockscreens on their phones
T: their favorite artist/band members
S: dark aesthetics
Advice for the signs 2
T: don’t be passive when they degrade you
S: even if you love them, if they're causing you stress & pain, let them go
Sensitive spots for the signs
T: behind the knees
S: down the spine
The signs as protagonists
T: Zoe Washburn
S: Daenerys Targaryen
Signs most to least sexual
T: 6
S: Most sexual
How the signs chill
T: ice cream
S: They lock themselves in their room but after that who knows tbh
Taurus- The hazy feeling of purple fog on a Monday morning, black lather gloves, a shaving nick, a favourite song murmured under-breath, and earthy snakes.
Scorpio- The smell of fresh spring flowers, tall brown boots, bloodshot eyes, a long laugh after a bad joke, and a dark bird taking flight.
The signs after a break-up
T: cares about themselves too much to let it bother them for long and finds peace with it
S: you figured the reasons out a while ago, no one can fool you, but you're still upset about it and wonder if it's your fault
The signs as greek gods
T: Hephaestus
S: Hades
Things the signs do that should be annoying but end up being endearing
T: Stubborn
S: Secretive
Burying your fingers in the earth, watering the flowers, running through the forest, softly lit cafes, Lana del Rey singing the blues in a downtown bar in LA, heated discussions with your best friend. The Taurus is eternal. The page you find yourself reading again and again. A reliable shoulder to share the burden.
Your first time. Passionate, a little rough, a little painful, but something to be desired. It’s the craving you get at that time of the month, crying yourself to sleep, being slapped in the face by someone you love, the excitement of not getting caught. Scorpio is a melting butterscotch sweet, clinging to your teeth and the palate for months. Unforgettable.
The signs as breakfast foods
T: coffee and toast
S: donut holes
Signs as world cities
T: London
S: Tokyo
The signs when someone doesn’t call them back
T: bitch
S: I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life
Most to least intimidating
T: 8
S: 2
The signs as teas
T: oolong
S: black tea with nothing in it
Midnight fridge raider squad: Taurus and scorpio
3 words to describe
T: dependable, sensual, determined
S:  mysterious, focused, intuitive
The signs fighting
T: refuses to change their mind
S: doesn’t give up until they win
Things people don’t know about the signs
T: Gets nervous about any change because they fear the unknown
S: Has a fear of failure
Emotionally damaged but they found each other- Taurus and scorpio
The signs as colors
T; apricot and princess blue
S: Garnet lake and Moss Green
The signs as elements
T: carbon
S: gold
Signs by weapons for murder
T: sledge hammer
S: axe
How the signs react to death
T:  *stares blankly at the passed loved one* *leans forward and kisses them on the forehead* *stands up and walks away* *every inch fighting not to break*
S: Might not be able to form a coherent thought because is currently only aware of the emotionally blinding, sick, stabbing and twisting feeling at the bottom of gut.
The signs as furnishings
T: big, comfy bed
S: walk-in closet
What the signs hate
Taurus: being pushed into something, being cornered, when people forget things that are important to them
S: overly nosy people, exes, admitting they are wrong
Signs as animated characters
T: mort from Madagascar
S: Jessica Rabbit
Scorpio; the type to pretend they don’t care but thenaccidentally set your house on fire.

Sign’s deepest fears
T: losing hope
S: betrayal from someone important to them
Signs as relationship goals
T: live off the land in a house you built yourself
S: who needs love when you can adopt 12 puppies

EDIT: i couldn't pass this one up
Who the signs are going to fight:
T: their alarm clock
S: god
Gemini (just cause): the entire human population

How to tell the signs like you:
T: They’ll ask for your opinions on things and will try to hold stimulating conversations with you. All of your quirks and bad habits will become cute to them.  They will look at you like you are this special human being who must be protected at all costs.  Sometimes they’ll make fun of you, but all good natured.  You will consume their thoughts.  They will compliment you on things they admire about you in an almost-manipulative way of letting you know who they want you to be. All earth signs are somewhat manipulative.  Taurus’ are just so sweet when they like someone, please don’t hurt them, they constantly fear that once they open up, they’ll be misunderstood or rejected, so don’t be discouraged by a more reserved presence. This is why they want to know so much about you
S: If they give you any special attention at all, this is a good sign.  Scorpios are typically indifferent to people who do not interest/benefit them in the slightest.  Scorpios are known for their impulsive wit and charm, but can be a bit more awkward (in a cute way) and less witty around their crush.  EYES EYES EYES. Expect intense eye contact and lots of “subtle” staring from a smitten Scorpio.  They are very protective, sometimes even possessive over their crush.  Their eyes will light up with curiosity or lust at the mention of you.

Sign Aesthetics
T: Secluded forests, slight breezes that sway tall grass. Long, meaningful text messages, chipped nail polish, the smell of the ocean. Having the music at full volume and drowning out the rest of the world.
S: Comfortable silence, nature, relaxation, being home. Thinking, being with family, the color green. Intelligence, old books, and the calming hum of a car engine. Camping, imperturbability.

Gemini (just for fun-sies): Long car rides alone, windows down, loud music. Poetry, typewriter clicks. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts. The color black and navy blue, the smell after the rain. Existentialism, looking at stars.

don't know what to call this:
T: cruel sometimes, unbelievably stubborn and extremely kind. uncompromising, bad with change, willing to settle. good taste in music, great taste in people.
S: intelligent and determined, all hard edges and uncompromising ideals. physically fit, likes to help other people, animal lovers. extremely close to their family and friends

why are the signs sad:
T: Everyone depends on them because of their trustworthy demeanour. This means they bear the burden of their own and other peoples issues. Because of their stable nature, changes/natural stress can result in crippling anxiety.
S: Nearly always misunderstood. This aspect combined with their hesitance to trust leaves them with few people they can confide in. They're very picky with who knows what about them because they feel secure with full control over a situation. When something goes wrong within their plan, they are intensely anxious over the result and keep their strong fear of failure hidden from everyone. They're so bottled up that their emotions can hit them like a brick wall at any point, leaving them broken with nobody to talk to.

Edit: the signs' pet peeves
T: Impatience, clinginess, people being rude, excess movement
S: intrusiveness, being taken advantage of, being ignored, superficiality, weakness, people not contributing, betrayal

the signs are pissed off:
No problem telling you off and gives non-stop dirty looks: scorpio, Taurus
Keeps their emotions to themselves until they explode: Gemini

what the signs fall in love with
T: familiarity, loyalty, tenderness, sharing relaxing/intimate memories
S: winks, funny jokes, meaningful conversations, bright/shining eyes

Have piece in knowing that
T: moving on will be hard, but it will be worth it
S: people love and care, and if you don’t think so, you’re with the wrong people

T:  master of organization. sometimes a little confused. is stubborn and rarely changes their opinion but always listens to what other people have to say. quiet when lost in thoughts. financial genius. generous. sometimes a little mean. will never let you down. great friend / husband / dad. is actually a great cook but doesn't eat 24/7. does sports and loves nature. is a "wow look at the moon"-person
S: NOT EVIL AT ALL!! very emotional but never reckless. you can call them at 3am and they will be there for you. sometimes they don't know what to do with all their feelings but they will never let you suffer because of that. the best friends. adorable. stunning look. hard voices, hard souls, soft heart. are interested and show their interest in you and your feelings. will apologize immediately when they see they treated you wrong and they are truly sorry. mysterious. when they trust you they tell you everything. a little revengeful but would never harm others

T: Big, sweet cow eyes; Honestly just hug them and never let go, it’ll be the best decision you ever make; Warm aura; They’ll embarrass themselves, but it’s endearing instead of cringe-worthy; Calm presence; Naturally reserved, but they will let you in if you genuinely care; Unintentionally funny; Some quality of theirs makes people look up to them
S: 10/10 would bang; Could destroy you effortlessly; Lifelong struggle bus ticket holder; Romantic love is not their strong suit; Darkly magnetic; Shared looks and inside jokes will be abundant when you hang out; Do not fuck with their friends; I repeat: do not fuck with their friends; seriously; avoid this at all costs; These are the type of people who will burn your house down and steal your boyfriend; If you fuck them over, they will cut ties forever, even if they still love you

self-destructing vs empowering traits:
T:  find an excessive amount of pleasure in material things but will give all of that up instantly to spoil you instead
S:  their own insecurity and self-doubt can lead to paranoia and mistrust but they always make room for your secrets and worries to carry on their shoulders so you don’t have to

zodiac truths:
T: they speak their mind and get jealous very easily and you’ll usually know about it. the kind of person who will let you talk about your problems and will defend you even if you’re wrong. they will make you laugh without trying, even if they aren’t funny and they are secretly so competitive but would hate to show it
S: seems intimidating but is total sweethearts really. they secretly love drama despite always looking down at those who are dramatic (they are the drama queen really) and although they never really stop talking, they are the wittiest kind of person and loves to entertain everyone around them

the signs as skies:
T: sunrises, pinkish-orange with a few loose clouds that let escape sunshine. look like a painting. lovely.
S: strange purple/pink apocalyptic sky. swooshed clouds, looks like the sky is going to collapse. passionate.

The signs as emotions people feel, but can't explain:
T: Nodus Tollens. The realization that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you any more — that although you thought you were following the arc of the story, you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand, that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre — which requires you to go back and reread the chapters you had originally skimmed to get to the good parts, only to learn that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.
S: Monachopsis. The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place, as maladapted to your surroundings as a seal on a beach — lumbering, clumsy, easily distracted, huddled in the company of other misfits, unable to recognize the ambient roar of your intended habitat, in which you’d be fluidly, brilliantly, effortlessly at home.

T: very eccentric, don’t really know how to deal with emotions. get flustered easily but it’s kinda cute. dreamy demeanor. will ignore the hell out of u if u fuck them over. are lowkey terrified of everything but will probs never admit that as they have some weird element of ego tied into that.
S: don’t fuck with these hoes unless u know urself first. will expose the parts of urself that u didn’t want to see. super gnarly in fights and will love u until the end of time. pretty standoffish and need time alone when emotionally unstable. keep themselves in amazing shape. are the loneliest fucks i know; be kind to them always. are probably in great shape (physically.)

Why I love you
T:  I love you because you look out for me. You are the stem to the rose, the trunk to the tree, the support system of life as we know it. It’s all thanks to you. Your humor and grace do not go unnoticed, and the way you love is so genuine and warm.
S:  I love you because you make me feel. Nobody’s heart has the same beat as yours. There’s a reflective darkness in your eyes and something magnetic in your soul. You’re the thunderstorm as well as the subsequent rainbow, the good mixed into the bad.

Edit: (can't remember if this one has been done or not)
T: oversized knitted sweaters, tiny houseplants, cafes, forests, candles, cozy homes, tea and dessert
S: bloodshot eyes, cigarette smoke, lace tights, black coffee, winged eyeliner, veins, rainy parking lots, bruises

Edit: the signs as villains
T:  slow to carry out their menacing plans, but they know patience is a virtue. they’re eyes are always strictly on the prize, and they are merciless
S:  usually the ones with the severely hidden pasts, these villains are never seen, but they aren’t hiding. they closely watch the hero and once they attack, the hero would’ve wished they never got on their bad side, because they are the most ruthless

Edit: things people forget about the signs due to annoying stereotypes:
T:  They have a really extensive appreciation for the arts and really appreciate people’s efforts, they don’t just eat and sleep all the time.
S: They can be the most bubbly and charming people ever, they are not all assholes in leather jackets riding motorcycles

Edit: the signs in one word
T: Stubborn
S: Terrifying

Edit: things you never hear about the signs:
T: They will put themselves first. Always. It’s because they feel like no one else does, though; they always get taken for granted and ignored and they get so sick of it. They will break your heart with their selfishness, but they do love you. Believe them when they say it.
S: They need someone to tell their thoughts to. Scorpios are secretive and mysterious creatures, but they can’t stand having no one who really knows them. A Scorpio is selective about who they trust, but if they do trust you, you will be surprised about how open they are.

Gemini: They’re lonely. Even surrounded by people, a Gemini can be so, so, lonely, because they long for emotional closeness and a deep mental connection. They lose interest in people so quickly because this connection isn’t there with most people.

Edit: this one was just interesting
zodiac witch boxes
T: Pressed flowers, a satchel of dried lavender, a roll of meadow grass, a vial of honey, a 4-leaf clover
S: Amber insects, mushrooms, small animal skulls, handsewn spiderwebs, a vial of thorns, a silver pentagram

Edit: the signs as guardian angels (i thought this one was particularly fitting)
T: You are a guardian in the truest sense; you bring mortals comfort and security. You are the light that guides them home, the invisible hand that helps a toddler take their first steps, the force that wills a driver to slam on the brakes a split-second before a collision
S:  A fitful, vengeful guardian–at first, your mortal can’t tell if you’re an angel or a demon. But they soon realize how lucky they are to have you on their side because your devotion and loyalty is unparalleled by any other existing guardian (holy shit, that fits Meical to a goddamn T)

Edit: the signs as heroic/villainous superpowers
T: Hero: Atmokinesis. You can control the weather, allowing you to control many aspects of nature itself. Villain: Seismic power. You have the ability to create seismic shocks or earthquakes at will
S: Umbrakinesis. You can mentally repulse photons to create shadow or darkness and move objects via shadow. Villain: Possession. You are able to take control of the body and mind of someone else, temporarily leaving your own body for theirs.

Edit: Flirting with the signs 101
T: *“The good provider.” You show you can offer both material things and sensual comforts. You may try to modestly show off your possessions or purchasing power.

     *Easygoing. You seem “easy to be with”, calm, comfortable, and soothing; and you like to share “quiet times” and everyday activities such as shopping and cooking and dining.

     Touchable. You look cuddly and huggable; and are physically responsive. You seem “safe” and “approachable” and send out “good vibes”. You show affection through physical contact. You can be a “huggy bear”.

     Hedonistic. You love all sensual pleasures, such as food, drink, art, music, perfumes, fondling, or sex; and you show it and want to share it.

     Nature-loving. You appreciate nature, plants, animals,rocks, sand, sunsets, woods, fields, streams, lakes, and oceans; and like to share nature walks, camping, campfire gatherings, gardening, being with animals, outdoor cooking, or just sitting outdoors.

     *Honest. You seem sincere, truthful, forthright, uncomplicated, and dependable; and show you can be relied on. You are also very loyal to those you care for.
S: *Intense. You seem intently focused on the object of your desire. You appear primal, sultry, brooding, or “dark” – and perhaps a little “dangerous”. (I don’t know if you could say Venus in Scorpio “flirts” at all; for it often seems a subtle “seduction” is taking place that makes the first step of flirting seem superfluous.)

     Smouldering. You seem to have passions ready to flame or to erupt – like a glowing ember which when fanned can flare into a fire of desire.

     Sexual. You seem to act more “sexy” when in flirt mode, and may exude an enticing “animal magnetism” that subtly seduces the one you desire.

     *Mesmerizing. A look in your eyes can mesmerize. The object of your attention is drawn in by the mystery behind the eyes. One could lose oneself in their depths. You might be told you possess “bedroom eyes”.

     *Probing. You seem to stare into one’s soul, to sense one’s secrets. You tend to make the object of your attentions feel vulnerable somehow. You may ask probing questions about things other people would not venture to inquire about. Being the instigator of a Scorpio inquisition indicates some serious interest in the guy or gal being grilled.

     *Powerful. You seem strong – a sorceror, a saviour …or a slave master. A subtle sense of hidden power could attract a certain someone like a flame attracts certain flying insects.

Edit: simple aesthetics for the signs
T: prairie grasses and flowers, walking through gardens, dancing in the rain
S: winged eyeliner, abandoned buildings, large empty fields where you can run

Edit: the signs as Undertale Characters (c'mon, i had to)
T: Toriel, often seen seeking harmony and looking out for the ones that they love. Although they can be stubborn and relentless, which can get in the way of things.
S: Sans, although perhaps a laid back and a cool cat domineer, Scorpios can have volcanic energies and are very determined on protecting the ones they love. Scorpios tend to be slaves to food and the table. Which is a notable trait in sans as well

Gemini: Muffet- haaaaahahahahayes
kind of a joker and moderately strong willed, tries to do what is best for her kind
Edit: minor addition to the undertale nonsense, another description gives T,S, and G respectively as Asriel, Chara, and Flowey
     huh. talk about your differences

Edit: why the signs get silent
T: Indifference. When you simply don't care anymore, there's nothing left to say, so you leave it as it is, it's not worth it, you rather be numb.
S: Betrayal. When you trusted and opened up to someone only to get stabbed in the back, and it hurts knowing you actually allowed it to happen.

Edit: the signs as nymphs
     nooot sure if this one really fits, but hey, why not?
T: Alseides, the nymphs of glens; Taurean nymphs reside in meadows and groves, basking in the sunshine, walking with the deer and caring for the plants and animals; their skin is always rosy and sun-kissed and it shimmers like gold and smattered with the same soft pattern as a doe, and eyes like a doe's as well, thick hair braided intricately and decorated with flowers.
S: Naiads, nymphs of freshwater; these nymphs can be found in rivers, lakes and springs where they hunt fish and anything else that wanders too close to the water's edge. They also seduce any humans who happen upon them. Their eyes are large and dark to see underwater, their hair a messy tangle and nails long and sharp; their skin is scaled like a koi's but a brilliant silver or bronze

     imo, the Hydrades (nymphs of the trees), the Oreiades (nymphs of the mountains) and the Haliae (nymphs of the sea) fit Meical better, but that's just me

Edit: the signs as things my dad has said (not my dad, for the record)
T:  “Fuck it, I’m going to Canada.”
S:  “I want the board to change my job title from CEO to supreme leader.”

Jewelry for the signs:
T: A silver band with a small emerald stud
S:  A ring with a large dark garnet, set in gold

Edit: the signs at their best/worst
T: at their best- Absolute sweethearts with a great wits. Their heart is only open wide for people they choose carefully because they know it's for their own good. They know what's good for them and they're confident because they know what they're capeable of. A true and fair winner. Caring, charming, funny, intelligent, affectionate.
     at their worst- They seem cold and careless. They know how to use words when they want to cause pain with them and they do that. Doubting themselves, suddenly lost all their confidence. Can't really control their feelings and tend to explode. Not looking after themselves and their loved ones because they're busy being stuck in a bad mood but deep down they're very very sorry for it.
S: at their best- Passionate, strong, strong-willed, skilled and loving. They are full of secrets which is why they can keep secrets like no one else. An entire universe for themselves. They don't care about limits but in a good way. They share their ideas and dreams and cheer others up.
     at their worst- Neglecting their friends, their family, their duties and themselves. Reckless and not saying much about it. Things that usually fascinate them do not fascinate them anymore and they feel like nothing could ever make them smile again. Everything they love starts seeming so irrelevant to them

Edit: how you Know you hurt the signs
T: Hesitant when they're near you, you can see that they're forcing themselves to carry on
S: Their eyes don't match the smiles they wear
     problem being that Meical doesn't smile

Edit: scents associated with the signs
T: violet, vanilla, rose, a diner, the fireplace
S:  chocolate, lotus, blackberry, chanel perfume
     I kind of already headcanon Meical as smelling kind of like the ocean, but that's just me

Edit: the signs as keys and what they unlock
T: A normal-looking house key. This key can open the door to anything, including the other 11 doors mentioned in this post. For being the most powerful key though, there's a big disadvantage to it: it cannot be exchanged for any powers
Realized this wouldn't make sense without these:
S: A red key with a black dot on the center. This key opens the door of the unknown: the place behind this door contains unexplainable things and events from all eras. This key can be exchanged for the power to revive and enslave spirits.

Edit: the signs' physical traits
T:  Very healthy people, women are curvy, is hard to find a taurus person who’s very skinny or unhealthy. Medium to tall people. Large and expressive soft eyes, rounded chin (other than the chin, i can buy it)
S:  Slim people, very sexy bodies. They are usually short or medium people. Seductive, penetrating deep eyes, most likely to have dark hair, strong shoulders, sensual lips and the impression of power. (Meical is on the taller end)
     all in all, not bad; i definitely see a lot of Meical in these

Edit: the signs as indiscriminate forces of nature
T&S: Love
was going to argue this one, until i realized that it literally fits Meical to a goddamn T

Edit: the signs as genres
T: sagas, epics, coming of age
S: horror, dark comedy, revenge

Edit: you can't hide shit from them because they already know what's up (lol)

Edit: I'm Scared/So I
T:  I’m scared they need more \ So I’m giving my all
S: I’m scared they will hurt me \ So I won’t let them know me

Edit: the signs as S-class heroes
T: Zombieman
S: Metal Bat

Edit: the signs as popular sixpenceee stories (sixpenceee is a horror blogger on tumblr):
T: Hunger
S: Esteban
     hunger is fucking fucked up, but goddamn Esteban fits Meical to a goddamn T

Edit: the signs as Lion King characters
T: Sarabi (independent, devoted, elegant)
S: Scar (vengeful, envious, controlling)

Edit: the signs as mermaids
T: these laid back beauties stick to mangroves and slow moving water, they decorate their bodies with the wonders of the sea: pearls, shells, and even the ocean life itself, allowing starfish to stick to their tails. The avoid others, but will save many sailors from drowning. Their scales are as golden as the sun, their fins are strong yet tapered delicately
S: no human has ever seen a scorpio mermaid. They remain deep beneath the sea where few have ever reached, where no light touches. Recluse and secretive. Their scales are as darks as the night but their skin is patterned with intricate swirls which emit a hazy, purple glow just as their eyes do. Their tails are as lithe as an eel and finned in a similar manner

Edit: the signs as claymore characters
T: Helen (lolwhat?)
S: Cassandra (yasss)

     Funny thing is that I'm Priscilla. isn't that interesting?...

Edit: the signs as witchy aesthetics
T: small covens, pendants, herb mixes, pennies for good luck, a simple altar, and the smell of chamomile
S: bonfires, herbal baths, glow in the dark stars, quartz points, smoke, and the smell of cedar

Edit: You know the signs are haunted when they say:
T: I can't do this anymore
S: I'm so empty
     i think the leo might actually fit better with meical in particular: I hate myself. Libra (nothing matters anymore) and Capricorn (I'm so tired of dealing with this) could work too, but leo feels more like her
     just hope she never gives the taurus answer, though...

Edit: the signs as latin phrases
T: taurus:
sit sine spina / let it be without thorns.
S: scorpio:
ex urna resurgam / i shall rise up again from the funeral urn

for her, i also kind of like the one fore aries: aries:
vulneror, non vincor / i am wounded, not defeated.

Things the Moon signs do:
T:  listen more than they talk, smile rarely but genuinely, have a lot of habits
S: fall in love with their best friends, dislike the people who are close to someone they like, look after their friends but not themselves
     ...like, holy shit, these are accurate

EDIT: the signs as natural phenomena
T: Mountains: Headstrong, Dependable, Fixed
S: Thunderstorm: Dark, Powerful, Destructive

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   26.03.15 23:05

More Meical personality schtuff, this is courtesy of alabe.com
for this, i mostly made the info up, but honestly i like the way it turned out. with the exception of some of the Libra and Sagittarius notes, it actually works out really well.

As a note, for this chart i put Meical's birthday as halloween, and put her down as living in Helsinge, Denmark, born at 1am

Name: Meical
October 30 1988
1:00 AM Time Zone is CET
Helsinge, DEN

Rising Sign is in 04 Degrees Virgo
You tend to be very shy and not very self-assertive. You are supercritical about how you appear to others. Even though you may think you are uninteresting and dull, you are actually quite soft- spoken, orderly, neat and very likable. You are a perfectionist with high standards, and at times you can be quite tactless in pointing out the faults of others. Very practical, efficient and purposeful, your appearance and bearing reflect your need to appear graceful, sensible and reserved. You have a crisp, no-nonsense approach to dealing with others. Never lazy or self-indulgent, you tend to be dedicated to the work ethic.

Sun is in 06 Degrees Scorpio.
Intense and complex by nature, you have extremely strong emotional reactions to most situations. Feelings are often very difficult for you to verbalize. Therefore you have a tendency to be very quiet - - to brood and think a lot. You seldom get overtly angry, but, when you do, you are furious and unforgiving. When you make an emotional commitment, it is total -- you are not attracted to superficial or casual relationships. If you are challenged, you take it as a personal affront and tend to lash out and fight back in a vengeful manner. You love mysteries and the supernatural. A good detective, you love getting to the roots of problems and you enjoy finding out what makes other people tick. You are known to be very willful, very powerful and quite tenacious!

Moon is in 08 Degrees Cancer.
For the most part, you are very strong and secure emotionally. You intuitively know what to do to make others feel comfortable, loved, accepted and needed. You naturally enjoy feeding and taking care of others. Be careful that your mothering does not turn into smothering. At times, you tend to feel that those to whom you are attached can never do anything without your assistance and support. Extremely sensitive by nature, it hurts you deeply whenever anyone criticizes you. You have an almost desperate need to be loved and wanted and needed by everyone with whom you come into contact, and you go out of your way to be accommodating to them.

Mercury is in 18 Degrees Libra.
You are known for not jumping to conclusions about things. You tend to weigh all possible choices very carefully before making a decision. When in the slightest amount of doubt, you will compromise rather than ruffle any feathers. You are a true raconteur of culture and taste -- your ideas and opinions are neat, elegant and refined. A born diplomat, you dislike discord so much that you will go out of your way to make others feel comfortable and at ease. You speak softly and pleasantly.

Venus is in 00 Degrees Libra.
A very friendly and outgoing person, you hate to be alone. Beware of a continuing tendency to compromise yourself in order to avoid being lonely. Try to be yourself, not what others would like you to be. You have an innate desire to be in refined and elegant surroundings and will go out of your way to create a plush and comfortable atmosphere around you. You have heightened aesthetic sensibilities and are attracted to music and the arts. Try to avoid using your well-known seductive charm in order to get out of doing what you consider to be dirty work!

Mars is in 29 Degrees Pisces.
Very sensitive and vulnerable, it is difficult for you to assert yourself. At times, you feel quite tired and you will require a lot of sleep in order to maintain your health and your strength. You are at your best when you act without your ego being important. You can be very unselfish and considerate of the needs of others. You get the most satisfaction by giving to others when you expect nothing in return. Beware of a tendency to want always to work behind the scenes or to become overly deceptive by doing things behind others' backs.

Jupiter is in 04 Degrees Gemini.
You have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. Your interests are wide-ranging and you are an avid student, with expertise in many different areas. You love to work things out in your mind -- everything you do is reduced to an exercise in logic and reason. You have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life. Your overemphasis on developing your powerful intellect can cause your emotional and intuitive abilities to atrophy unless you consciously choose to exercise them.

Saturn is in 28 Degrees Sagittarius.
Basically quite conservative, you respect traditional authority figures and are very thankful and supportive of the laws and institutions which govern your life. You learn and accept new ideas only after having very thoroughly examined them. Ideals and abstract concepts are important to you only if they can be used in some practical fashion. You are so practical and so orderly that you have natural skills in planning, administrating and organizing.

Uranus is in 28 Degrees Sagittarius.
You, and most of your peers, have the tendency to think that all ideas, customs and traditions from the past are outmoded and irrelevant. You are attracted to radically new ideas, philosophies and religions that will, hopefully, cause sweeping changes throughout the world.

Neptune is in 07 Degrees Capricorn.
You, and your entire generation, will idealize work, practicality and the ability to attain reasonable goals. But, because you will also stress the need to be selfless and giving, you may find it difficult to attain your goals unless you have lowered your expectations on all fronts.

Pluto is in 12 Degrees Scorpio.
For your entire generation, this is a period of intense research and discovery in areas that were heretofore considered mysterious, remote or taboo. The root causes for many complex occurrences will be unearthed due to the intensity and thoroughness of the search.

N. Node is in 12 Degrees Pisces.
You're attracted to others who need your assistance. You seem to go out of your way to form relationships with those who are weak, sick, injured, addicted or troubled in some way or other. At your best you can indeed provide the relief that others need. But at times you can be victimized by those who would prey on your good nature and take advantage of you. This can lead to all sorts of negative situations -- make sure that those you assist are truly worthy of your time, energy and commitment. A little enlightened self-protectiveness on your part can make your life work much, much smoother!

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Having a hard time deciding if Meical would terrify every animal she came across or if she has a way with animals that make animals trust her almost immediately...

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another thing grave helped me come up with. forgot to mention last night
Meical keeps her hair in a braid almost constantly, and throughout the generations that never really changes
and i am just imagining one of her nieces sitting her down to try and make her hair all pretty and stuff
and she takes out the ties
and Meical's hair just fucking stays in position

nah, it would be curly as fuck
just thought it would be amusing if she had literally left her hair like that for so long that it stayed in braid form all the time

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I have a terrible time with descriptors, so here is a basket of them:


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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   10.04.15 15:19

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interesting enough fact: saw some of the work of sculptor philip jackson, and i have to say that some of them get pretty close to the image and body language meical has

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My mind was wandering today with thoughts of Meical and her students

first i found a post on tumblr, listing all of the un-talked about positives of bpd, and that got me to thinking about having one of meical's students having bpd, just to see what kind of character he would turn out to be

Then got to thinking about another set of Meical's students
started with one of the students wandering around the capitol, and ending up near the President's daughter when a terrorist group attacked
and naturally, her student leapt to the girl's defense
not because she likes the President's daughter, but because she doesn't believe that people should be gunned down like that

So, the student gets shot, kills a lot of people, and ends up in the hospital

pan to the secret service agent who answers the girl's phone and hears meical on the other end
you are late, where are you
Who is this
...who are you and why do you have my student's phone
umm, your student was involved in a shooting. she is currently in xyz hospital.
...I'll be right there

And so, in walks Meical, niece in tow
and it gets better because one of the other service agents knew Meical from an op 10 years previous, where she had wiped out an entire armored tank division with her bare hands
and he's just like, okay, screw orders, everyone out of her way, unless you want to die

and then, because her niece wants to settle in for a bit and because the government was willing to fund her, Meical opens a dojo in a warehouse in the industrial district, where she and her students teach pretty much anyone who wants to learn how to fight and defend themselves. While they primarily do specialty training for special forces personnel, they also teach a lot of the orphans in the area.

first, something i thought up about Meical's system: seniority among Meical's students is not based on how old you are, or how much 'experience' you have- it's all about how long you have been under Meical's tutelage.
For example, of her three (yes, three) full-time students at the time, the most junior of them was a mercenary in his late 30s, who was on the bottom of the ladder due to the fact that he had only been with them for about 2 years.
compare with the girl who got shot, who is 17 (she joined shortly after the 'event' that the service agent referred to. she was an orphan who survived the disaster, and Meical's young niece insisted that they take in) and has been in Meical's teaching since she was seven

Both of them are junior to Meical's senior student at the time, who is... a medusa. A fairly young one at that (they are longer-lived than humans). This girl was taken in by Meical's previous niece (her current one's mother) as an infant, and has trained under Meical all her life. She is currently 28.
(not really of any consequence, but the medusa girl, due to having trained in some rather severe environments, is actually 2.5x the normal weight of a girl her size, due entirely to bone density and muscle mass, and is equivalently stronger than a normal human)

and yeah, fun stuff
sorry for the wall of text (not really)

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   16.04.15 14:53

Meical cosplaying a Bioshock Big Sister, because her niece forced her to XD

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   18.04.15 1:10

Blood is on Your Hands
by jagged66

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   24.04.15 10:55


One of Meical's nieces from a later generation tries to show her aunt how to use a smartphone
like, does it really slowly
and Mecial
takes it
messes with it for a few seconds, and hands it back

there is a new background, a new theme, the password has been changed, emergency contact info has been filled out, and there are now individualized ringtones

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PostSubject: Re: Meical: Volume I   

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Meical: Volume I
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