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 Too much

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PostSubject: Too much   10.10.14 14:42

I know I have been spending too much time on the internet when THIS is one of my latest story ideas
bear in mind I made this up between getting out of the shower and getting to school:

You have a girl in a harem. Kidnapped, trained bdsm-style to be a good servant girl, etc.
Into the master’s home comes a group of shall we say adventurers. Professional warriors, hunters, etc.
The master makes them welcome, and provides girls to see to their needs.
Our girl is given to a man, the group’s warrior-mage. He is in the shower, so she waits on her knees on the bathroom floor. He steps out, takes one look at her, and goes “I’m not even going to ask”
And goes about his business.
He pretty much gives her permission to leave, but she being afraid that she will be punished for failing to fulfil the man’s wishes pretty much begs him to let her stay. He’s like, ‘fine, if you wish to stay then stay’
and he lets her follow him. He brushes his teeth, his hair, cleans up the bathroom (even though there are servants for that), gets dressed, leaves the bathroom (her following), gets his wallet, keys, phone, goes and gets some snacks, balances his checkbook, and gets ready to leave.
Notices she is still standing there. ‘well, are you coming or not’
She has been getting increasingly perplexed this entire time, and now she is just speechless. She manages to stutter something about the master not allowing her to leave. He just yells down the stairs that he is taking the girl with him, and the master laughs. The man grabs his longcoat and heads out the door, with her in tow.
Just as they are about to get in his car, he tosses her the coat.
She stands there
He gets in
She pulls on the coat, and climbs in the car
From there, things are hazy, but the man drives out to a place, and suddenly disappears. From there, the girl takes over as the hero of the story, constantly having to discover what is the right thing to do at the time, learn how to fight (for herself and for others), and through various circumstances becomes a hero in her own right.
The coat is kind of like a magic version of batman’s utility belt- who knows what all is in there, but when push comes to shove it has whatever the girl needs
Great example: there is a pack of cigarettes. She has never smoked, but figures what the hell, she could use something to help her relax. Right as she is about to light up, she remembers that he didn’t smell of smoke, and there are only the faintest hints of smoke on the coat, as if from second-hand. She puts them away. Later in the story, a guy asks if she has any cigarettes, and she gives him one, and they stand outside talking. She gets a valuable ally that night. One hot meal, or a single cigarette, given to the right person at the right time can win you more than any amount of money
NOTE: when they leave the master’s house, all she is wearing is her slave collar. She gets the coat, and that is about all the clothing she gets, for probably most of the story

You just seem so…
Ordinary? You were expecting something grander, I presume?

You’ll find that we are all still regular people. We may be capable of great things, wonderful and terrible things, but when it comes down to it we are still just people, for better or worse

Ordinary people, given extraordinary events, become extraordinary

Why aren’t you using the windshield wipers
You don’t need them, if you can look past the rain
(seconds pass)(wiper blade activates once, cleans window)
Sometimes you have to look past your own capabilities for the ease of someone else’s mind
(notices she is shivering)
And sometimes you must learn to ignore your own discomfort in order to stretch your limits

Look over there- you see those vehicles?
Those earthmovers are incredibly powerful, capable of moving multiple tons’ worth of loads in a matter of hours. But they aren’t moving- why?
…because its raining?
Correct. It is raining- the ground is muddy and slick, and for all their power the earthmovers are clumsy vehicles, and if they try to move they will be incapacitated or worse. People may hold power over you, and many people, but there always comes a time when the strong must bow to those beneath them
Yeah, he is basically her superhero mentor for about the first 3 chapters or so, until he disappears. Debating having his familiar stick around to teach her, but I think that would void the loss of the mentor

I just... I don't even...

fuck it- no clue where this one was going
just thought it was too rich an idea to toss to the wind

*walks away, shaking head*
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PostSubject: Re: Too much   10.10.14 15:15

*rolls up newspaper*
*swats on head*
*drops newspaper, walks out*

Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: Too much   31.12.15 18:23

Wow, been a while since i had one of these:

really weird idea:

short guy has blood pressure problems
because while he is like, a half-foot to a foot shorter than most guys, his body still tries to produce close to the same amount of blood that a normal-sized man would
but, there is hope
there does exist a situation where he can commonly equal out his blood pressure, and it doesn't even require medication
popping a boner
because even though he is shorter, he has a bigger dick than most guys
so fantasizing, masturbating, intercourse- all of it will cancel out his bad blood pressure, at least for a little while

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PostSubject: Re: Too much   

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Too much
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