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 ...and returned a monster

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PostSubject: ...and returned a monster   12.02.14 1:15

I'll be editing in the morning, just had to get this one down:

The doctor paused for a moment, then turned slowly.
"There is... one other thing. Ever since she came into the clinic, she's been... smiling."
the woman began to round on him, but the doctor continued, hands held out in defense of his words. "At first, we just suspected it was simple joy from being home again, seeing some old, familiar faces. But then... it didn't stop."
the woman looked puzzled, and turned go look again at the figure that still had its back to her.
"She hasn't said anything except to confirm her name, but the entire time we were examining her, she was smiling at us. It became fairly obvious that it wasn't happiness causing her to smile, but something... darker. More menacing. In fact, I had to send several nurses away from the examination room; a few orderlies, too. I wouldn't have thought it possible that one thin, malnourished woman could have intimidated someone like Gregory, but he requested leave after only a few minutes of being in the same room with her."
The woman was silent, her thoughts troubled.
"I got back the reports of the men who found her, and according to them... that grin hasn't left her face since they found her on that island."
Finally, the woman said something. "What does it mean?"
The doctor straightened a little, trying to come up with a bold, confident assessment, but after a few moments let out a sigh, his spine bending with the crushed emotion.
"I have been a physician and a clinical psychologist for 25 years; I have tended to your family's needs since I was a grad student. I watched girl grow up, and treated and analyzed her entire life, yet I... have no idea."
The two of them watched the motionless figure as a bolt of lightning from the distant storm threw the silhouette into sharp detail, outlining the ridges of muscle and scar alike.

Guy slips a highly venomous snake into her shower- she picks it up and lets it wrap itself around her throat like a necklace.

Oh no, I'm not going to kill you just yet- that wouldn't be any fun at all. Besides, you haven't yet proven anywhere Near useful enough to have earned death from me. . .

Oooookay, I really need to get this sorted out.
I am going to be making a topic dedicated solely to story ideas, but if I feel a story is worth more of my time, and I actually feel like I have the material to make it into something, I will give it it's own title.
...this one will probably be an exception.

Came up with this idea after having seen the first episode of Arrow. It's becoming an odd trend that so many of my ideas have their roots in the ideas of others. At first, it started to annoy me, that I couldn't come up with my own original ideas, but then I sat down and thought about it, and what is any and all stories have similar bases. After all, how do we get any ideas at all? Through inspiration from the world we live in- from the things we see and do and hear.

Maybe that's why I was stuck in a rut for so long, and still do get stuck: because I don't let myself see and do enough to get new inspiration.

Anyways, like i said, this particular story is based at least in part by the story of Arrow, and by that distinction by the Green Arrow mythos as a whole. Couple differences: obviously, the main character is a chick (I like making female characters; i find them more interesting and fun to make than their male counterparts. Sue me), and she actually scares people. A lot.
Was lost at sea, survived on an island for a few years, surviving torture, manhunt, and the elements, was finally rescued, blah blah blah. Comes back home.
and after that... i got nothing.

I know i want her to be capable of more than the 'mere' capabilities of the Hood/Green Arrow, or any mortal person for that matter. Beyond that though I have no idea what I want her to be. Do I let her go with a similar physical repertoire to the Hood? Do I give her superpowers? Do I give her magic?
Hell, why not all three?
...nah, that'd be overkill.

For that matter, I don't even know what she would be doing. Is she trying to save the city, take it for herself, destroy it, or does she care? From my initial idea, she is at least slightly psychologically disturbed (maybe not like Joker, per se, but maybe in that vein), but at the same time there are people i want her to get along with and act a certain way towards, and others she has absolutely no patience for.
Maybe she has multiple personalities, maybe she's just biased. Not really sure yet.

kay, that's all I've got for now, but feel free to chime in on this if you like:
I am torn between naming her Ivy, or Claudia. I am leaning towards Ivy, but I like Claude a lot. What do you think?

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Posts : 2887
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PostSubject: Re: ...and returned a monster   30.03.14 11:45


maybe I should consider Elizabeth instead
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...and returned a monster
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