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 TS Plays Breakdown

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PostSubject: TS Plays Breakdown   06.04.13 20:51

Part 1:

I play Breakdown, a game that is not very well known and is decent if I do say, in this let's play series. Many lulz and rage to be had in videos to come.

Part 2:

A mysterious new female partner named Alex? No way could this ever backfire or end poorly for Derrick!

Part 3:

A mysterious cat, arms crackling with lightning, and strange bald men who wish to kill everyone. What's next, bad jokes? The answer is yes. Many bad jokes are to come.

Part 4:

TS kills a man.

Part 5:

The seed of rage has been planted. So it begins.

Part 6:

Lightning arms as a shield? Blasphemy.

Sasha Blause:
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TS Plays Breakdown
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