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 Space Issues

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PostSubject: Space Issues   16.09.12 1:44

I was in what I thought was a living area inside of a base on the moon. I was with about a dozen other people, including a friend of mine from real life. We had somehow gotten trapped inside this room, which seemed to be like a living room of sorts, but again, was inside this space/moon facility (which later turns out to be a space station). People started freaking out, looking for ways out of the room.

My friend walks up to this tightly sealed hatch on the floor, saying stuff like "I have to get out of here, man, we have to get out."

And so forth

I think for about half a second, then promptly tell him not to touch the hatch.

We have some sort of rig on our bodies that is a part of our suit or something (not space suits, just facility suits) and somehow he rushes by me in such a way that ours get hooked together, back to back. He bends over the hatch, and I get pulled down with him. He keeps muttering about how he has to get out, and I frantically tell him to get away from the hatch, and not to open it.

Suddenly, there is a moment of silence, as a slight hissing sound can be heard.

I hear him begin yelling "GOD DAMN IT GOD DAMN IT GOD DAMN IT GOD DAMN IT!!!"

Over and over again, as we are sucked out through the hatch into space.

I can hear his voice fading as we get farther away, and my ears blow out from the vaccuum shortly after. It is cold, and all of my senses dull and die as we float out into space.

And of course, I die.

But during my last moments, I tried frantically to make my dream reverse, to undo the error that my friend had made. It works in some dreams, being able to reverse them. Didn't work in this one.

It felt very, very real. And I woke up with high blood pressure and a very fast heartbeat.

Sasha Blause:
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Space Issues
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