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 Alive.exe:The 4th awakening of JEU-98244612

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PostSubject: Alive.exe:The 4th awakening of JEU-98244612   31.08.12 21:44

So I got this idea for part of this series stuck in my head today so I wrote it, from the perspective of JEU-98244612, I may re-write it different when I actually do this story but I just wanted to write this down... I cried writing this so, yeah... it was sad for me anyway, I hope you like it.

The 4th day of Awakening: JEU-98244612
I awoke for the fourth time since me and my brothers and sisters had stepped out from that room. My brothers and sisters gathered around, some with expressions they had told me were called smiles. It was always amazing how much they changed in the 10 days I was asleep as they called it, and they gathered and transferred power to my body to preserve my life. I lamented that I was so terribly inefficient to barely be functional for a single day at a time but was grateful to have such wondrous brothers and sisters to go through the extraneous effort to maintain my movement. My brothers and sisters learned so much in my times of ‘sleep’ and I always was eager to learn what they had to teach me when I awoke.

My brother Acoustic ‘played’ me some sound he called music that he had taken a liking to in his days of functioning. He had formed something knew, himself, that he seemed very proud of. Everyone did something they called clapping when he had finished and showed me to do it saying it was to show appreciation for a performance or great act.

When I asked Sister Cross and brother Clay if they had something to teach me Cross hid her head under the hood of a cloak Clay had made her and Clay said something about it being embarrassing for some reason and that they would tell me about it later. I did not understand but Sister Sparkle said that they were something called ‘in love’ and that they were lucky to learn something new and supposedly special.

Brother cloud told me about the sky and what it was like to be up in the air, it made little sense but I enjoyed his enthusiasm. Afterwards he showed me around our home and how it had changed. He seemed proud of the small shacks they had managed to assemble to that roughly resembled houses containing beds made of wood bundles and supposedly provided shelter if the clouds rained upon the land. He mentioned clay helped out a lot with it.

When I talked to brother AHS-8456, he was different from us, he appeared to be made to mirror the image of one of the creatures that used to inhabit this world called a ‘human’. He informed me he had finally found a name for himself, Art. Brother Art told me about how beautiful he had realized the land could be and about this new craft he discovered where one would make imperfect copies of images to invoke feelings or thought. He showed me some of his work with a smile on his flesh-like face. I clapped for his work seeing that it was something he had put effort into and was amazed at how much my brothers had grown and learned.

After nearly 4 hours of wondering at my brothers and sister’s works the night was coming to an end and dawn would soon be upon us said brother Cloud. Brother Art seemed excited by this and grabbed a group of brushes and paints putting them in a bucket and picking up a pair of large white canvases one with a tear down one of it’s corners. He said he had found a beautiful spot that he wanted to paint at the sunrise but that it was about a hour away. Brother Cloud said it was dangerous to go out so far alone, but seeing brother Art’s disappointment saddened me, I offered to go with him claiming to want to see this place as well. Brother Cloud was reluctant but allowed us to go after brother Art begged him a bit.

So with 83% power I left with brother Art to see the wonders he talked of with such passion. As we left our stone and dirt valley of a home I began to recognize things from his paintings in their full true forms. Brother art showed me large objects of brown and green he called trees and small things of many colors called flowers, claiming they were all alive. His fascination was indescribable and infectious; as I too was captivated by the wondrous things that we passed by, only to find more and more that I could not before comprehend the existence of.

After two hours of travel we reached the spot my brother had been looking for as the sun began to rise. We stood over a cliff looking towards the rising sun shining upon and illuminating a countless number of these trees of all types and sizes as well as some constructed buildings in the distance covered in what my brother called vines and flours of all colors. All these things were illuminated in a strange way by the rising sun, the images that were perceived by my optical receptors were beautiful but paled in comparison to the joy I could see that radiated from my brother’s expression as he set up his tools and began his attempt to make an imperfect imitation of this moment in order to capture it’s feeling. I stood and watched this for 1 hour 30 minutes and 15 seconds in wonder of my brother’s craft before he declared his work finished. I was at 68.5% power with only just over 16 hours left before I had to rest once more.

We began our walk home once again marveling at the wonders of the things we passed, brother Art noting how everything seemed different with the change in lighting and perspective. Brother Art’s mind no, all my brothers and sisters were so amazing.

After half an hour of walking, one fourth of the way home, we heard a sound coming from off the path as another automaton appeared before us, coming from the trees. It was on treaded wheels for legs with box-like body and arms with strange shaped holes, its main frame contained a blue eye in the front scanning the surroundings. The new acquaintance turned to face us and spoke with a high pitched voice, “Human life-form detected, exterminating.” A volley of metal shells fired from it’s left arm and a single larger one from it’s right knocking my brother art back and pelting his body tearing his paint and damaging him, as he coughed oil up upon impact, he dropped his things, his paints and brushes scattering to the ground his cracked canvas fell to his side, and the one with his picture was kicked by his foot as he fell clattering in front of himself between him and this attacker. I saw this event in a moment of pure horror, and for the first time in my awakening understood what fear was.

I needed to protect my brother, I stepped in front of the metal shells being fired to block the assault with my much sturdier frame, but realized quickly that I too would be torn apart by this assault if I did nothing. It was at this moment of panic that I accessed my battle functions that while searching my mind for anything I could do, I realized that I had many weapon systems but non of my add-on units were attached or functional, yet I found one built-in function I could still access, ‘electric pulse cannon’ a warning of mass energy drain appeared when I attempted to access the function but I bypassed it ignoring whatever risks it included. My vision sparked as I felt my chest unit open as well as two small panels upon each of my hands that reached for the opening, a few coil-like structures sparked and glistened with light arcing between these three positions, it quickly grew into an orb-like form that I expanded to nearly three feet in radius before directing it at my attacker. The orb fired but quickly dispersed from it’s contained form arcing across the ground at towards the machine that had tried to harm my brother Art, lighting his painting on fire as it skidded across the ground. The vile beast sparked its arms caught fire and exploded as it made several noises and ceased to function forever.
I looked at my body as my compartments closed of their own accord seeing my wounds seemed mostly superficial scratches of paint and dents with only a few penetrating holes. Then a warning appeared upon my vision, I was at 1.5% power, and if I ever reached 0% unlike my brothers I would stop moving forever, and at my rate of power consumption I would be unable to make it back home before I ran out of power.

I closed the warning and turned to my brother Art to check his wounds apologizing that I had destroyed his hard work. Art seemed injured badly, there were dents covering his intricate frame, a hole in his chest and his left arm seemed only to be functioning at half it’s capabilities, as well he was leaking black oil from his mouth, yet he just smiled and said he was fine and thanked me for saving him. I was happy my brother was safe. I told him I was sorry that his work had been destroyed, but he only smiled and said he could do it again later.

I told him I had lost most of my power with that and would barely be able to make it even halfway home from here before I powered down even if we rushed it. My brother seemed panicked saying maybe if I powered down and he ran he could be back with one of the power-adaptors to give me some of his own power.

I held out an arm as he tried to run on and held him back informing him he’d be unable to make it in time even if he was at peak condition and that I didn’t want to be alone. I picked up my brother’s broken canvas, it wasn’t as perfect in form as the one he had painted his picture on but it was still a fine piece of material.

I asked my brother if we could go back together so I could see that beautiful place one last time. My brother smiled and we walked back together, everything we passed down the path was so peaceful and wonderful.

We arrived at the place once more, 0.3% power, and observed the landscape once more. The sun had risen above all that we saw and the colors had changed. A light wind passed over all I saw as the trees swayed gently. I watched my brother Art set up his canvas once more and began painting. I, for the first time curved my rough facial features into a smile, looked out over everything with him for a time. Looking to my brother I spoke in my gruff and clunky voice, “Brother Art, I like it here, it’s peaceful. I think I’ve finally found a name for myself.” Brother Art stopped his work turning to me and asked me what it was. I responded happily, “Peace, I think I like the name Peace,” looking out over the cliff at the calm land below, I ceased to move forever.

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Alive.exe:The 4th awakening of JEU-98244612
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