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 I must write

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What should I write of?
The Secret War
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Shattered Blade
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Birth of Magic
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The World Beyond Sight
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The Writer's Search
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Hidden Truths
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PostSubject: I must write   30.08.12 21:21

I at this point have 7 stories that should end up rather long that are stuck in my head but unwritten. I have to start writing my stuff down sometime even if I'm not confident in my own skill, so I'll get better. So, what do you think I should write?

The Secret War:
I decided to make a marching song recently and this is an adaption of the song to a story, where in the story would technically come before the song.

Shattered Blade:
Story of a wandering samurai who's past hubris has made his once fearsome weapon a fragile thing. Though, refusing to repair it he seeks to improve himself as he continues on choosing to live with his past.

Birth of Magic:
In the short-term future a sudden event occurs that makes a small fraction of the world's population spontaneously manifest supernatural control over different forces. This results in mass paranoia and fear from the general populous as well as the most horrific 'cleansing' of the world since the holocaust and a war that would scar the earth.
Several hundred years later. Those with these abilities have exist as if a higher class in the world of their own society almost, divided up into groups that serve their own purposes following the few scattered notes of a long dead hero from the war as if scripture, though only possessing pieces and hiding them from each-other has led to many feuds between the clans and in some cases all out war against each-other.

The World Beyond Sight:
There is a world that envelopes our own, one that few can fathom. Humans become set in their ways and perception of reality as they age (usually) and simply refuse to acknowledge these things that clash with their reality. Only with an open mind, seeking it, and exposure can one truly see this world, most that can connect with it at all still can't see it as anything more than a disturbance in how reality should be, and some discover it lacking the ability to see it by seeing the normal plane's response to the events caused by the creatures of this world.

Several beings awaken alone in a long forgotten room, lacking any memory of their past except a few painful or frightening flashes. They will learn and decide who and what they are, and if they can truly be considered alive or merely machines.

The Writer's Search:
A series of 3 stories I shall not speak about for reasons nor would I post this here most likely (paranoid about this idea being taken or used in an altered form to an extent); The Hero's Tale, The Villain's Revelation, and The Mannequin's Requiem/The Faceless Watcher.

Hidden Truths:
A horror story with a familiar beginning. An old man has died alone in his mansion, according to his will his fortune and mansion may go to anyone that desires it, as long as they stay within the mansion the longest and not break a very strict set of rules, they will be entrusted with it. To make sure word got out upon his death his will also included a sum of money set aside to advertise this. One of his lazy and unmotivated spoiled grandchildren does not take kindly to the denial of his inheritance and goes to participate as well to win back his 'birthright'. Unfortunately for him and all else that answered this message the true intent of this was to make sure that someone remained in the mansion to keep what is sealed within inside.

So these are the tales I would like to weave, though some names are subject to potential change others are definitive.
This is a question of which I should begin to write first, though.

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I must write
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