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 Trapped with zombies in a facility

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PostSubject: Trapped with zombies in a facility   23.08.12 13:24

If I remember correctly, this dream started after the breakout already happened.

I was in some facility, with dozens and dozens of other people. Naturally, this facility was some deep underground research center for the production of some thing that could make people live forever or some crap. My dream didn't tell me that, I'm actually just guessing that much. Either way, it was very Resident Evil style, except the people that were down there were visiting tourists.


I was running along with a few people ever so often, I don't remember much however. Zombies were in a few places of the facility, chasing after people and eating them alive. I ran into this big room, not really high ceiling, but the floor space was pretty damn big. The doors were barred and there were probably about a hundred people in this room, sitting with blankets and various objects. It seemed to be a make-shift safe room. Up until this point, I had been roaming by myself for a little while, so it was a relief to find it.

I walked over to a corner of the room. I may add at this point that most of the room was a dull iron/copper/tan look, very dirty and partly damaged in areas. May have been a storage room at some point, as the rest of the facility had pristine white-painted cement walls and very clean hallways etc.

So I went to the far left corner, and sat. There was another guy, looked like a college student with long black curly hair and thick black glasses. We talked for a bit, when suddenly this thing phased through the floor/wall. It was a semi-clear, light blue cylinder about the size of a large cigar. It floated weightlessly, slowly. The other guy backed up, but I watched it. I decided to grab it, and see if I could determine what it was, as it was probably something else this place was trying to make.

When I grabbed it, it took the shape of what could be described as a water bottle, with the portions above and below my hand being a little puffed out, and one end having something that looked like a cap. It was also the size of a water bottle now. I could feel it, but it was still weightless and blue/see through as if it were ethereal. I sort of felt a power surge, as if it gave me some kind of abilities, or unlocked them for me.

Just then, a group of zombies at the opposite end, the one I came in through, broke through the barrier. Among them, were zombie dogs, which began attacking people. The people nearest me, including myself, made a dash for the nearest door, opposite the one they came through, and we ran down these stairs. At this point, I learned that I could somehow move similarly to the object I had, in the sense that I could jump much higher and sort of float a little. I used this to jump down the stairs easily without injury, as well as jump up to the top of large hallways to avoid the possibility of getting attacked.

As we continued to run, we passed another decent sized room, that looked like an office, that was full of a mix of people and zombies, attacking said people. We kept running. For some reason, we were trying to go down, to the bottom of the facility. Why? I don't know, but it seemed logical at the time.

We also had something to do with an elevator or something, and I developed minor psychokinetic and precognitive powers.

Overall, this dream was very fun. Most people would write it off as a terrifying nightmare, but I loved it because it was exciting and such, not just a one-sided horror like most of my nightmares. I would actually like to have this dream again sometime.

Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: Trapped with zombies in a facility   24.08.12 0:58

People sometimes are like, ew monsters=nightmare. Nightmares don't need monsters and monsters don't mean nightmares. It's helplessness and oppression that breads nightmares, when you can fight back and fear does not overwhelm you, it's just another adventure... Sounds fun.

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Trapped with zombies in a facility
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