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 Enhanced sense/arcade, summoned excrement, and vampire assisting

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PostSubject: Enhanced sense/arcade, summoned excrement, and vampire assisting   15.08.12 13:44

Like a retard, I hopped online to post this quickly, then forgot about it. So I don't recall as much of the dream now.

Dreamt that I went into an arcade at the mall. I suddenly realized I was in a dream, and remembered a thing from the day before about seeing how much detail was in a dream by looking closely at objects.

The moment I realized I was in a dream, everything became more clear and less dream-like. I looked closely at one part of the room, and surely enough, it had amazing detail. Even better detail than real life, it seemed (which means that it had detail that was....idk how to put it...super imposed?).

I walked around, and felt like almost waking up, since I was concentrating too much, which usually leads me to waking up. But it didn't this time, thankfully.

Second part was right outside the mall. Both dreams were at night, just fyi. I was standing there next to someone, a girl I think, and for some reason, don't know why or whatever, I got the idea to do something. Now, at this point, I started to obtain power as I do in some dreams, so could do various whatever. Anyway. I summoned a log of shit out of nowhere and had it spawn on top of one of those cement poles that keep cars from driving in through the front door.

Something about a manager or teacher finding it, freaking out, etc. Another one finds it and picks it up, telling everyone it's fake, and was just a product of magic, blah blah.

Third dream, some friend aquaintance took me to see some vampire friends of his. There was some feud going on between them and werewolves.....twilight shit but without the twilight plot line or characters. I went inside some tunnel or base, something like that. It was surprisingly clean and well lit. He took me to a pair of them that were loading something onto a pallet I think. Some discussion was had about me being there, and how they should kill me or something. This was another dream where I spontaneously have powers. I tell them that I have godlike powers, and unlike their powers, I can do anything I desire, but mine were weaker since I had more of them to train than they did. They seemed mildly impressed and let me stay after I flashed around some psychokinesis. They wanted me to load some rug-like things onto a pallet for them, and told me not to use my powers to do so.

I did so anyway. But, like most dreams, my powers were shoddy and failed half the time.

But yeah. That was that.

Sasha Blause:
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Enhanced sense/arcade, summoned excrement, and vampire assisting
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