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 12. Money.

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PostSubject: 12. Money.   27.07.12 3:00

July 26th was a long day. I woke up, quickly started my day preparing to go to the cities again. Visited my sister's house and spent lurking the internet for a few relaxing hours, and then finally made our way to Treasure Island, a resort/casino where Thursdays were 'Seafood nights' and are a good time for family reunions. After all that mumbo jumbo ended, it was time to go home. From the casino to my home, it took around three hours in total. I expected to sleep all or part of the way to Point B but somehow I managed to stay sain and perfectly awake. One thought I remembered thinking the most was what would I do with one million dollars?

It branched off from a 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' daydream, filled with somewhat realistic questions and answers and had makeshift lifelines and makeshift personnel responses. It felt real and indeed, a good time-waster.

But back to the question; What would you do with one million dollars? I thought of personal use, to pay back debts or to owe people in the past. Afterwards, I probably would use it to visit places I've always wanted to go, and after that maybe charity or to my parents. There's just many things to think about, to spend or save that large amount of money especially at a young age like mine.

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PostSubject: Re: 12. Money.   27.07.12 12:46

That's cute but kinda boring. I'd use 1 million dollars mostly for myself. My parents and brother are independent and so getting angry at their little girl for not giving them her money is silly.

If you think about it, there's not a lot of big things you can buy with that much. Most filthy rich people got rich from lucky investments, but I don't want to do that either at the risk of going broke. I guess what I'd really like is to move and start over somewhere very far from my folks.

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12. Money.
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