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 11. Starcraft II Mafia

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PostSubject: 11. Starcraft II Mafia    26.07.12 2:54


You were annoyed by a Jester!
You have been visited by an attractive being, you were role-blocked!
You are being controlled by a Witch!
You were hit by the Mafia!
You were burned alive!
You were attacked by a Serial Killer!

You are now Dead!


Before the sun rose, ShinJix was already dead.

He was found dead lying outside in his backyard.

There were signs of struggle. His body had bruises and minor fractures. He also was riddled with bullets at close range. Another visit occurred, ShinJix was doused with gasoline and then burned to a crisp. He also had multiple stabbings and died painfully.

His role was Doctor.

The day prior to my death, all of this happened because the Sheriff revealed my role by mindlessly calling me out without actual evidence and was doing it for shits and giggles. Due to my name being called out as a vital Town role, the bad guys believed the Sheriff and all went after me. The sheriff then died the night after my death and the Mafia wins after killing/lynching all of the Town.

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11. Starcraft II Mafia
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