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 Fall of Natacyn Spell list (part 2)

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PostSubject: Fall of Natacyn Spell list (part 2)   29.04.12 21:43

3rd Level Spells
4th Level Spells

5th Level Spells

Special Abilities:


Additionally, you may learn spells from scrolls, spell books, inscriptions, other casters, etc. To learn a new spell, you must study it for at least 8 hours a day, for days equal to four times its spell level. You may not learn a new spell for a period of time equal to the time spent learning the new spell. So if you spend 4 days learning a spell, you must wait 4 days to learn another.

You may also augment a spell by training with it. You must spend days equal to three times the augment cost training with that spell for at least three hours each day. This time spent training must be spent specifically to train for that augment, and cannot be calculated into the time spent using it in combat or for entertainment purposes.

Sasha Blause:
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Fall of Natacyn Spell list (part 2)
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