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 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.

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PostSubject: 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.   23.02.12 23:17

What if...Our current Realphobia personas traveled through time and confronted our past selves from whenever long ago, but was clearly within a state of great health and replenishing activity. Or simply stated, Pre-diseased Realphobistan. This is all I have right now and probably will be the only conversations. Depends on my sporadic motivation.

*Note: The mockeries of your personas even if true or not, were done to be unexpected in the first place.
**The names listed will correspond with the dialogue. Future-First, Past-Last.

"Huh. You look more uglier now than in the past...How terrible, butterflies are so démodé. *Unlocks her red violin case and grabs out her sub-machine gun.* -Oki Family Affairs

"Sigh..I leave my ban-hammer at home for one second, and a troll like you appears out of nowhere? I hope you're not like that Worthless bead prick." *A group of bodyguards march around Hinaoki, one arming her with her trusted guns.* -Slithering Names

"Still weird as ever. I hope you practiced for years leading up to this point..Hey, I'd do it. Since we're asian and all." *Large glowing wings begin to appear from ShinJix's back.* -Creation of the Elements

"...Let's end this already." *Unsheathes the demonic-consuming blade Kuzeryu.* -Demon World: Ancient Japan


"Ah, what a joyous sight to see my still-handsome younger self...Want to spot some tea?" *Begins to shuffle his card deck under his pockets.* -???

"A spot of tea would delight me so well, you seem like a kind gent. Hmm, Those are some nice cards by the way...they're quite familiar.. *Grasps his syringe beneath his pocket.* -Life in the Pits

"I've always wondered what would happen if I've met my previous self. I have an idea.." *He casually walks closely towards the other man's ear and whispers to him*

"Heh, you got it." *Both look towards the skies as they see two gigantic flying pirate ships beginning to clash together.* -???

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PostSubject: Re: 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.   23.02.12 23:25

Holy crap, you considered me one of the main 3-4.


Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.   24.02.12 0:06

If I want to see my old self I just look on chat logs from the Starcraft Era.
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PostSubject: Re: 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.   24.02.12 1:31


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PostSubject: Re: 7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.   

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7. I have too much time on my hands, sorry.
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