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 Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant.

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Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant. Empty
PostSubject: Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant.   Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant. EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 10:34 pm

Summoner Name: This specific summoner's real name is known as Evie Argentia. Though in most cases, this summoner is formally referred to as "Eveliesce."

Age: Evie is, has been and most certainly known of having eighteen years of age.

Skin: Evie's skin is usually shrouded in her initial robe she wore as a summoner, but she has a naturally light tan pigment inherited from her parents.

Hair Color: The color of Evie's hair consists of a pitch-dark black with a tint of indigo.

Hair Style: The style Evie choses for hair depends solely towards her natural color of the hair, and it's initial un-kept appearance. Her hair creates a compare-and-contrasting expression. The texture of her hair is soft, fragile and pleasant to feel, while the initial appearance of her hair shows a sense of chivalry and determination as it is shown as un-kept, and disheveled. Evie almost never keeps her hair un-kept, as it is commonly held and banded together into a small ponytail. (also shrouded by her summoner hood, of course.)

Eye Color: The color of Evie's eyes is known to be of a simple neutral brown hue.

Height: Evie's height appears to be of a good 5'8".

Weight: Evie's weight appears to be 142 lbs.

Summoner Spells: Evie has been known to be on the offensive, though caring of other's well-beings including her own. Her spells consist of: Ignite, Flash, Heal and Clairvoyance.

History: Evie Argentia was a cherished child born and raised in the small inhabitant island of Ionia. As a cherished student and young role-model in the island, Evie had great hopes and dreams for her future according to her parents and relatives. Though as she grew older, she also grew bitter and dull when it came to basic studies and daily chores. Evie's interests brightened as she caught word of the "League of Legends." Though she cared less about its purpose of solving political debates, she mainly cared of the action and conflict which happens during the battles. Evie then took the last few portion of her teenage years into studying more about the geography and past of Runeterra and it's many city-states and also more about the 'champions' participating in the League of Legends. Evie was determinated, she wanted to know more about it all, and to share her opinions and make change by her actions as a summoner. Evie notified her friends and family that she would leave home and enter Valoran for the first time.

After many months of adventures and explorations leading to her understanding of Valoran, Evie Argentia quietly encountered a wandering woman near the path to the practically-destroyed Noxus, whose appearance consists of bloodied rags and an ancient decrepit staff wielded by the wanderer's frail right hand. The woman finally revealed herself as simply "Le'Zure", former member of the Noxian Black Rose, lead by her older sister, Evaine LeBlanc. Le'Zure was peaceful and had a neutral state of mind towards Evie, and she was merely going to Noxus to check upon Noxus after the carnage, and hopefully her sister. Evie gulped and risked her choices and asked Le'Zure if she had unique powers. Le'Zure responded back by giving Evie a temporary clearer sense of vision, and also creating a mirror image of herself, homage to the teachings from her older sister. Evie was amazed, shocked at the wanderer's unique abilities. Though unknown of the woman's past, Evie quickly befriended Le'Zure and persuaded her into becoming her 'champion' before entering the League of Legends and becoming a young representative of Ionia at the age of 18.

Personality: Evie's personality can be shortened up and generalized into a tossed salad of different emotions and feelings as the days go by. Though she is now considered as an adult, Evie still bears the carefree and immature emotions that a child would commonly hold; this personality makes Evie stand out more from the strict and harsh summoners, she is more joyful, and more alleviating in a sense that she is able to have fun and have the energy to do such things. Then again, her emotions are mixed up like a tossed salad, she faces the realization that she isn't a child anymore and she begins to switch her personality to fit like the others. She shares no conflicts towards other people, but only an internal conflict with herself and her state of mind. Whenever she would be happy or sad, she will always regret her choices and thinks of other ways she could have made better at the end of the day.

Champion Informaton -
Name: Le'Zure, The Ancient Clairvoyant.

Abilities: Le'Zure is a concentrated individual who focuses on using a range of magical abilities with clear accuracy. She is heavily skilled with her unique abilties involving the sense of vision. Though frail and heavily dependant on those of protective nature, Le'Zure is able to easily defeat foes in short time and generally is a quick and agile magician. As a final note, not only is she good on the offensive, but she is also able to use her magic to support others. Le'Zure can see deeply through the fog of war from afar compared to others, and can temporarily improve her ally's vision, or temporarily blind her enemy. Her powers show that she is a helpful asset to her allies, as she is able to easily see the enemy's movements and create clear-cut strategies against them.

Homeland: Le'Zure's original homeland was Noxus.

History: Le'Zure was born along with her sister Evaine within the citystate known as Noxus. As they both grew in their prime childhood, Evaine would be the dominant of the two sisters and be the most cherished baby while Le'Zure, was deeply overshadowed and ignored. As time passed, both Le'Zure and Evaine were trained to understand the basics of magic and how to use it. Le'Zure decided to learn a portion of Noxian magic, while Evaine took her time to understand its full power. Many of the Noxian citizens encouraged Evaine to keep learning, while despising Le'Zure for her actions. During times of most relaxation, Evaine would use her magic as tricks and jokes to annoy Le'Zure. Evaine's trickery would lead her to confront her sister in a fight that nearly killed one another. Le'Zure gained the upper hand, but Evaine's sudden decieving blow knocked Le'Zure unconscientious. Noxian citizens that watched the fight witnessed Le'Zure start the first blow. Authorities took Le'Zure out towards the city gates and left her as she was fainted. The Noxian people labeled her as an exile, and the conflict would forever be known as the Day of Exile. But only to Le'Zure, the Day of Exile helped her unlock her unique powers of controlling the sense of vision.

Le'Zure couldn't come back to Noxus, and would travel and wander Valoran for most of her teenage years until finally resting in the citystate known as Demacia. Introducting to Demacian officials as a simple wandering oracle, the officials quickly recruited her as a stationary prophet; to observe and keep control of the actions of Demacia's enemies, specifically Noxus. As Le'Zure worked for the Demacian military, Evaine would now be known as 'LeBlanc', and started the origins of the Black Rose. Le'Zure and LeBlanc became sworn enemies, each represented Demacian and Noxian conflict. Le'Zure continued to master her unique powers, and also adding Demacian influence and portions of her knowledge from Noxus into her magical arsenal. Le'Zure prepared herself as she would be the few others joining alongside Garen & Lux Crownguard, Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV representing Demacia in the League of Legends.

Using her concentration mostly fighting against her sister LeBlanc, Le'Zure was oblivious of the future conflicts that would inevitably happen. One of these conflicts, would appear as a full-scale war that would affect most of Runeterra and create mass destruction towards all sides. Le'Zure had found out in secret, but she knew correctly; the Third Rune War would soon come to a beginning, and it was already too late to stop. The carnage of the war had forced Demacia to join forces alongside Noxus as a last resort to defend against the attackers. The oracle Le'Zure confronted LeBlanc, the Deciever and agreed to work together during the war. The enemy's power was too much to handle for Runeterra. The Examplar of Demacia, Jarvan IV brought back Le'Zure away from the battlefield, seeing as she had unique clairvoyance that would be able to help future generations. Jarvan IV ordered and planned the sealing of Le'Zure. She would be forever locked in stasis unharmed from the conflicts happening in the war. Many champions died from the war, while those that are immortal are haunted by memories of their past friendships with them. Le'Zure would be secretly unsealed two hundred years after the Third Rune War and begin to wander and revisit the past citystates of her time, and hopefully visit her sister Evaine or past remnants or memoirs from her. During this time, Le'Zure would be confronted by a young summoner named Evie Argenta, and join forces with her in the League of Legends as an act of kindness and hope for Runeterra's future.

Personality: Le'Zure's neutral personality has been retained after being locked in time for two hundred years. Her anger towards LeBlanc has been nullified and she continues to have a sense of sympathy towards most people. She continues to speak with quiet wisdom and her heart of gold remaining intact.

Appearance Description: Le'Zure's appearance appeared to be as a medium compared to most people. She wasn't luxurious nor of poor quality. Le'Zure shares the same dark grey color in her eyes similar to her sister Evaine. She appeared to be of average weight and height. 5'3" and 132 lbs. During her time in Demacia, Le'Zure dyed the color of hair from a natural black to a bright and shining white to create a new identity and also a new leaf as a different person. After her unsealing two hundred years from the war, Le'Zure insisted on keeping her old clothes she wore before instead of downgrading to low quality rags. Her wear consisted of an inner armor with a similar design as the armor worn by Luxanna Crownguard but covered by a thin white cloak with the golden Demacian insignia stitched on the left shoulder of the cloak. She carries a long staff with a design to look similar to a holy cross. The staff helped her stand out as a Demacian oracle.

Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant. Cynicalsig2
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Summoner Evie Argentia and Le'Zure, the Ancient Clairvoyant.
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