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 Shupa and Zangeeze

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PostSubject: Shupa and Zangeeze   Shupa and Zangeeze Empty10.01.12 20:13

So these aren't finished, but I wanted to throw them up here to get opinions on what I've got so far. I know they're not well written, these were first drafts which were thought up as I wrote etc.

Summoner Name: Shupa
Age: 27
Skin: n/a
Hair Color: Brown with white patches
Hair Style: Short and well kept
Eyes: Beady
Height: 2'5"
Weight: ~60 lbs
Summoner Spells: Ghost, Flash, Cleanse, Exhaust
History: (I will expand upon this later) Shupa was a youth of prodigal talent in the arcane arts. Upon coming of age he left Bandle City to find glory and riches. Sometime along his adventure he came upon the Shadow Lands, where he met and befriended a strange ally in a zombie named Zangeeze. Convinced of his new friend's abilities, he entered the League of Legends as a representative of Bandle City, encouraging Zangeeze to represent him has a champion and utilizing him solely.

Personality: Shupa is bubbly and generally light hearted. He rarely takes things seriously and is always looking for laughs. He has a constant urge to learn and explore and has an insatiable curiosity.

Appearance: Shupa is well dressed, often wearing tailored suits made specially for him. He often sports a monocle for no particular reason other than to look cool, and he's almost always wearing a pair of fancy white gloves. He keeps his fur neat and has a handlebar moustache.

Champion Informaton -
Name: Zangeeze
Abilities: Zangeeze is a potent, albeit simplistic, fighter. He utilizes short, strong motions to deliver powerful blows in an unrelenting offense. He's often reckless in battle due to his inability to feel pain and his fearlessness in regards to personal injury. While he's been magically enhanced to be stronger, faster, and more durable than other beings, he has no command over magic himself and isn't very agile.
Homeland: Shadow Lands
History: Little is known of Zangeeze's former life other than he was a relatively reputable mercenary with a high success rate and a willingness to participate in any mission, granted the pay was high enough. One day, an aspiring and adventurous young summoner had levied a large fee for Zangeeze to accompany him on a trek through the Shadow Lands, hoping to discover lost artifacts of great and mysterious power. They were never heard from again.

As the years turned to decades, rumors of Zangeeze's exploits hushed from roars to whispers and were ultimately forgotten. Rumors of the dangers of the Shadow Lands continued to grow, as more and more people followed in his footsteps into a mysterious disappearance. The few people to return from the Shadow Lands did so with only stories of horror and addled minds.

One day, an adventurous young yordle named Shupa had ventured into the Shadow Lands alone. The horrors he encountered were many, but not insurmountable for the young summoner. His strength and spirit were indomitable, and though the environment was inhospitable, he flourished. As he reached the center of the island, he came across an ancient ruin. Eager to explore it immediately, Shupa approached unhesitatingly. The denizens tried to stop him, protecting their sacred ground, but they were no match for the eager young yordle. Upon reaching the antechamber to an ancient shrine, however, the yordle was stopped by a strange creature; an intelligent zombie.

Zangeeze stood before the door, looking down at the small yordle with an amused and interested look. The two began to talk, Zangeeze impressed by the light hearted nature of Shupa despite the horrors he'd faced to reach him, and Shupa impressed by Zangeeze's relatively personable demeanor and articulate manner of speech. Zangeeze warned Shupa that only death awaited him on the other side of the door, and that he should turn back and return to where he had came. Shupa said that he refused to leave empty handed, but not wanting to die he asked Zangeeze why he remained at the altar. Zangeeze had said he remained to warn others to avoid his own fate, and that despite not being the first he'd warned, Shupa was the first who listened to him. Shupa suggested that Zangeeze accompany him back to Valoran, perplexed by the idea Zangeeze considered for a moment before agreeing. The two left the Shadow Lands and travelled to Valoran, embarking on a great many adventures before finally coming upon the Institute of War together.

Personality: Despite being undead, Zangeeze has retained several traits of his old personality. He's rough around the corners, often being blunt and is often sarcastic to the point of ridicule. He's difficult to motivate, however once he has his mind set on something, it's nearly impossible to steer him off course.

Appearance Description: Zangeeze is a rotting horror. Several patches of skin are either decaying or have fallen off completely, leaving muscle and bone exposed. His complexion is pale and grey, his skin is cold to touch and his flesh is firm, almost rigid. His once grey eyes have lost their color and glazed over in the decades since his death, and his hair has all but fallen out, leaving only a few black strands hanging out haphazzardly in every which direction.

When in battle, he's adorned with light plates of armor, restricting his movement and making him slightly clumsy, but leaving few exposed points. He wields a rusted blade of ancient design and carries a small round shield to defend himself.

Zangeeze stands a little over 6 feet tall, is generally slouching, and weighs around 180 pounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Shupa and Zangeeze   Shupa and Zangeeze Empty12.01.12 20:43

I just squeal at the thought of a yordle with a handlebar mustache and a monocle.
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Shupa and Zangeeze
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