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 Number 1 vs. Vinyl Scratch... DJ FIGHT!

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PostSubject: Number 1 vs. Vinyl Scratch... DJ FIGHT!   08.11.11 9:29

Okay... so yeah, I forgot like everything of this dream immediately when I woke up, and then remembered a few pieces about ten seconds later.

I think I was in some group on a KND-esc mission at some extremely overpriced fancy place... like a ballroom-type area with a more assassin's creed style layout... Vinyl scratch was a DJ for some reason, and ended up in an awesome fight with our leader who I assume was Number 1 for some reason... I remember we were using light to negate her power for some reason... then the power got cut... I ran around in the dark for a bit, then I came to a door where I could faintly here techno music, when I opened the door it began to blare and there were bright flashing multi-color lights, after proceeding a bit I guess I lost where I was going and ended up in some wherehouse-like area that was filled with people. It may have been an airport of sorts, but it was, different. Seats were marked with different price ranges, many close to a hundred dollars in some sections, I did come across an area that I didn't go to that costed mere pennies believing it was for the poor and not wanting to take a seat from a less privileged person... then I went to the more product based area and met my cousins who I haven't seen in ages and climbed over some guitar hero guitar boxes.... that's about it.

Not sure when another dream occurred; but it was a sub-dream about the megaman games and some self-designed characters or something. Also one of the two guys playing was kind of a dick who kept ruining the other guys stuff... I think it was an imaginary comedy show... There was also a megaman game that doesn't exist but was awesome...

In the end the most important thing that happened was.... DJ FIGHT! The battle with Vinyl Scratch at the rave-like-thing was awesome.

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Number 1 vs. Vinyl Scratch... DJ FIGHT!
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