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 Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?

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PostSubject: Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?   04.11.11 13:22

I think there was also some space-like one but that one has completely faded from memory, except what may have been a space pod and the endless space....

So, From what I can remember of the dungeon crawl, I'm not entirely sure how most of it went, but I traveled through dark, damp caves, with some moss on the walls, slaying many monsters that stood in my way. At the end I acquired a very specific knife I had seen in real life before, and intended to use it to slit an upcoming dragon's throat... I Know I did much more, but it has faded from memory...

I woke up, and fell back asleep.

in this dream I think everyone was a pony... but I don't think that came about to matter one way or another, we were all just mlp ponies, of sorts. again it was in more of a dungeon crawl basis. Yet, this time there were many of us, and one of us remembered being killed. We were wondering these catacombs looking for a way out, though we didn't know how we had gotten there, there was also some hammer of resurrection... in the end we found an exit, with a bright light. Plot twist was that we had all died, and this wasn't the living world, we were resurrected and our bodies were in beds in some tower, the dream ended as I awoke again.

These dreams were so vivid, as if reality when I had them, so why.... why as I awake, must they begin to fade?

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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?   04.11.11 14:53

That's just how a dream is.
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?   04.11.11 23:10

Dunno why most forget their dreams when they wake up...if I remember mine at all, I can remember nearly the entire thing in most detail.

Hell, I may even start posting dreams that I had months or years ago.

Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?   

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Dungeon crawling, and resurrection take?
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