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 ....blurry dream.

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PostSubject: ....blurry dream.   03.11.11 11:23

Well it was vivid when I had it, but I forgot most when I woke up, but remembered bits and pieces.

I was on a campus like setting, but think of it like a set up with two islands opposite each-other, with buildings surrounding. on one side there were some of those tables with the plastic mold covering the metal frame and the wholes all over them. I was on this side. There was a rather large drawbridge to the other side, and a water slide over there heading into the water around the area. I went to cross the bridge and fought some guy for passage but I forget who or why. Once over there I turned around and several people who looked like they were cosplaying the 'adventure time' show charged across the bridge, I tried bowling them over with what I think was either a very heavy balloon or a bowling ball and took out a few, but they made it across and won the game (which I guess was a game). People talked I think and fun was had, something got lost in the water so they went across the bridge to get it, I took the water slide and swam across, everything was solved by the time I got there. Then I went to go back inside but encountered a guy in a monk outfit (D&D monk). I fought him for fun, he kicked my ass, laughs were had. Then there was something about cellphones and a shit ton of articles that I should really read and stuff.... and then he left and everything was all happy and stuff, and I don't remember the rest.

It's a dream, it doesn't need to make sense.

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....blurry dream.
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