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 I Can Dream!?

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PostSubject: I Can Dream!?   03.11.11 8:29

Alright, I probably won't be able to go into as much detail as the others, but here's the just of what I think I dreamed about tonight.

Alright, the first one was basically me being a part of NCIS for some reason, and I played an undercover viewpoint of something, because I always knew where the bad guy was. Some stereotypical evil mastermind, for real. Went around solving crimes until the bad guy was eventually shot and killed by Gibbs. Not sure what else happened.

The second dream was basically me going to a school or something full of supernatural being. Everyone looked human, but everyone had some type of ability/monstrous lineage. I didn't have any, but that was because, supposedly, my 'gift' had been stolen by some evil guy. From what I remember, I had the ability to mimic/copy anything and everything I saw. Crazy over-powered, but I couldn't use it at all because it had been stolen. Over the course of the dream I met and befriend this crazy smart go after somehow being ditched into the slums of the city I was in, and together we escaped to where I came from. There was only one catch: This guy was a total fucking genius, but he couldn't read. At some point I remember him creating some ridiculous language out of the English letters.

Pass s'more time, and eventually the both of us were sent on some kind of mission with a mentor. Went to an old lady's house and I met this girl. Immediately we fell in love for some reason (Probably a representation of my girlfriend. I miss her, and this long distance is killing me), and the house we were going to was hers for some reason. The 'issue' there was an old lady getting drunk, then possessed by some crazy demon. After she did that she got crazy strong and all that. Dream ended shortly after that with my elder sister slapping me in the face.

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I Can Dream!?
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