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 Slithering Names Quotations

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Day of Light

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PostSubject: Slithering Names Quotations   29.10.11 16:34

We're only 9 pages in but let's start a badass-fest. <3

'No rule prevented people from taking advantage of self-acclaimed knight templars or just idiots who didn't know what they were falling into. Especially not satanist rules.' -Secora's train of thought.

"So be happy with it. This is a devil's business and if you're not okay with it then it's your problem demons are going to be chasing after your ass." -Secora

"I'm a martial arts teacher that literally teach children how to break anyone's bones in a matter of minutes." -Lin

"I must say, what a group." -Ilesukai

"[...] I see that this will be an educational experience." -Joseph

"If not, then I agree, for what bettah education is there than to rip apart demons?" -Ilesukai (It's the 'bettah' that made it for me. xD)

"Our best tactician has anger management problems." -Oz (speaking about Secora)

"Speaking of business, this is my assistant, Matthew Traywick, who as far as I'm concerned is completely useless." -Secora (introductions).

"Is a little bit of benevolence and charity enough, aside from the generous monetary offer?" -H.H.

"Seems a bit low since we're be martyrs or saviors of the Earth you know." -Lin

'However, she was ready to give her a reasonable-sounding explanation.

Of course, it was complete bullshit.' -Secora (again)

'Some heavy footsteps could be heard as Joseph came back into the room in a suit of full plate; helmet cradled in one arm, backpack slung across the other.

"Sorry everyone. I am prepared to go now."' -Joseph (I went wtf)

"[...] oh right I can also make invisible barriers... I think they are made of light or something... I saw a rainbow in one once, good day, good day." -Shane/Malikai. (I still have pain in my neck from the mood whiplash.)

"This is it, my first moment killing something bigger than an action figure..." -Peter (his first line too, lol)

"Through the might of the heavens, may the lord grant me the power to send these monstrosities back to the depths from which they crawled." -Shane

"Justice will prevail..." -Ilesukai

"[...] whose dick did you have to suck to find out about fucking Vestiges?" -Secora

'"I can... sense danger and hide from people." She whispered, lightly throttling the pedal as the glorious car roared to life in all of it cheapness.' -Julia

'The receptionist was a black-haired woman, with short hair, who wore a beret indoors and had no qualms about smoking in a public area.' -Emilie (introduction)

"You friends do not like to stay and chat." -Emilie

"[...] Almost as if, by being too good, he has awakened a deeper, more terrifying demon. That can only be stopped in its rage if it is slain. Even Hell has taken notice of it. Lucifer himself granted six people twice the power allowed by God." -Sailov

"I don't care how much he knows, I don't care that Aroces Secora is already on the search [...]" -Ilesukai

I'm not one to believe in magic
But I sometimes have a second sight
I'm not one with a sense of proportion
When my heart still changes overnight
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PostSubject: Re: Slithering Names Quotations   29.10.11 17:01

"Silence? Just silence?" - "Seems like you picked the right people this time, man!" ~ Secora to Johansson

"Every experience is educational for all involved. As for what those individuals learn during that experience, well, that is to be seen." ~ Joseph

"Name's Linda. Nice to meet you and all that jazz." ~ Lin (lol nice intro XD)

"It would be so nice if more people stepped forward and introduced themselves," ~ Johansson (People still need to introduce themselves *nods*)

"Well hi, looks like you missed your fantasy convention." ~ Secora to Joseph (cracked me up lol)

"well, whatcha look at that, the new Exorcist!" ~ Lin to Shane

"Are you sure it's alright if I use the money for frivolous items?" ~ Julia to Joseph

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Public Affairs Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Slithering Names Quotations   30.10.11 1:34

I'll be doing my favorite lines from my own, because it is easier to filter (That and I am a lazy fuck after work. Pardon my language.)


'The gaze was not threatening or caring, but it had the look of one who wanted nothing more then to know the unknown, to experience the unseen. Secora, was one of the unseen as she could see him look as if he's reading her every move with his eyes, archiving it somewhere in his always working mind. '
(I thought that rolled off the tongue so well, and it sounds so creepy too^^)

'Joseph ignored the man that seemed to have issues controlling himself and his powers, for he had already read, digested, and filed who this man was, and he was incredibly low priority in terms of an ally, but high priority in terms of his personal safety.'
(Made me laugh, not sure about anyone else XD)

"Yes, a very interesting group of individuals. I see that this will be an educational experience."

(Once again, just rolled off and was funny after I read what I posted)

Joseph chuckled at first before outright laughing in his suit, the rattle of metal echoing along with his voice,"Aah Lin, I am not worried in the least. I am excited for what we are about to face. As I said, this will be an incredibly educational experience, and I intend to keep the bulk of us alive so that we may all learn from it."

As well as I learning about the rest of you.

(I thought my guys thoughts were pretty creepy, and liked the fact that my guy showed some emotion Razz)

"And believe me when I say that I will do all in my power to keep most of you alive." Inside however, there were only a few that he saw worth keeping alive, but he couldn't say that aloud.

(Definitely a favorite.)

"~Lin, can you run as fast as you can towards the far wall, but jump before you reach the wall?" Joseph replied with confidence, though he wasn't 100% sure if it would work. After all, this would be his first test.

(To be honest I didn't think you would say yes XD It made sense in my mind until I just reread it. I literally told you to go run into a wall XD)

"Don't worry, I can track your movements fast enough, and you wont get hurt." Hopefully...

(Same as above XD)

Didn't get past page 5, so I'M DONE. All in all though, I saw some pretty good stuff. I'm really enjoying the Rp and my character^^

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Day of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Slithering Names Quotations   30.10.11 22:08

Quote :
"Where's Secora?" Oz asked, smiling as he dug into a large, protein-rich meal.



"Miss has an open wound and she's covered in three different types of blood. Yeah, she's close."

"Ouch," Oz replied, not really fazed by the graphic explanation. It seemed he had already been desensitized to it as he heartily continued to eat.

I laugh at my own jokes. Sue me. xD

I'm not one to believe in magic
But I sometimes have a second sight
I'm not one with a sense of proportion
When my heart still changes overnight
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PostSubject: Re: Slithering Names Quotations   

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Slithering Names Quotations
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