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 Running... Modern Alucard (DRACULAAAAAAAA!!!!!!), heh dice room

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PostSubject: Running... Modern Alucard (DRACULAAAAAAAA!!!!!!), heh dice room   24.10.11 11:37

It is good to note all of these were in 1st person.

So.... at first I was running with my eldest brother, Bryan, though I know not why. I kept a good pace with him, and was happy, the day was bright and warm. We came to a bridge, a walk bridge, and ran down passing people as we ran down it. there was a minor incline where we stopped to look off the side. On the bridge next to us we saw my youngest brother (still older than me), Chris, and my father. We stopped to talk to them, though I don't remember the dialogue... but Bryan did do one other thing I remember about this part, before we talked with them he said, "Watch out" and picked up a glass bottle from the ground placing it on the ledge of the bridge commenting that people shouldn't leave that stuff laying around.

The dream shifted, and I took a new form, I was Alucard from castlevania. I was at the top of the road at my old home, and I had two companions... I forget who they were physically, characters from castlevania I believe, but they were the same 2 of my brothers again. We were heading for dracula, and encountered some creatures, they were so vivid at the time and I am saddened that I have forgotten what my own ranged attack looked like.

The creatures that we repeatedly encountered and we only encountered this one type looked as such: It was tall and humanoid, it had green skin and forearms had blades attached (made from it's body). It's outer body looked like muscle tissue rather than skin, but like it was a plant or made of vines. It's face was mostly human, but it was different somehow, I'm afraid I can't quite recall because of fading memory.

I remember that my undershirt was initially white and I had on a green stripped scarf during this first encounter as well (the rest was the legit alucard outfit, the undershirt details are important for the shift at the next encounter)

back to the first encounter, at the top of the hill appeared, I believe one of these creatures. It attacked by throwing these blades from it's arms that spun through the air towards us before returning to him like a boomerang, one came close to hitting me as I leaned back and it just barely missed my throat, I used my ranged attack, wich was also limeted for some reason.... I knew why when I remembered what it was and it made sense... perhaps my attack also returned to me or something, I am sorry I do not remember, it is an urksome blank in my mind. I missed, and it attacked again, my allies barely dodged and I rolled to the side to dodge only to stop just short of it's hit range on it's return. I moved forwards while it's weapon was still retracting and attacked again, hitting this time and taking it out.

Second battle zone: We seemed to skip ahead in time. We were in a city, it was no longer winter and the snow was gone, however my undershirt was now some kind of reddish vortex color, I do not believe this color even exists within the human visual spectrum, rather than staying in the same exact color, it seemed to shift and move as well. We were at a place, kind of like a street with no road, with buildings all around, a distance ahead there were some stairs down to someplace, as we began to walk towards the stairs, three more of those fiends attacked, we were constantly dodging attacks unable to take the offensive. Several times a blade almost cut my chest or slit my throat, to many times I dodged a blade to almost be hit by it's return path, but finally I got an opportunity and hit with a ranged strike, I managed to hit once, and injure one, but nothing fatal. After dodging for another minute they all just seemed to disappear... I had dodged my last attack and looked back at them, having been focused on the blade and they were gone.

We began to walk on as swarms of people started coming out of the buildings mostly yelling about a party or some worthless drivel. We walked towards a door that was up some stairs and I was stopped a step or two up to turn around and see what upon reflection was a cute girl, but I noticed not at the time. She mentioned the party and told us to lighten up or something of the sort handing me a bottle with a slightly red, perhaps pinkish, tint containing some liquid I could only assume was alcohol. I looked back in anger and called her something to the extent of ignorant and a fool, throwing the bottle to the ground as it smashed and moving on.

Inside I turned back into me, as did my allies turn back into my brothers, I think, perhaps they were someone else. We found cases upon cases of dice inside the room. I noted that one of the dice was shaped like a heart and wanted to keep it, so I took it, while we rummaged through the stuff... in the same box I found more odd shaped dice, though they began to not have number rolls and rather had some hallowed out design with many holes in them among these I found something that looked like DNA, more hearts, something that looked like molecules, and what may have been infinity.

The dream ended rummaging through these things.

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PostSubject: Re: Running... Modern Alucard (DRACULAAAAAAAA!!!!!!), heh dice room   24.10.11 21:10

I will read this, but not right now

(I just posted this so you know you're not being ignored)

Sasha Blause:
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Running... Modern Alucard (DRACULAAAAAAAA!!!!!!), heh dice room
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