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 Links for Duelers and Rpers

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PostSubject: Links for Duelers and Rpers   01.03.10 22:46

the duels so far have been good but i ask this arnt we tired of just the term shortsword or mace..these links provide weapons with great awsomeness and uniqe feelings. for both past, present, and hopefully some futures. here they are so far.


the above link i truely love and i own the book. it is created by ben boos 1 of the artist who worked on the diablo games. this meaning he will have plenty of cool stuff to show in this 96 page google book on swords and stuff.

PAST{some modern things mixed in}

i like this above link because its a list of all diffrent sorts of medevil weapons that link to information on thier use in the past and the present. good for finding all sorts of things.




i like this link because it has a SHITON of modern weapons and thier names and links to lots of them i believe.

i shall try to keep this updated as i find more links. this shall help both duelers and rpers find unique weapons.

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PostSubject: Re: Links for Duelers and Rpers   02.03.10 9:19

looks good ^-^

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PostSubject: Re: Links for Duelers and Rpers   02.03.10 19:47


also i updated.

i also notice the book isnt fully thier. daaammnn it.
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PostSubject: Re: Links for Duelers and Rpers   

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Links for Duelers and Rpers
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