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 combat mission, complete domination, ponies?, curses, and running.

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PostSubject: combat mission, complete domination, ponies?, curses, and running.   08.10.11 18:09

so I only remember a few parts... The first thing I remember is that a group of people were in danger and I was holding back an untrained force of like 6 people at a time coming out to take me out... I kept killing them all with a rail gun... ran out of ammo my last clip apparently being full of duds and at the last 6 and walked up to them, obviously they were the worst of them. I disarmed the gun from one not breaking his finger out of some minor pity. Though when I tried to shoot him with it, the gun was empty. I disarmed another (apparently the only one with a bullet in his gun), and pressed it to his head, his buddy behind him and intending to take them both out, I shot him in the head but it only killed him, the guy behind him just looked piss scared and I referred to the gun as a weak piece of shit.
The other 3 came at me with knives, and I disarmed and killed them all... not sure what I did to the other 2, I think I just let them run away.

Then I met up with the people I had protected, though I think they were human, I for some reason thought they were 'the cutie mark crusaders' (watch MLP if you want to know what/who that is.)... we played in some water somewhere.... or something... went underwater and breathed underwater, and then some curse or something switched our personalities... we left heading up some stairs and one of them commented that we should go to derpy hooves to get it cured. Anyway, it time skipped after that.

I snuck out of some area just barely escaping and it would seem that I was me cause I went back to my room... but it was different than it really is... it was like some strange mix of my old bedroom and my dorm room. One thing that specifically stood out was my old purple dresser was there... I overheard something through a tap I apparently had set up, so I knew they were coming for me and I'd be captured soon and need to escape again... so I grabbed a few things and left... oddly not weapons or anything like that, I grabbed some gum and I think some mints. I woke up soon after.

I like dreams, they make me a badass, for some reason.

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combat mission, complete domination, ponies?, curses, and running.
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