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 Imposter and held captive

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PostSubject: Imposter and held captive   04.10.11 13:33

I've actually had both of these dreams before (or maybe it's the same dream, idk) quite some time ago. Probably in middleschool.

First one involved me infiltrating some 'evil' organization by posing as someone who worked there (or went there, rather, because it seemed more like a college setup, as if it were a training program of some kind for said 'evil' people.). The person I was supposed to take the place of was, oddly enough, Colin. I met him in his room, and he explained what I was supposed to do. I had some weird outfit I put on that resembled some gangster shit.

Don't remember much, but I think I ended up getting caught and had to flee.

Next dream/next part, I had been caught by someone and was thrown in a holding chamber of sorts. Said chamber resembled a warehouse floor, because there were pallets stacked up and whatnot...there were several other people in there as well who looked like they'd been there a long time. Apparently it didn't matter if we had access to objects or that we were restrained because there were various items around said warehouse, such as a couple shopping carts, objects from the pallets, I think there were some toys...etc.

Time skip to me washing my hands in the bathroom. There were a couple people in there, leaning against the wall. One was smaller and kind of scrawny, and the other was larger and buff. The smaller one said something in regards to me washing my hands/using the bathroom. He said something about how this was their territory, and if I wanted to use it, I'd have to pay.

I basically told them to go fuck themselves, and that the "territory" was the property of ________ (people who ran said 'evil' organization). And then left the restroom.

Time skip to me standing in the main room. People are just doing various things, I see the scrawny kid and the buff guy come out. Since I've had this dream before, I had insight as to what would happen. I promptly beat the shit out of both of them (don't remember how) and eventually got to the point where I was standing over the buff guy while holding a shopping cart in the air as if to hit him with it.

I don't remember what I said, but I was basically yelling at him about how he pisses me off and that despite that, I'm not going to kill him.

I don't remember.

But yeah, dream.

Also, I know why I had this dream, which is kind of funny....it's because of things I discussed with people yesterday.

Talked to Kristy/Tyler/Victoria about bullying and I made the comment about beating the shit out of whoever would try to bully me.

So yeah, lol, it's obvious where that dream came from.

Sasha Blause:
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Imposter and held captive
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