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 design, craft, lava-land, wonder, bank, massage take over.

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PostSubject: design, craft, lava-land, wonder, bank, massage take over.   01.10.11 14:23

okay, so all of tis happened through smooth seamless transitions, so though they seem suddenly drastically different I never noticed and they were not actually separate dreams though previous parts were ignored at times or completely forgotten.

Okay, so at first I was redesigning some building... if I recall correctly it was some competition, I had a budget of $12k, and six rooms to do, but I only ever saw one. I'm not all that clear on most of the room anymore, but a few key things remain, there was a tree (yes a real live tree). we were at least on the second floor, and the room had 2 levels, kind of like there was a step down in the middle of the room. I stepped down, beside the tree and noticed a inconsistency in the floorboards. one was elevated by about an inch because of the tree roots, and the paint was breaking... so yeah there was that and a short conversation on what to do about the tree, though removing it completely could destroy the floor, it was pointed out.

so I went outside or something and was in a more mine-craft-like place... things were working kinda similar but looked a lot more, real. I was turning a hole in the ground into a pool after carefully leveling out the inside so it would be simple to just walk in and out, as well there were some rather odd blocks there. I think it was for a friend or something. I realized I didn't have all the material that I needed so I decided to see if I could switch modes and just get infinite material. Then I was warped to the other creation mode that I had made before. I flew up and looked around cause I didn't know where I was only to find the place covered in the lava I had put there before, after roaming a bit I switched back and was kinda lost.

I wondered around till I found some entrance to a place, while running from monsters. I ran in closing the door behind me and ran up the staircase hallway tunnel thing. There were balloons flying in the air that I popped for some reason, points or money or something like that.

I got to the top and found the bottom floor of a weird bank (looks nothing like an actual bank). There was a staircase up with a slide rail. but the stairs were kinda slanted and slippery ground. I tried going up but cause my shoes were set I kept sliding down, no matter what. I ended up talking to one of the employees and the top was reserved for account holders or some BS. I explained that I had an account and after some more BS they finally gave me some different shoes that I changed into and went upstairs with. Though I think they tried to get money from me, but I was kinda mostly broke because I had spent everything on upgrades.

up top there didn't really seem to be anything except a booth so I was kinda pissed, then I looked over to the side to see a red double door. Obviously off limits but who gives a fuck, I was up there and they had given me trouble. So I went in.

So now I see like a 2 rooms of a total of about a dozen women getting massaged by hot guys, all in some shallow tubs taking bubble baths so only their heads were exposed really. It was oddly then that I realized I really needed a job. So I asked who was basically in charge, and the one that spoke up was one of the people getting massaged. Apparently the only male of them, who was really damn affemenent and I had thought a woman till he spoke, somehow I also knew he was both very very gay and the son of the bank owner, so instead of that I challenged one of the other masseuses for his job.

Then it all ended with me giving a massage, the end..... I woke up and wrote this down, cause I remembered so much, and have no clue why I would dream this.

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design, craft, lava-land, wonder, bank, massage take over.
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