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 Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

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PostSubject: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011   07.09.11 3:30

I mean seriously though, come on!... Oh? Are we on!? Shit!

Eh-hem, hello Realphobia! This is your News Caster Banvora Ascernia! Welcome to a... Very, very late broadcast... Yeah I know this is REALLY late, but we all have busy lives, no? So I'm glad there has yet to be an angry mob outside.

Not to mention we've had to deal with a sort of rebellion against the Newstation, none-the-less we bring you the broadcast that was intended to be released soon!

From the Sidelines

Now here's something from the Ex-Co-host, who did some looking into the whole Debate fiasco.

TSDZ_President wrote:
This is what I'd write about Oblivion and the spamming and whatnot:

Hello, this is TSDZ_President bringing the latest news and updates to the public of Realphobia.

Administrators are normally seen as symbols of protection, of power, authority, and law. In this case, the key word is law. Until now, 0blivion (one of this forum's original administrators) has upheld the law of the forum, or so it may seem. Recently, he has been caught breaking one of the rules put into place by the very administrators he associates with. The rule that was broken? Spamming in the debate section. Originally, 0blivion was opposed to the idea of getting off topic, stating:

"Ok. Let's not abuse image posting. This thread is starting to smell like cancer to me."

But soon enough, the thread is filled with ideas and topis quickly straying from the topic at hand.

His response? An image of a grotesque and disfigured man, with 0blivion's statement of:

"Cancer is growing..."

An image is posted in response, and thus begins the image spam.

Was our administrator trying to uphold the rules? ...or was he intentionally trying to break them? Whatever the case may be, it appears that this administrator cares not for his own rules.

That being said, this newscaster poses the question: "If 0blivion is so quick to break his own rules, how serious are our administrators about the rules they set into place, and are they serious about their job as administrators?"

Below is an image of the alleged spamming:

I must commemorate the man for his help in this matter of keeping order in this country that seems to be ruled by... Strange individuals, but of course, aren't we all strange? Thanks again TSDZ_President.

Now onto other news, a week without Admins... Safe? Stupid? That is for you to decide.

In the Neighborhood

Everyone may have noticed that our three Administrators had abandoned us for a little over a week, due to one thing or another. That is a very risky maneuver, What would have happened should Worthbeads attack? And with the forum becoming more popular more attention MUST be paid to the forum, and yet... That didn't happen, a whole week without anyone in red walking around.

Yet, nothing happened! So that leads to the question, do we even NEED an Administrator? If so, do we need THREE? We have three administrators, all of which seem to have some form of problem, be it internet or lack of motivation for the community. 0blivion, seems to have not a care in the world for this forum, after creating and uniting this community on another country known as SCRP, he soon abandoned his people and began to seek new heights. Leaving Kristy Kostdinova the First, one of the Chieftains of SCRP, in charge of the well being of the country. So she set out to explore better lands and found safe haven in the Realphobistian Basin, she returned to the SCRP Nomads and began The Great SCRP Migration. Which began the birth of our glorious nation of Realphobistan.

Now enough with the history lessons, the main question that should be asked is; Should there really be three administrators? Why not one, active, and stoic person like Germany? Or how about a kind, and semi active user with a pure heart, Nurellia?

That's all for this segment of In the Neighborhood.

RP's! RP's popping up everywhere! Who's the person to revive the river of life that feeds our grand country?!

In the Neighborhood: Roleplay Territory

The return of the insane, yet talented youth, inMadness had quite the coming back forte. As soon as he arrived the small trickle of life of this forum quickly became a raging river. Returning life back to the country, roleplay's started popping up like flowers in spring and old withering roleplays began to have life again.

To make things even better, not a sign of the Worthbeads Army anywhere, we have yet to actually hold off another attack by the man. Maybe he's gone to college? Who knows.

Well that's all for now! Have fun! Keep those RP's alive! And stay tuned for our next broadcast... Whenever that comes...
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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
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